How to complete Paradise Lost in Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 is out now and it’s the first time in the series that players get to take on the role of a villain. The game has been criticized for its lack of diversity, but there’s one character who may be able to change that.

The far cry 6 is paradise lost the last mission is a topic that discusses how to complete the game.

Although Paradise Lost is not the last task in Far Cry 6, it is a lengthy and difficult one, and you may require a guide to complete it. Your goal is to kill dictator Anton Castillo and establish yourself as a Guerrilla legend. But first and foremost, go to the Libertad hideaway in Esperanza and speak with Clara.

It’s simply a question of following your GPS coordinates. They won’t attempt to stop you if you don’t provoke any troops along the route. Clara and Juan will assign you the job of planting explosives at three army checkpoints at the hideaway. Start with the one closest to the hideaway since they’re all to the north.

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Drop down and into the street after going down the steps to the east. The first checkpoint should be located straight north on the road. All three checkpoints are held by armored Special Forces, who will be much more difficult to deal with than any troops you’ve seen so far. Make sure you have at least one decent gun with armor-piercing ammunition, and if possible, acquire one with headshots. Put on your finest defense gear since they’re equipped with deadly weaponry.

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Continue north past the checkpoint after planting the first bomb, then turn right. You may just go down the street, but we suggest cutting through the building for a more stealthy approach to the lone Special Forces man stationed on the corner. More Special Forces will be guarding the next checkpoint if you take the street left, then right. To reach the location where the bomb must be placed, you must pass through this checkpoint and then double back a little distance to the right.

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The next checkpoint is a bit farther east than the previous two and is considerably more strongly guarded. A tank stands in the center of the junction, while snipers are stationed in the nearby buildings. Our recommendation is to sneak up behind the engineer working on the tank and murder him with a machete. Then jump in the tank and wreck havoc. Plant the final bomb on the east side of the huge, red and white generator after you’ve killed all the snipers and it’s safe to come out.

Return the way you came, turning right before reaching the second checkpoint, then left. At the further end of this alleyway, there are a number of Special Forces. Because they tend to congregate, explosives may be useful. Aside from that, this is an excellent opportunity to utilize your Supremo.

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Continue west, freeing the Guerrilla at the end of the street, and then passing through the right-hand building. On the opposite side, you’ll encounter more strong Special Forces, and a couple more will come up behind you, so remain vigilant and cautious. Kill the two soldiers on the street below you by climbing the steps indicated by a blue arrow. Then traverse the roofs using grapples and a zip line to reach Juan.

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To get to the street, use another zip line and then walk towards the hotel. Inside, there are a large number of troops. Even if they aren’t special forces, you should use caution. They will swiftly and easily surround you if you rush in. Remove them one by one, and go outdoors whenever you need to. They are unlikely to follow you.

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Pick up the elevator key from the desk immediately beyond the door on the right, then clear the whole lobby area of troops before boarding. After the cutscene, continue with caution and use knives and bows on the remaining troops to avoid attracting reinforcements. Get in your vehicle and drive past the roadblock as fast as possible to get as far away from the hotel as possible.

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The far cry 6 secret ending is the name of a quest in Far Cry 6. It is about completing Paradise Lost, which is an epic poem by John Milton.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is paradise lost the last mission in far cry 6?

No, paradise lost is the first mission in Far Cry 6.

What is the last mission in Far Cry 6?

The last mission in Far Cry 6 is called The End of Hope.

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