How to Find and Use Torrent Sac in Monster Hunter Rise?

Torrent bags in the MHR are materials classified as special items. It can be used in particular for the storage of large quantities of water. You get most of them by killing certain monsters, looting and completing quests. Eliminated by water samples, of course. In our guide How to Get Torrent Sac in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR), we show you how to grow and use Torrent Sac.

How to get Torrent Bag in MHR

By completing high-end quests, you can obtain these bags.

Here’s a list of monsters that throw torrent bags and ways to take bags from them. These are all high-level monsters that you should be well prepared for and upgrade as much as possible.

a royal Ludroth Destination x1 14%
  Capture x2 16%
Tetranadone Destination x1 24%
  Capture x1 29%
  Torso weft x1 70%
  Flashlight x1 19%
Juratodus Destination x1 16%

Using the torrent bag in Monster Hunter Rebellion (MHR)

With this material, you can create and enhance your features and decorations.

From armor to body armor to weapons, here’s a list of all the gear used by Torrent Sac.

Desiree I Weapons Power ×2
Yura Il I Weapons Power ×2
Noble roots C. Armor Power ×2
Noble Vizier C. Armor Power ×1
Remains of Juratodus Armor Power ×2
Accolade Ludroth S Armor Power ×2
Iron coil S Armor Power ×2
Jelly beans S Armor Power ×2
Juratodus Helmet Armor Power ×1
Noble Folia C. Armor Power ×1
Noble ribbed plate S Armor Power ×1
Ludroth C helmet Armor Power ×1
Tetranadona S suspenders Armor Power ×2
Tetranadon Greaves C Armor Power ×2
Tetranadone helmet C Armor Power ×2
Noble Creeper S. Armor Power ×2
Bubble Gem 2 Decoration Power ×2
Jewels of Resistance 2 Decoration Power ×2
Current Gem 1 Decoration Power ×1
Kakaru Kumo Naki II Weapons Update ×3
Almudron Axe II Weapons Update ×3
Almudron Axe II Weapons Update ×3
Almudron Hammer II Weapons Update ×2
Bloom Royal. Weapons Update ×2
Croaker Weapons Update ×3
Delex separator Weapons Update ×2
Frog whistle II Weapons Update ×2
Protective switch Weapons Update ×2
Bouncing ice II Weapons Update ×2
Ludroth Daushammer Weapons Update ×3
Ludroth Harpoon II Weapons Update ×2
Ludroth Para II Weapons Update ×2
Muddy Rain II Weapons Update ×3
Rear view II Weapons Update ×2
King Torrent Weapons Update ×3
Sandblasting machine Weapons Update ×1
Shitrada Weapons Update ×3
Grinding blade II Weapons Update ×2
Spiral epidemic Weapons Update ×2
Spring Day Weapons Update ×5
I swear on Rapier II Weapons Update ×2
Tetranon cutter Weapons Update ×2
Limus Os II Weapons Update ×3
The Glaive II brush Weapons Update ×3
Jura Duo I Weapons Update ×1
Jurassic Mud Sheet I Weapons Update ×1

This concludes our guide on how to use the Torrent Bag in Monster Hunter Rise and the list of items that make up the Torrent Bag. If you want to know how to get a pearl necklace, read our guide on how to get a pearl necklace by raising a monster hunter.

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