Announcing prediction tournaments, MSI edition!

Hey, guys! We are pleased to announce that we will be participating in the launch of Reddit’s newest feature: Prediction tournaments! We will use it to host a big prediction tournament for MSI, with prizes for the best predictors.

What are predictions?

Predictions are a way for us to create surveys with prizes. We will make predictions for each MSI game, and you can vote for the winner of the game.

To participate in the betting process, you must wager a portion of your tournament tokens. Everyone starts with 1,000 chips and can bet 10, 30 or 100 chips as they wish. All betting chips are pooled and distributed to the players who chose the winning vote. If you guess correctly, you’ll end up with more stones than you started with. Take a guess! Those chips are gone.

The only way to get tournament chips is to win a bet. You can’t buy them with coins or ask us to give them to you. Once you’re out, you’re out.

Prediction tournaments

Predictor has been around for a while, but the real novelty is in the prediction tournaments. All of our MSI predictions will be part of one big tournament, and your chips will be divided between them all. To make the predictions a bit more exciting, there is also

a ranking of the best predictors on the submarine. We have some great rewards for those who manage to collect the most tokens.


The top three predictors at the end of the MSI, as indicated on the prediction tournament leaderboard, will receive various prizes. In particular:

  • First place: Almighty Ternion Bonus (5,000 coins, 6 months red bonus)
  • Second place: Argentium price (2,500 units, 3 month Reddit price).
  • Third place: Platinum bonus (700 coins, 1 month red bonus).

We also give you a special prediction gift from an expert that will be engraved next to your name for years to come!


A betting stream is created for each regular match. You can vote for who you think will win the game before the first game starts. To avoid spoilers, we will announce the winner 24 hours after the game ends, or at the beginning of the next day of play, whichever comes first.

Only regular matches will be considered. Potential ties are not subject to a prediction thread. For the best series, there is only one prediction for the entire series (whether the team wins 3-0 or 3-2).

Links to the prediction topics will be posted in the live discussions and in the central megapost. All predictions are also on the predictions tournament page (if you’re on new reddit, there should be a tab on the homepage with predictions).

The prediction tournament feature is primarily supported by the Red and New Reds mobile apps. You can vote for predictions on the old red, but you may need to switch to the new red to see the rankings.

That’s it, check out the reddit announcement or leave a comment if you have any questions. Let the chatter and hype begin!

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