Buffed Fearless Brawler for DDs: where will you select that skill?

A pretty good ship for a Russian DD, I think.

But I’m having trouble relating it to the other DDs. I just go with the ones I have/run:

  • Mogador: I would part with RPF (for DD yacht building) or AFT (for open gunboats). However, the FB bonus is a supplement to the main battery charge booster. With the BFT + upgrade, the cooldown goes from 8 to 6 seconds (before the adrenaline rush starts). I think replacing the RPF to build DD fighters is valid: https://wowsft.com/ship?index=PFSD109&modules=12121&upgrades=131221&commander=PCW001&skills=6445089&ar=100&consumables=111&pos=0
  • Kitakaze: If you want to switch from a longer range boat to a DD fighter, the AFT for FB is sufficient. But I don’t think that works in Keith’s favor, given his slow speed. But it’s not invalid, if the 12.5 km distance doesn’t bother you: https://wowsft.com/ship?index=PJSD219&modules=12221&upgrades=133221&commander=PCW001&skills=6445104&ar=100&consumables=1111&pos=0.
  • Jutland: Eeeeee. I don’t know. I play it more like a box than an actual gunslinger or DD. In my opinion, she would be better off with a dedicated captain and consumables (https://wowsft.com/ship?index=PBSD109&modules=12121&upgrades=135221&commander=PBW101&skills=4413728&ar=100&consumables=1111&pos=0) than a battleship. Думаю, это может выглядеть так: https://wowsft.com/ship?index=PBSD109&modules=12121&upgrades=135221&commander=PBW101&skills=6445104&ar=100&consumables=1111&pos=0.
  • Fenian: give up the adrenaline rush and another skill will give you FB: https://wowsft.com/ship?index=PBSD109&modules=12121&upgrades=135221&commander=PBW101&skills=6445104&ar=100&consumables=1111&pos=0 I’m not sure if it’s a real shooter. If he gets into a situation where he needs a BF, it’s probably not great.
  • Anshan: sure, https://wowsft.com/ship?index=PZSD506&modules=11111&upgrades=131200&commander=PCW001&skills=6445089&ar=100&consumables=111&pos=0. But a 21 caliber captain on a T6 ship? That will never happen to me.
  • Friesland/Osterhutland: no. The reloading is so good that it makes me not want to give up RPF/AFT. I always play Oster like a torpedo boat.
  • Fletcher: I hadn’t thought of it yet, but https://wowsft.com/ship?index=PASD021&modules=12221&upgrades=145221&commander=PCW001&skills=6445104&ar=100&consumables=111&pos=0 might be an appropriate way to canonize my Fletcher. You get fewer weapons than other shooters though, so it’s not necessarily in their best interest. I always play mine like a torpedo boat.

That’s why I see a practical use for it, especially for Jutland or Mogador. At Mogador, I have the impression it’s a building that works. I’m not sure about Jutland because she’s not a real DD hunter.

What DD’s do you see for yourself in the FBI and how?

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Post Buffered Fearless Brawler for DDs: where do you select this skill?

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