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After publication on 15. April made Gwen look less impressive on the Summoner Rift. The animated puppet has yet to confirm its role in the game, and was even fixed by Riot to address the lack of damage in the early game. Although Gwen is far from a champion, she has some unique tricks that can give the player an advantage when it comes to getting LPs. Check out Gwen’s skills, strategy, patterns and items in League of Legends.

Gwen’s skills

  • Passive – A Thousand Cuts: Gwen’s basic attacks inflict magical damage as a percentage of the enemy’s maximum health. Basic attacks on champions heal them from certain damage.
  • V – Snip, snip! Gwen quickly delivers two to six scissor blows, which deal magical damage to the cone. Gwen makes at least two Snipes, adding one Snipe for each basic attack Gwen makes on an opponent (up to four Snipes for six).
  • W – hallowed fog: Gwen swirls the holy mist that surrounds her for five seconds, giving her armor and magical resistance. Enemies outside the mist cannot target Gwen or hit her with any of her abilities. The fog moves behind Gwen the first time she tries to leave it, but disappears the next time.
  • E – Skip ‘n Slash: Gwen travels a short distance and inflicts magical damage for four seconds, increasing her range, speed and hit. Attacking an enemy during this time restores 50% of this skill’s cooldown.
  • A – Handmade: Gwen can stick the needle in the air up to three times, but must hit her opponent within eight seconds to unlock the next move. Each of them throws needles in a row, deals magic damage, slows down enemies and deals bonus magic damage to Gwen’s Thousand Strikes.

Gwen Strategy

Gwen’s entire set revolves around her passive ability, which deals % PH damage when she auto-attacks or hits enemies with the middle of her Q. She thrives on opponents that naturally build HP, such as. B. Dr. Mundo, Cho-gath of Tahm Kench. It’s both a blessing and a curse – the first hurdle to overcome is whether it can be used universally in the game.

If you’re playing Gwen, it’s important to understand that she can’t block an opponent with tight crowd control. Like Fiora, Gwen trades her lack of CC for the quality of constant damage and healing duelist. Gwen lovers should look out for opportunities to demolish opponents after their teammates have blocked them.

There are a few tips to keep in mind when using Gwen that can make the difference between winning and losing. Your Q, snap snap, has a channel time based on the number of accumulated passive batteries. This means that while she does her %HP passive damage multiple times, Gwen actually roots during this small window during the channel. Her W, Hallowed Mist, is very similar to Xin Zhao’s and makes Gwen look artificially elongated. However, the player should keep in mind that trading or pushing a wave without Gwen’s W is a risky move, especially since her W is heavily reset. Finally, Gwen’s Dash is very similar to Lucian’s in terms of range and cooldown, meaning the Seamstress can crawl through short walls to escape danger or catch a fleeing target.

Gwen builds and installs in League of Legends

The Riftmaker seems like a mythical item for a walking animatronic puppet, and the Tooth of Nashor follows it when it comes to legendary items. Both items make sense given Gwen’s playstyle, where she uses as many automatic attacks as possible and tries to keep them up throughout the fight.

Although Gwen has AP scaling on her skills, they are mediocre at best, with an AP/Q ratio of 50% at maximum passive stacks. After these two important things, the addition of a cold reduction on Gwen allows for more spamming of her Q to get more %HP damage and more dash with her E. So, Boots of Lucidity, Cosmic Drive, and even Jonya’s Hourglass are all defense options.

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