Best Greataxes in Dark Souls 3 (All Ranked) –

Greataxes are among the most popular and consistent power options in DS3, despite their surprisingly low number in the game.

Like ultra-glorious words and large hammers, veraxes excel at using stamina to stun enemies and end the fight in just a few blows – so their damage is immense.

They’re all good. But which palate is best?

I’ll write them all down here!

7. Large cleaver

A large machete is a woefully inadequate giant that is just worse than any other option.

The long blade gives him more range, but his low base damage is further hampered by B’s maximum growth on dyes.

His unique sharpening skill gives him 2% more AR than the fighting skills of most other giants, but it’s not enough – so the big machete stays at the bottom of the axe barrel.

How to get there: The abandoned undead brought them to undead colonies and sacrificial streets.

6. Prospector

The Earthfinder is a beautifully designed weapon from the painted world of DLC, designed for power/faith hybrids, with a B/C scale!

Although in return the base damage is quite low …..

Additionally, his unique skill Claymation causes massive explosion waves, but forces you to stand completely still while channeling – something opponents dream of.

That’s cool, of course. But the obstacles you have to overcome often kill you.

How to get there: Found in the rocky valleys of the scenic world, in the area before the battle with Wilhelm.

5. Demonic Awesome

The Veraxa Fire Demon is a fantastic choice for Pyromancer builds and has an impressive B increase in power!

Although the D/D scale in intelligence/vera means it would take some investment in strength to be really effective, so it’s not great for the number of spells.

In exchange for these status points, you get a truly formidable axe, which offers plenty of passive fire damage and cataclysmic weapon abilities!

His demonic thunderbolt forces you to lift your axe high before it comes down in a massive explosion that destroys everything in its path!

How to get there: It moves with the soul of a demon.

4. Large Machete Yorma

Yhorm is a monumental weapon that not only has the greatest range of any Velikax, but also the greatest AR potential of any physical weapon in the entire game!

But with so much potential for damage, you’d think there would be a downside, right?


Unlike other veraxes, Yhorms Stagger does not guarantee a 2-shot combo!

It’s unclear if this is intentional or an oversight, as two hits from this thing are usually enough to kill an opponent, so maybe the developers thought it was too much.

Nevertheless, the damage is enormous.

And it has an A-slip in strength, so it’s a fantastic clean gun.

How to get there: Move Yorma’s soul.

3. Impressive black horse

Dark Knight – Size has been a strong pick since DS1 and only falls behind by rare luck.

In DS3 he has a number of tricks up his sleeve, with a great mix of flattening and throwing attacks built into his unique chassis!

The damage is still fantastic – so clearly his scaling is limited by C/D Strength/Ex.

And the icing on the cake is the innate damage increase from balancing and 20% damage increase from demon enemies!

How to get there: Abandoned by the Black Knights who own him.

2. Great shooter

The dragon player is similar to the Verax Demon in his playstyle – he has his own mastery of destructive weapons.

It is a pure, power and hybrid oriented weapon with innate lightning damage and a C/D rating in power and faith.

If you stack 2 sources, the damage is huge, and lightning damage is hard to counter, since most enemies in PvE are weak against it!

And his unique falling lightning bolt is an explosive helmet of goodness, known for its ability to take down an unprepared enemy in one fell swoop!

How to get there: Transposition with the soul of the dragon armor.

1. Beautiful

At the top of the list is Verax, who proves that his namesake is still a sensible choice.

This fan-favorite inflatable weapon is used by tons of players because of its ability to fit any physique that has power.

Despite its short range, it has high base damage and a warcaster ability that increases its attack even more (sometimes excessively)!

It turns out versatility is the best dog in Dark Souls, and simple weapons to throw at an amateur almost always beat the competition!

How to get there: Thrown by the undead possessed by them on the high wall, or by a wandering demon on Farron’s old wolf.

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