10 best mythology inspired video games you will love to play

Mythology is a rich and diverse source of creative inspiration for the creative minds in the gaming industry. It has inspired video games, TV shows, films and more. Here we present to you 10 amazing mythology-inspired video games that will give your imagination wings!

The “best greek mythology games pc” is a list of 10 best video games that are inspired by the Greek mythologies. The list includes titles such as God of War, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, and more.

For decades, the legendary worlds of the gods and goddesses, as well as everything inside them, have served as a good source of inspiration for video games. Players take on the roles of historical heroes, supernatural entities, and heavenly warriors in a variety of games. Only a handful, however, really capture the mythological promise of these famous pantheons. There is no lack of mythical and epic inspirations for a broad variety of genres in the gaming business, from the Greek Olympians to the fierce Norse Asgardians warriors. All the players have to do now is pick a choice. The following are the top ten mythology-inspired video games:

1. Mythological Age

Giving players the option to pick which squad they wish to play with in some of the finest video games is a huge step forward. This is a fantastic theme that should be incorporated in more daring games. In the Microsoft strategy game series, for example, players may pick from a broad range of mythology, including Norse, Greek, and Egyptian gods. In terms of gameplay, the game is quite similar to Age of Empires in that players pick a pantheon and manage their native people over many centuries. Although it is a pleasurable experience for some, it is also a fantastic opportunity to blend a variety of statistics.

2. Epic Mythology’s Titan Quest


Titan Quest is a series of deep dungeon crawlers set against a classic mythology setting. An old world with more creatures, treasure, classes, and a setting where most can shake the stick has unlimited possibilities. In quest of the Titans, players will journey across numerous ancient civilizations in the character of their mythical hero, including Greece, China, and Egypt. Thanks to a peculiar gaming mix like Diablo and Ray Harryhausen films, mythology aficionados may enjoy an amazing experience.

3. Lara Croft And The Osiris Temple


Lara Croft’s spin-off games are vastly underappreciated. The finest instances are when creators come up with new concepts and test them out in a dungeon crawler’s multiplayer mode. The game, which is a sequel to Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, stars Lara Croft as a legendary bounty hunter who joins forces with Horus and Isis to defeat the demons. Part twin-stick and part fantasy, these games are jam-packed with action and will easily delight any Tomb Raider enthusiast. A nice interlude is the normal action-platforming of the regular adventures. Fans will soon be able to participate in a third installment in Lara’s epic adventures.

Okami is number four.


It’s a watercolor dream based on ancient Japanese mythology, portraying Amaterasu and goddesses on a cell-shaded journey. Some of the finest video games, such as the “Legend of Zelda” series, have stolen its identity. This game has Japanese elements, bringing a new generation of fans to the pantheon. Okami’s artwork makes you feel as though you’re seeing an old tale filled with monsters, beasts, and gods.

5. Raji: An Epic of the Ancients


There is an urgent need to pay more attention to and acknowledge the Hindu gods and goddesses. At the very least, devotees of Hindu gods and goddesses may find the phrase Raji amusing. The hack-and-slash game goes in the same manner as in the past, and anybody may read a historical narrative by translating an ancient book or script, as indicated by the title. A dramatic tale arises as Raji continues to battle an army of devils and demons to rescue her brother, with passages recounted by Indian puppet plays and a voiceover from Durga and Vishnu. The game’s background is a key component of its whole personality, not merely a flavor or notion.

6. Beyond the Oasis


Aladdin isn’t the only one who discovers the wealth in the enchanted cave. The “Arabian Nights” inspired this game, “Beyond Oasis.” Beyond Oasis is a Genesis stone in which players play on the sand and go on a fantastic journey replete with terrifying creatures, riches, and traps. Gamers take on the role of Prince Ali, who wears a golden armlet that grants them access to various magical abilities. However, by freeing the ancient guardians, the owner of the silver armlet equivalent aims to use the power for evil throughout the land. As a result, the prince must control the elements and conquer the temples and difficulties in order to preserve the country.

Dragon’s Crown is number seven.


This game is the realization of a fan’s wish. The sorcery motifs and swords aren’t the only things that adventurers will uncover. They must also locate artifacts and other practically forgotten items from various mythologies. Harpies, gorgons, banshees, colossus, and the djinn are among the creatures to command. Of course, there will be dungeons to explore and dragons to face, but this game has an obvious and lovely passion for Greek mythology.

Hades is number eight.


It is one of the most misunderstood and underappreciated games in recent times. The ingenious dungeon crawler from the designers of Bastion gives the Greek land of the dead a fresh coat of paint in Hades. It has a plethora of creatures and mythology to enjoy. The players take on the role of Zagreus. To get to Mount Olympus, the players must go through the underworld circles as Zagreus, son of the King of the Dead.

9. Fenyx Rising, the Immortals


The Breath of the Wild is based on a Greek story that is immensely large. It also makes great use of its historical background. Players take on the role of Fenyx, an armored warrior tasked with saving the gods from Typhon’s wicked army. Fenyx must defeat the heroes who have passed away. This aids in the removal of magical curses. Also, assist in the destruction of a number of well-known devils and demons. All of this occurs as a result of historical weaponry, powers, and ability to save the ancient world.

The God Of War Series is number ten.


There are two deity pantheons to destroy in God of War, as well as four primary titles, weapons, monsters, and magic to slay. Kratos is cutting and chopping his way to the summit of Mount Olympus. No one is immune from Kratos’ fury, according to the next sequel. Even the gods of the Vikings are in jeopardy.



The “greek mythology games ps4” is a list of 10 video games that are inspired by Greek mythology. The games include titles such as God of War and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any Greek mythology games?

A: I do not believe that there are any Greek mythology games. The only mythological game out there is the story of Hercules which you can play in God of War.

Who is the Greek god of games?

A: Zeus is the Greek god of games.

What games are based on Norse mythology?

A: There are many games that feature Norse mythology, but the best ones to start with would probably be God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn.

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