How to complete the Spoons Island Wielder Trial in Chicory: A Colorful Tale

The Spoons Island Wielder Trial is a mini-game in Chicory: A Colorful Tale, a fun game developed by Qvod Games and published by Games2Win. The game is a fairly straightforward platformer where players must navigate the land of Spoons by hopping across the blue balls of its landscape. In order to move from one end of the level to the other, a player must find the blue crystalline sphere that lies in the center of the level. These spheres are each guarded by a piece of the Spoons Island Wielder who is in charge of defending his territory.

Spoons Island is a cozy coastal town where the wind, the waves, the seagulls and the sea all merge together in the main square. There is a cafe there that no one can miss, and that is Spoons Island Wielder. For a set price, the cafe will provide you with all you need for a fulfilling meal. Although it is not your home, you work at the cafe and earn money to pay for the ingredients of your daily meal.

After Chicory, the trial of the lord of the island of the spoon in Chicory : A colorful fairy tale is supposed to represent how you find your way as a master, or something like that. To make your way around the island, you’ll need to play with the platforms, going back and forth and solving a number of linear puzzles. Screenshot After you talk to Chikori, go to the top of the hill and go down a screen. There will be four platforms that you can lift using point switches in the middle; as you probably guessed, each platform corresponds to a different point. Grab the platform at the bottom right and jump on it to reach the right screen. In the next screen, you need to push the explosive paintball onto the right platform, lower the platform, push it onto the left platform, and then push the left platform up. Remember, you can’t push these balls off the ledges and you have to take them with you. Screenshot word-image-5574 On the next screens, things get a little more complicated. A 3×2 grid of platforms is shown, but the point switches are on the left side of the screen. First go to the left screen and activate the platforms in the bottom center and the bottom left. Go back to the right screen and use the plant at the bottom right to climb to the middle platform. Jump on the platform at the bottom left, then cross the gap to reach the top of the screen. Go to the left screen, turn on all switches, then go back to the right screen to reach the next screen on the right. There will be a toggle with platforms on the screen that you can use to reset everything if you make a mistake. Then lift the middle platform to swim up; if you lower the right platform, you can jump over the precipice and fall down a screen. Then stand on the upper platform at the right and raise the two upper platforms. Jump on the platform at the bottom right and lift it up to use the jump bus on the right to jump to the next screen on the right. Screenshot word-image-5575 Swim to the exploding paint ball before tackling the platforms in the next screen. Lift the first platform and move the ball to it. Then go down to the first platform. Slide the ball onto the second platform and lift it; slide the ball onto a higher platform. Finally, take the fourth platform and slide the ball and yourself onto it. Lower the platform and push the ball down to make the rocks jump. Screenshot word-image-5576 On the next screen, scroll to the right and then down again. Here you have to solve the first linear puzzle. Use the dotted switches to move the platforms up and down, making sure there is a solid black line between the two big black dots on the screen. Go through this challenge using a platform from left to right, but we also have a solution in the image above if you’re stuck. Screenshot word-image-5577 On the next two screens, you have to go back and forth because the point changes on one screen affect the platforms on the other. On the left screen, enter the point at the bottom right, then on the right screen, use the platform at the bottom right to jump over the gap. On the right side, fill in the lower center point and the right center point to create a bridge on the left screen, as well as the upper center point. On the left screen, go over the bridge, around it, jump diagonally to the right and use the platform to jump over to the right. Fill in the dots in the top center and top left before returning to the right screen. On the right screen, jump on the correct platforms and go to the next pair of screens. Screenshot word-image-5578 You come to a door with four squares of dots; to open this door, you have to solve four linear puzzles. There are two lanes, one left and one right. You can solve these riddles in any order and display a solution for each riddle. Screenshot word-image-5579 Go to the right screen with two platforms, then go via the right platform to the right screen to get to the puzzle above. Screenshot word-image-5580 If you go up a screen, you’ll find the solution to this puzzle at the top. Screenshot word-image-5581 The screen on the left offers five platforms to play on. When the fourth platform is down, paint the wall you want to climb on, as indicated by the diagonal lines. Take the fourth platform, swim to it, then swim to the lines to the right of the platform. The same can be done with the second platform. Lower the platform again and swim to a higher platform. The solution to the riddle can be seen on the screen above. Screenshot word-image-5582 Go back to the screen with five platforms, use the first platform on the left to reach the left screen. Solve the puzzle using the solution above. Screenshot word-image-5583 If you solve them all, you will open the door and you can walk through that door to Chikori. She will then instruct you to draw a self-portrait, which you can shape as you see fit. Make sure it’s what you want before you finish it, because it will hang in the guard’s tower after that.

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