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Let’s go… half the island with our new Mario Warp tips!

With the latest Super Mario update, there are a lot of fun Mario-themed items in Animal Crossing, including the famous Warp Pipe.

These pipes allow you to quickly move to any area of your island. As long as you have at least two, move on to another pipe.

However, they can sometimes be awkward or out of place if you drop them in random places on your island.

And since we’ve already discussed ACNH’s Mario ideas, let’s take a closer look at how you can get creative with the transport function of these wire-shaped tubes.

10. Super Mario Levels

Image source: @GulliverLemmy

While this is an obvious choice for warp pipes, I think it’s worth discussing – because why not?

With this idea, you can add a fun Mario level to your island.

It is possible to create 2D and 3D layers. First choose your preferences.

All you have to do is stock up on Mario elements to make your levels.

Some of my favorite items are the Thwomp, a block with question marks, and of course you need a goal post.

Adjust your warp pipes to connect parts of your level that are separated by rocks, rivers or even boulders blocking your path!

9. Escape of wasp light

Image Source: @Andreas76911907

One of the most amazing things about deformation tubes is their functionality. Easy to transport!

If you’ve ever chopped wood or shaken trees, you’ve probably been attacked by a wasp’s nest.

They must have been stabbed and had to buy medicine from Timmy and Tommy. It’s not funny.

Now you can create an easy escape route by simply placing the foundation pipe next to your favorite logging area.

When the hose is closed, you can shake out the nests without fear of being stung.

8. Mini random tube set

Image source by TJSlurch

New Horizons’ tubes do not have to be used for land transport.

If you buy a batch of pipes (new in this case), you can make any pipe mini-game. And if you’re creative, you can even combine this with the idea of a maze and have fun.

I love the custom floor design here, and the use of colored tiles to match the numbers on the wheel. Very cool.

And with so many tubes, it’s completely random where you end up. So spin the wheel for your chance to win the mystery prize!

7. Secret Wooden Pipe

Image Source Ms. Ritsukai

Can you get a tip? Then you must have x-ray eyes, because it is carefully hidden in a small piece of cedar in this model.

As I mentioned above, pipes are incredibly useful, but they can seem awkward in some places if they don’t fit well into the decor.

If you don’t want them to stand out, hide them in a small forest like this.

It doesn’t even have to be trees. If you have tall furniture, that can also hide the pipes.

Although I like the idea of the pipes being a mysterious forest pit that leads you to an unknown place….

6. Hidden Mermaid Bay

Image source by @emeemay

In Mario games, warp pipes often lead to super-secret areas where you can get extra coins or even skip entire levels.

Well, in Animal Crossing, they might not be. But we can add a little mystery to it, as if this idea allows you to build a secret room in your own home.

To make it yourself, you’ll need underwater wallpaper and an aquatic floor, as well as some custom designs to make a wall.

Handmade shell fountain and shell bed and some new lamps and palm lights.

And of course, don’t forget the distortion tubes!

You’ll want to hide one in a super secret place somewhere on your island.

I love how the brown wooden rug is attached directly to the door to serve as an entrance to the dock of your secret underwater paradise.

5. The Secret Backyard Launch Pad

Launch ofImage source by @pangepange

If you recently took a top-secret astronaut job, you can probably relate to this fun idea.

And you don’t?

But it’s a nice idea to try.

Start by placing your house on some rocks on the north side of the island, opposite some rocks on the coast.

You’ll need a warp pipe next to the house and another one on the rocks.

Once you’re down, set up a rocket (not the gorilla sibling, although that is highly recommended), which you can make out of death fragments.

And now you can go to the launch pad and shoot at the stars! You could even add an astronomer to continue the space theme.

4. Zelda Time Portal

Image source by Naydinfar-Crossing

If, like me, you’re a Nintendo fan, you’ve probably played The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild at this point.

If you don’t, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

With this model, you can create a time portal and use these warp tubes to go back in time, Zelda style.

Start by making a few breaks around the pipe already installed.

Once this is done, make a pile of large garden stones and place them around the perimeter of the chain tube hole.

You need a custom job to seal the time gate, then you’re ready to enter the future…. or the past….. or wherever you want to go.

3. Metro station only

image source by @SteeloAndKri

If you’re in the ground transportation business, try installing warp pipes like a subway system.

In fact, you have to make the same adjustment twice, each time at opposite ends of your island, and turn them into mirror images of each other.

Start by building some ramps that will serve as steps to the underpass.

Then surround the slope with rocks so that you can actually walk down the slope.

You just need to place a base tube at the base of each ramp, and your subway system will work.

And if you’re looking for furnishing ideas to match the subway’s atmosphere, check out our collection of station ideas. There are some really cool designs.

2. Alice’s rabbit hole

image source: intersection calligraphy

With this idea, you will never be late for important appointments again.

To create this scene from the Disney movie Alice in Wonderland, first choose a small wooded area on your island.

You should choose a location at least one level above the ground, as you will need to create an opening for the warp tube.

It can be tricky because you have to form the rocks around the pipe, but if you put your mind to it, you won’t regret it.

Once the rabbit hole is built, all you need to do is add a few mushroom elements, including mushroom screens, super mushrooms and small mushroom platforms.

Where does your rabbit hole lead? You decide!

1. Waste water inlet

image source after chiefsfan_713_08

Here’s another idea for a hole in the ground:

Make a manhole leading to the sewer.

Start by putting a tube of chain outside and forming rocks around it. Place a manhole cover next to the pipe, which can be made from iron nuggets.

Once you have installed the pipe in a room (preferably in the basement of your home), install a brick wall and a bloom floor in that room.

The addition of elements such as prison bars, garbage bags, cones and building signs really set the tone. But you can decorate all you want.

But if you go into the sewers, watch out for killer alien clowns. And mutated turtles.

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