Destiny 2 High Plains Blues Mission Walkthrough

Destiny 2 High Plains Blues Mission Walkthrough

A Destiny 2 high plains blues walkthrough is een een begeleidende video die je moet bekijken om te begrijpen hoe je deze missie kunt afsluiten. Deze video duurt ongeveer 25 minuten.

Destiny 2’s story is about a character named Cayde-6, who is a Hunter and part of the Vanguard, a group that protects humanity from the Hive, a race of creatures who want to destroy us. The game follows Cayde’s treachery throughout this story, as he is captured by the Hive and taken to their Hive Ship. He is later rescued by Ikora, who tells him to find the Stranger, a Vanguard member who is also betrayed by Cayde.

  • Type of assignment: Leaving (inheritance)
  • Place of employment: Tangled coasts

Urden and his band of barons fled to the Tangled Bank and seized power, causing uproar among the residents.

They pursue Urden and the Barons, to avenge Caid-6’s death, an eye for an eye.

Once you arrive at the Tangled Shore, you must find out where Urden and the barons are being held, and maybe even find an ally who hates them as much as you do.

Operational objectives

Finding Kaida’s killers (Part 1)

They go to the plateau first and must look for Uldren and his barons, who have taken some of the surrounding lands.

There will be different factions in the area, you should go to the end where you will find a terminal and what appears to be a camp that was recently attacked.

Pirate clip

There will be a terminal in the camp, and a symbol will be painted on the side of the cliff to indicate the hidden entrance.

Interact with the terminal and Ghost will hack it, opening a passageway and allowing you to enter the smuggler’s tunnel.

Search Uldren and Baron’s

Continue through the smuggler’s tunnel and go to the waypoint looking for Uldren and his barons.

If you go to the other side of the tunnel, you will come to another terminal, which you must crack to open a hidden passage to Fourhorn Gulch.

Finding Kaida’s killers (Part 2)

Scorn will be at the exit of the smuggler’s tunnel, at this point Scorn was unknown, and Ghost notes that these are the same creatures that were fought in the Elder Dungeon.

Continue your way through a small passage that leads you to a battlefield where apparently a massacre took place.

Overcoming contempt

There’s a damaged sergeant with fallen bodies that turn into Scorn enemies if you get close enough.

You need to clear the area of Scorn enemies to reach the next objective, so be prepared to fight.

Scanning a damaged attendant

To find out what they’re up to, you’ll need to get in touch with the spoiled servant so the spirit can access his data.

The spirit will realize that it is sucking the ether out of the servant, and in a few seconds there will be more Scorns that must be defeated.

Meeting with Petra

After you clear the area, Petra Venge will break in and tell you about an ally who wants Uldren and his barons dead as much as you do.

You must meet Petra Wenge in the secret bunker marked on your map to progress and form an unexpected alliance.

Meet Petra Backup

As soon as you approach the waypoint, you land on the thieves, which leads Peter Wen to tell you to meet their reinforcements.

To your surprise, the reinforcements are the fallen units, the helpers of the spider who sent you to the bunker to help you.

ContemptPromotion and Release

There are many taunts on the way to the bunker, and you have to move forward and eliminate them by defeating enemies in 4 different areas.

The battles will be long and can be quite difficult, so take advantage of the cover and fight by the side of your comrades.

Enter the cave of spiders

After you clear the area, go to the waypoint and find Petra Wenge, who will lead you to the spider.

She and Spider will form an alliance and help each other put an end to Uldren and his barons.


  • Some players may encounter Scorn Screebs for the first time in this mission, these creatures run at you and explode when they get close, so be careful and avoid them.
  • By the end of the mission, there will be a lot of Scorn, and they will be spread out over 4 different locations, so it’s best to take one area at a time.


When you arrive on the Coast of Shame, you meet a potential ally you weren’t expecting at all: the Spider.

When Peter Wenj began to be intimidated by Spider’s demands, you stepped forward and accepted his deal.

Now, with the help of the spider, you have more supplies, reinforcements and the information you need to continue your pursuit of Uldren and his barons.Destiny 2 is a bizarre way to spend a Saturday night, but it’s far from being the worst game out there. In fact, it’s a pretty fun game, and you can find a lot of good guides online for how to complete the main story and the High Plains hunting mission, among other things. In this guide, I will cover the High Plains mission, which is a pretty straight forward mission that can be easily completed in under a minute.. Read more about destiny 2 campaign 2020 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you beat the high plains blues?

I don’t know, but I’m going to find out.

How do I get the high plain blues quest?

You can get the high plain blues quest by talking to the NPC in front of the entrance to High Plain.

Where can I find Cayde’s killers?

The Fallen have been defeated and the Vanguard has taken control of the Reef.

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