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Update has been out for a few weeks now, and the official changelog is already live in the game, but we are still waiting for Wargaming to publish more in-depth patch notes. With this in mind, we decided to compile a short list of the changes and additions that have come to War Thunder with this update.

The War Thunder team are pleased to announce that the Update has been released. In Update, we added the following: – “Battle Royale” has been renamed to “Arcade” and will now be the same in all the modes for every vehicle ( Arcade mode button added in the battle menu); – Added new locations for ground vehicles: “Eastern Europe”, “Kuban”, “Egypt”, “Guiana Highlands”, “Eastern Europe No.2”, “Tunisia”, “Northern Italy”, “Himalayas”, “Syria” and “Caucasus” – Added new locations for aircraft: “Wildlands”, “South Africa”, “Himalayas”,

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Back : https://www.reddit.com/r/Warthunder/comments/n12wpp/25199_251101_changes/ → Amendment :

  • Continued implementation of new metrics. (delay indicator, performance measurement, delay)

Gross changes: https://github.com/gszabi99/War-Thunder-Datamine/compare/ → Amendment :

  • Continued implementation of new metrics. (delay indicator, performance measurement, delay)

Gross changes: https://github.com/gszabi99/War-Thunder-Datamine/compare/ → Amendment :

  • The name of the technical tree C has been corrected. 205 III – C. 05 → C. 205.
  • New decal – Warrior Liberator. (Victory Day sticker)
  • New material for DMM :
    • new skins:
      • A5M4 – Japanese battle group 13-Camouflage
      • Ki-61-I Kō – first camouflage prototype (not my typo).
    • New name – Air research and evaluation department
  • Battle Pass S3 vehicles:
    • M6A2E1 (USA)
    • P-39Q-25 (FR)
    • Cruiser Voroshilov (USSR)
    • Toldi IIa (IT)
  • Time frame BP S3 (can be filled) – 2021-05-12 → 2021-07-28.
  • S3 PO call:
    • Level III-VII, Air/Land/Naval, AB/RB, unless otherwise noted.
    • Challenge 1:
      • 150 attacks and/or assists
    • Challenge 2:
    • Challenge 3:
      • 10 shots with a rifle of a calibre of 150 mm or more
      • in the country AB / RB
    • Challenge 4:
      • 5 murders with bombs weighing 800 kilograms or more; and
      • 5 launches of rockets of 200 kg and above
    • Challenge 5:
      • 75 games played with an activity level of 70% or more and with at least one kill.
    • Challenge 6:
      • 30 kills from ships in the coastal fleet with 75mm or larger weapons (as far as I know, not only the guns count).
      • in the Marine AB / RB
    • Challenge 7:
      • 15 Aircraft firing 35 mm or greater cannon
    • Challenge 8:
      • 50 victories with an activity of 70% or more
    • Challenge 9:
      • 50 killed with heavy tanks
      • in the country AB / RB
    • Challenge 10:
      • 30 kills and/or assists with current BP rewards.
    • Challenge 11:
      • 20 times winner of the professional award
    • Challenge 12:
      • 30 killed with light cruisers and/or heavy cruisers and/or battlecruisers and/or battleships.
      • in the Marine AB / RB
    • Challenge 13:
      • 30 player controlled tank kills and
      • 30 deaths at sea under player control and
      • 30 player controlled plane attacks
    • Challenge 14:
      • Get 5 times the price of the survivor
    • Challenge 15:
      • Setting fire to 30 player-controlled vehicles
    • Challenge 16:
      • 10 killed in an occupied territory
      • on land / at sea, AB / RB

Gross changes: https://github.com/gszabi99/War-Thunder-Datamine/compare/

The version displayed in the launcher/client is often incorrect because it does not take into account hidden updates that are downloaded in the background.

The current version of dev is

The current version is

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  • → Changes

Previous: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warthunder/comments/ihhaha/1101018_1101019_changes/ → Changes: Lots of minor linguistic changes. New vehicles : Bf 110G-4 (HUN) First-class Italian wood. Level III BR 3.7 1450 GE P-51C-10-NT Level II BR 4.0 Post P-51 (NA-91). A new game setting, WeaponCycleTrigger, is only available to developers and testers. The collectible game is now available…..

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Previous: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warthunder/comments/if8f97/1101012_1101013_changes/ → Changes: New controls: hotkeys/ID_SWITCH_SHOOTING_CYCLE_BOMB;Changes the selected weapon to bombs hotkeys/ID_FIRE_COMMON_HELICOPTER;Fires the selected weapon hotkeys/ID_EXIT_SHOOTING_CYCLE_MODE_HELICOPTER;Changes the selected weapon to rifle Hotkeys/ID_SWITCH_SHOOTING_CYCLE_CANNON_HELICOPTER;Changes the selected weapon to rifle Hotkeys/ID_SWITCH_SHOOTING_CYCLE_ROCKET_HELICOPTER ;Switches the selected weapon to the missile hotkeys/ID_SWITCH_SHOOTING_CYCLE_BOMB_HELICOPTER;Switches the selected weapon to the primary weapon hotkeys/ID_FIRE_PRIMARY_HELICOPTER ;Fire primary weapons hotkeys/ID_SWITCH_SHOOTING_CYCLE_PRIMARY;Change primary weapon hotkeys/ID_SWITCH_SHOOTING_CYCLE_SECONDARY;Change secondary weapon hotkeys/ID_SWITCH_SHOOTING_CYCLE_PRIMARY_HELICOPTER;Change primary weapon …

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Previous: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warthunder/comments/itbx8o/1101068_1101069_changes/ → Changes: Fixed text to switch between primary and secondary weapons on aircraft – Change primary weapons → Change primary weapons, Change secondary weapons → Change secondary weapons. Fw 190 (all) – GovernorFast: false → true. Fw 190A-1 – hp engine: 1160 → 1140 Fw 190A-5…

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