Do Infinite Scaling Champions Win in Longer Games?

If you had to choose between having a great champion in a 20 minute game or a poor champion in a 40 minute game, which champion would you pick? Now, let’s assume both champions had the same gold income. Which champion would be better in the long term? The answer may not be what you’d think.

League of Legends is a game that rewards players who are skilled at knowing when and how to end a game. This is not to say that the game is not fun, or that it does not reward players who like to experiment with new champions. However, for those who want to be the best, they have to be able to identify opportunities, and capitalize on them. (Admittedly, this is a skill that is not always present in professional play, but it is a good skill to have nonetheless.)

The term Infinite Scaling refers to a specific skill of a character that can theoretically acquire an infinite amount of a skill source for an unlimited amount of time. The most common champions are Phenomenal Evil by Weigar, Siphonic Strike by Nasus, and Absolution (Soul) by Senna. Using the stats from 11.8 and 11.9, we’ll look at how some champions score in the late game in terms of chances of winning.


Not surprisingly, Senna has been one of the leading candidates since his release. She can very well fill a support or ADC role, and has infinite scalability on her souls, which increase damage, range, and, after a while, critical chance. While he clearly needs some support in the middle game, he meets the late insurance policy that hypercars are known for.

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With a cruel sense of humor, Senna is pursued by Thresh, the one who caught Senna with his flashlight. Like Senna, Thresh has supported me from the beginning. Although it is technically an infinite slider, this feature is not the main reason for choosing Undead….. choosing Spirit Overlord Stuff. Thresh’s internal evaluation is standardized across the timeline and is influenced, but not determined, by the passivity of his soul.

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A poor tanker of a band, Zion sees decent play in both the solo round and the match. A piece of mountain has infinite scale HP on its W, a soul furnace that scales randomly from its total HP. Judging by their winning streak, Zion is becoming an unstoppable health ball as the match progresses.

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Meeps are cute little creatures that the bard kidnaps to defeat his opponents. And the caretaker can collect an infinite number of them, increasing the damage and slowing him down to a certain point before just adding it up. Unfortunately for the dumb horn player, bard pressure early in the game is associated with the return of reduced damage from mepas drops later in the game.

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The Noxus General passive allows for infinite HP stacking as long as the player hits their skillshots accurately. While it’s possible to stack infinitely, Swain’s ability to execute his passive depends on his W and E. That is, the half-breed keeps going up and down when you look at his time gain.

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In a surprising twist of fate, Kindred’s winning percentage drops over time. The infinite scale refers to the hunting mechanism, marking the target for death. The longer the game goes on, the harder it becomes for the fighting duo to achieve their goals. This anomaly could be the reason Kindred is buffered in the upcoming 11.9 patch.

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Like Sion, Cho Gat gains HP when he feasts on a servant or an Epic Champion. And as the game goes on, this increase in stats makes Cho a problematic opponent, as Feast also lowers Cho’s HP. Interestingly, Cho’s win percentage drops drastically after the 40 minute mark.

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Weigar is an interesting choice – his passive gives Yordle an infinite increase in AP, which isn’t hard to build. Towards the end of the chart, Weigar’s chances of winning increase significantly, but it is very surprising that this trend only jumps after the 35-minute mark.

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Nasus are a ladder god from the beginning, and have light coils that hold two gunshots. The Shuriman warrior regularly increases his Q damage every time he kills something with this skill. As you’d expect, he can crush a clumsy Zion or Chobagat in a few hits, so he goes DEFCON 1 after late hits.

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