How Armor Stats Roll: An Advanced Insight into stat rolls

I didn’t see it mentioned in this column, so I thought I’d share the information with the masses. This Raidsecrets thread from a few months ago gave some very useful information for learning how armor stats work, and after checking with many players, I’m pretty sure this stuff is largely correct, since it’s API-derived information, with some deductions on my part.

very simple

Destiny has 6 statisticians in her armor, divided into two subgroups.

Mobility/resilience/recovery is the first subgroup. These are the first statistics introduced in the vanilla version of D2.

Discipline/Intelligence/Strength is the second subset, these are the original D1 armor stats added to D2 with Shadowkeep.

Base values are generally between 40 and 70, and some sources seem to have higher base values for dropped items (including dungeons, raids, IBs, and Prime Engrams).

Although this information is known to most players.


Connectors are a set of three values assigned to a subgroup that defines the creating part of the statistic. These three values represent either Mob/Res/Rec or Dis/Int/Str.

This table lists all possible connections in the game. As you can see, each outlet has a diamond, followed by 3 values that represent the statistics. These 3 values add up from 11 to 17 (the rightmost column), and the value cannot be 0, it must be at least 1.

On all legendary and exotic armor rolls, four of these caps are randomly chosen (two from each subgroup), resulting in a minimum stat of 44 and a maximum stat of 68. The same socket cannot be chosen twice, and some exotics can produce slightly better results, more on that later.

There is a fork that has a total of 20. I’ve tried for a very long time to find evidence of its existence in the wild, but I’ve never found one, so I refuse to believe it’s real. If anyone has a legendary item with a base of 69 or higher, please post a picture.


The exotic scrolls don’t stray too far from the range. In fact, all exotics use the same connection system as described above. There’s only one warning;

Twilight Vault’s provisional exotics have internal stats.

This table lists the exotic components and their internal statistics.

Internal stats are very minimal, +2 to +3, meaning specific exotics can roll SK at 71 bases.

Why do exotics have pre-SK internal stats?

That’s because they are transferred out of the tank system before Shadowkeep is released. If you look at the internal stats, you’ll see that they are all mobility/resilience/regeneration stats, stats that already existed in vanilla D2. The statistics were taken verbatim from the pre-SK versions and carried over into version 2.0.

Crosswalks are an example of this. Before Shadowkeep it rolled with 1 mobility and 1 recovery, this has been adopted which now means that no matter what, every cross step you get has a minimum of 3 mobility and 3 recovery (2 minimum of fork + 1 of internal).

Severely restricted

After all the above information, here’s what we know about the restrictions related to our statistics:

  • Legendary Armor has a minimum of 44 and a maximum of 68 static base rolls. The Shadowkeep Exotics post shares this boundary.
  • The lowest score you can get is 2 and the highest is 30 (two sets consisting of a 1/1/15 distribution).
  • Pre-Shadowkeep exotics have a minimum range of 46, maximum of 71 static waves, depending on the exotics.
  • A full set of 68 Role Legends and 71 Role Exotics will give you 275 points for Stats, if you include Masterwork, five Stats, and Mighty Friends/Radiant Light, you’ll arrive at Stats for a total of 425 points (not counting Stats coins). Note that this does not translate well into statistics.

Sources of high performance gearboxes

The following sources are places where I can 100% confirm that armor can drop 68 rolls. Each source is associated with evidence of 68 roles.

Leviathan (lol).

Optional last entry

The Well of Heresy


Iron Banner

Experimental courtesy of


Engrams Prime drops can drip with sting stats, but I’ve never seen 68, if you have one with a 68 roll, let me know and I’ll add it to the post.

Source: Original link

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