How to Get Fiber in ARK

If you’re a fan of the ARK: Survival Evolved game, you might have noticed that the game lacks a healthy amount of fiber. Fibers are the good guys. They’re used in the body to relieve hunger, keep blood pressure steady, and help keep our intestines healthy. If you want to get fiber in ARK, you’ll need to get fiber from somewhere. The best way to do that is to eat at least one serving of whole grains like barley, wheat, rye, buckwheat, oats, or millet every day. The following list of plants will also help you get fiber in ARK.

A video game called ARK: Survival Evolved has two really important things: NPCs and dinosaurs. The former are part of the game’s main story and help the player to survive. They also act as resources for the player’s character, either by providing food/water/weapons or crafting resources.  Dinosaurs, on the other hand, are a very important part of the game. First, they’re the reason why people play the game. They’re the main reason why the game is called ARK: Survival Evolved, after all. Without dinosaurs, the player has no reason to play.

Since the introduction of the ARK Server back in December, it’s become clear that Ark has a huge untapped population of players that are willing to spend money on their items. The ARK Server has made many ARK players very wealthy, but there are still some people that are unaware of the possibility to get the items they need for their purposes. So what is the secret to getting fiber in ARK? It’s simple, you just have to pay for it.

Fiber is a resource in Ark that you can get in tiny quantities at first, but you can discover alternative methods to get more as you advance.

The majority of the things that seem to need tying or bonding with this strong rope-like material require a significant quantity of Fiber.

Fiber is mostly required for the creation of various weapons, tools, armor, and even saddles for domesticated animals.

What’s the Best Way to Get Fiber?

Fiber may be collected from plants or bushes, and it’s typically done in conjunction with a variety of fruit.

Using a Sickle and then a Mining Drill, which can be built later when you have access to a Forge and Smithy, is a superior method to obtain Fiber.

You may also tame animals that can harvest Fiber, such as the Therizinosaur, Excavation Rig, Dire Bear, and others.

Fiber Farming at its Finest

A Therizinosaur, which excels in gathering due to its ability to put points into Delicate Harvesting, is the greatest method to collect Fiber.

When no domesticated animals that harvest Fiber are available, you may use a Sickle, which performs a great job gathering the material.

Even though the Mining Drill is mostly used for mining, it is a versatile instrument that may also be used to collect Fiber and berries from plants and shrubs.

Uses of Fiber

Fiber is required for the manufacturing of many kinds of armor, thus having a big quantity is essential, particularly when making higher rarity blueprints.

Structures, weapons, saddles for your domesticated animals, and a plethora of other craftable things are among the possibilities.

The following items may be made using fiber:


  • Boomerang 
  • Bow
  • Charged with C4
  • Crossbow
  • Grenade
  • Launcher for Harpoons
  • IED (Invented Explosive Device)
  • Lance
  • Poison Grenade is a kind of grenade that is used to kill
  • Grenade of Smoke
  • Spear
  • Alarm Trap with Tripwire
  • Narcotic Tripwire Trap


  • Trap for Bears
  • Bola
  • Picking Climbing 
  • Compass
  • Cryopod
  • Rod for fishing
  • Trap for a Big Bear
  • Lasso
  • Magnification Glass
  • Slingshot
  • Bolt of Spear
  • Spyglass
  • Whip


  • Hook for grappling
  • Arrow made of metal
  • Projectile Net
  • Arrow of Stone


  • Chitin Boots are boots made of chitin.
  • Chitin Chitin Chitin Chitin Chitin Chitin Chi
  • Chitin Gauntlets are a kind of gauntlet made of chit
  • Chitin Helmet is a kind of helmet made of chitin.
  • Leggings made of Chitin
  • Boots made of cloth
  • Gloves made of cloth
  • Hat made of cloth
  • Pants made of cloth
  • Shirt made of cloth
  • Boots made of desert cloth 
  • Gloves made of desert cloth 
  • Pants made of desert cloth 
  • Shirt made of desert cloth 
  • Goggles and a Hat for the Desert 
  • Boots for Flak
  • Chestpiece made of flak
  • Gauntlets for Flak
  • Helmet for Flak
  • Leggings Flak
  • Gun with a Flare
  • Boots with Fur
  • Fur Cap
  • Chestpiece made of fur
  • Gauntlets made of fur
  • Leggings with Fur
  • Ghillie Boots are a pair of boots designed by Ghillie.
  • Ghillie Chestpiece is a piece of jewelry made by Ghillie.
  • Gauntlets of Ghillie
  • Leggings Ghillie
  • Mask of Ghillie
  • Boots for Hazard Suit 
  • Gloves for Hazard Suit 
  • Hat with Hazard Suit 
  • Pants for Hazardous Situations 
  • Suit Shirt with Hazards 
  • Helmet for a Heavy Miner
  • Hide Your Boots
  • Gloves should be hidden
  • Hide Hat
  • Pants should be hidden.
  • Hide Your Shirt
  • Boots for Riots
  • Chestpiece of Riot
  • Gauntlets for Riots
  • Helmet for Riots
  • Leggings with a Riot
  • Flippers for SCUBA Divers
  • Leggings for Scuba Diving
  • Mask for Scuba Diving
  • Tank for Scuba Diving


