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Mining is an incredibly tedious and slow skill to train. Still, it is one of the best ways to make money in the game once you have the ability to mine runic ore.

Runic ore sells for about 11k per ore, which means a full supply of 28 will get you over 308k!

And you want the best tools for the job if you want the best experience fast!

There are even monsters that you can only kill with a good pickaxe, like the Guardians in Xeric’s Chambers or the Golem Runes in the Wildlands Resource Area.

So let’s take a look at some of the best old-school RuneScape options that will make your life a lot easier.

10. Iron pick

It’s not a great pick, but if you want to start mining, you should use the iron pick – because it’s available from mining level 1 and is much better than the alternative, the bronze pick.

This iron pickaxe is also easily obtainable for F2P players and appears for free in various places, for example, the rock crabs of Rellekka.

You can also buy them at any pick shop in the game.

Members should also keep this in their bank as they need it for the middle index on Digsite.

9. Pickax Steel

Steel is the next obvious upgrade from the iron brush, and requires that the level of mining with it be only 5 for a mine.

I estimate that the steel pick is about 4% better than the iron pick, so this is a welcome improvement.

Just like the iron picks, you can get them in any picks in Helinor.

Or you can steal it from H.A.M.’s guards in H.A.M.’s hideout, which won’t take long at all!

A steel hoe is also needed to facilitate disentanglement at a limestone mine. So I recommend you save it so you can easily have it on hand.

8. Black woodpecker

The black deck is quite unique and one of the most used in the game.

You need a level 10 loot to use it, and it’s the next best thing to the steel cock.

But mining isn’t the only thing players use picks for. Many players use the black deck for Bloodshed and Abyss.

That’s because it’s the only pick that weighs 0.01 kg, making it the lightest pick in the game.

Combined with a sophisticated kit, you can work much longer and increase your maximum efficiency.

This pick can only be obtained by beginners and easy to unravel rolls, making it quite rare, especially among ironworkers. If you have access to the big exchange, you should be able to get it there.

7. Runa pickaxe

The Runic Pickaxe has been a pick for members and non-members alike for many years.

And he was the best coach in the game for a long time.

Even though it has lost its old name, it is still the best choice you can use in F2P.

That’s why it’s still widely used in the old school.

As a non-member, you can only get the rune pickaxe in the dwarven guild or mine shops.

Users can purchase this pick from various shops and receive it as a gift from various bosses, such as Scorpia, General Graardor and the Gauntlet.

Or an easy way to get a pickaxe is to complete the quest Between the Rocks…. Which offers a pickaxe as a reward!

6. Dragon pickaxe

From now on all listed selections are only accessible to members.

And we have the dragon deck, the second best thing in the game to start in the limb area.

You need 61 levels to use this cool pick. It is 5.88% more efficient than the Runic deck, which is noticeable when competing with other players for the same ore.

This spike also has a special skill – however, you need 60 attacks to swing the spike to use this skill (Rock Knocker).

This temporarily increases your mining level by +3 and can be used to mine ores that you don’t have a level for yet.

For example, if you want to mine adamantine ore but only have 67, you can use a special to increase your extraction to 70 so you can try to mine it quickly. Very useful!

Finally, this deck is needed to show the mage the way to the altar of souls.

5. Dragon pickaxe (or)

Decoration sets are often requested by players who want to customize their equipment.

This ornament gives the dragon pick a whole new look and requires a Zalkano shard.

You can get a Zalcano shard as a very rare 1/750 drop of a Zalcano. If you want to customize your gear, this article is for you.

Zalcano is also a mine boss, which means you should be able to get experience and loot if you decide to take a chance!

The stats of the improved deck are exactly the same as those of the dragon deck.

4. Picking up the dragon (extended)

Like the previous ones in this list, this version of the dragon pickaxe is purely cosmetic and has no difference in stats.

But it looks good.

To get this very cool upgrade, you must use the Dragon Deck Upgrade Kit on your Dragon Deck.

The upgrade kit can only be obtained at Last Man Standing and costs the player 14 LMS points.

3. Age 3 pickaxe

This is probably the prettiest (and definitely the most expensive) Kayla on this list.

The third choice is reserved for the adventurer who prefers… the finer things in life.

Indeed, if you want to get this magnificent pickaxe, you must be willing to spend 2 billion coins.

It is also one of the rarest items in the entire game.

Or rather, you’re insanely lucky in the Master of Clues box….. 1/313k, to be exact.

0.0000031% chance.

Since the drop factor of this deck is very low, there are only a handful of them in play, most of which belong to the richest players.

Statistically, it’s connected to the dragon’s cock.

2. Hellpick

Learning mining and blacksmithing at the same time can make your grind much less, well….. Grind!

The infernal pick has a special effect that gives one of three chances to instantly burn your ore and instantly turn it into a bar, giving you the same forging experience you normally get.

No coal or stove needed!

To get this awesome deck, you need to combine the smoke stone with the dragon deck. This requires a very high blacksmith skill – 85, but the effects are worth it.

1. Crystal Pickax

And finally, the number one Kayla in all of old-school RuneScape (and my favorite):

Crystal picks!

This pick meets the highest standards of any pick, 71 mine and completion of the Elfen Lied Master Class.

Overall, this deck is about 3% better than the Dragon deck, making it a much better alternative if you don’t mind the running costs.

It decomposes over time and can extract a total of 10,000 minerals before it is completely broken down.

Once broken, it has the same stats as Pickax Dragon. So it’s not a total loss, it just needs to be refilled with crystal shards.

frequently asked questions

Where can I buy better picks in Runescape?


What is the best choice in Runescape?

Vicky Pickax.

Is a Goldilocks better than a fleece?

Gilded dragon picax’ element.

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