  • Saddle of the Allosaurus
  • Ankylo Saddle is a kind of saddle.
  • Saddle of the Araneo
  • Saddle of Argentavis
  • Saddle of Arthropluera
  • Saddle made of baryonyx
  • Saddle of the Basilisk 
  • Saddle of Basilosaurus
  • Saddle of Beelzebufo
  • Platform Saddle Bronto
  • Bronto Saddle is a kind of saddle.
  • Saddle of Carbonemys
  • Saddle Carno
  • Saddle of Castoroides
  • Saddle of Chalicotherium
  • Saddle of Daeodon
  • Saddle of Deinonychus
  • Saddle of Diplodocus
  • Saddle of the Dire Bear
  • Saddle of Doedicurus
  • Saddle of Dunkleosteus
  • Equus Saddle is a saddle for horses.
  • Gacha Saddle is a game of chance.
  • Saddle of Gallimimus
  • Saddle for Gasbags
  • Saddle of the Giganotosaurus
  • Meatpack Hyaenodon
  • Saddle of the Ichthyosaurus
  • Saddle of the Iguanodon
  • Saddle of Kaprosuchus
  • Saddle of Karkinos
  • Saddle of Lymantria
  • Maewing Saddle is a saddle made by Maewing.
  • Saddle of the Magmasaur
  • Saddle of the Mammoth
  • Saddle of Managarmr
  • Saddle of the Manta
  • Saddle of the Mantis
  • Platform Saddle Megachelon
  • Megalania Saddle is a saddle made by Megalania.
  • Saddle of Megaloceros
  • Saddle of Megalodon
  • Saddle of Megalosaurus
  • Saddle of Megatherium
  • Saddle of Morellatops
  • Platform Saddle Mosasaur
  • Saddle of the Mosasaur
  • Pachy Saddle is a saddle made by Pachy Saddle.
  • Saddle of Pachyrhinosaurus
  • Platform Saddle by Paracer
  • Saddle of the Paracer
  • Saddle of the Dinosaurs
  • Saddle of Pelagornis
  • Saddle Phiomia
  • Platform Saddle for Plesiosaurs
  • Plesiosaur Saddle is a Plesiosaur saddle.
  • Saddle of the Procoptodon
  • Saddle of the Pteranodon
  • Saddle of the Pulmonoscorpius
  • Platform Saddle Quetz
  • Quetz Saddle is a place in the United States where you can
  • Saddle of the Raptor
  • Saddle of the Ravager
  • Saddle, Rex
  • Drake Saddle Rock
  • Saddle of the Rock Golem
  • Saddle of the Rat
  • Sabertooth Saddle is a saddle with a sabertooth
  • Sarco Saddle is a saddle made by Sarco.
  • Saddle of the Snow Owl
  • Saddle with Spino
  • Stego Saddle is a kind of saddle.
  • Saddle of Tapejara
  • Saddle of the Terror Bird
  • Saddle of the Therizinosaurus
  • Saddle of the Thorny Dragon
  • Saddle Thylacoleo
  • Platform Saddle for Titanosaurs
  • Saddle for Trike
  • Saddle Tropeognathus
  • Saddle Tusoteuthis
  • Saddle of the Velonasaur
  • Saddle of the Woolly Rhino
  • Saddle of Yutyrannus


  • Ceiling in Adobe Photoshop 
  • Dinosaur Gate is a place where you can see dinosaurs. (Adobe) 
  • Adobe Gateway to the Dinosaurs (Adobe Dinosaur Gateway) is 
  • Adobe Entrance 
  • Doorframe in Adobe Photoshop 
  • Double Door in Adobe 
  • Double Doorframe in Adobe Photoshop 
  • Foundation for Adobe Fence 
  • Adobe Fence Assistance 
  • Adobe Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to 
  • Hatchframe by Adobe 
  • Adobe Ladder (Adobe) 
  • Adobe Railing is a program that allows you to create 
  • Adobe Ramp (Adobe Photoshop) 
  • Staircase in Adobe Photoshop 
  • Stairs in Adobe Photoshop 
  • Adobe Trapdoor is a program that allows you to open a 
  • Triangle Ceiling in Adobe 
  • Triangle Foundation by Adobe 
  • Triangle Roof in Adobe 
  • Adobe Photoshop Wall 
  • Adobe Window (Adobe) 
  • Windowframe in Adobe Photoshop 
  • Ammo Box
  • Turret of the Ballista
  • Bookshelf
  • Bunk Bed
  • Cannon
  • Bin for Compost
  • Dinosaur Gate
  • Dinosaur Gateway
  • Trough for Feeding
  • Adobe Hatchframe is a massive frame created by Adobe. 
  • Adobe’s Giant Trapdoor 
  • Gift Box
  • Sleeping Bags to Hide
  • Walls of Adobe
  • Plot With A Lot Of Crops
  • Large Storage Container
  • Elevator Platform Made of Wood
  • Massive Wooden Structure
  • Mannequin for Loadout
  • Plot with a Medium Crop
  • Elevator Platform in Medium Wood
  • Wall of Metal Spikes
  • Platform for Metal Trees
  • Flag with Multiple Panels
  • Canvas Painting
  • Ladder with Ropes on Wheels
  • Bin for Preserving
  • Plate of Pressure
  • Forge of Refining
  • Rope Ladder
  • Uncomplicated Bed
  • Flag with a single panel
  • Roof with a Slant
  • Left: Slanted Adobe Wall
  • Right: Slanted Adobe Wall
  • Roof with Slanted Thatch
  • Left: Slanted Wall made with thatch
  • Right: Slanted Thatch Wall
  • Left Slanted Wood Wall
  • Right: Slanted Wood Wall
  • Wooden Roof with a Slant
  • Plot for a Small Crop
  • Elevator Platform Made of Wood
  • Platform of Stone Cliffs
  • Box for storing things
  • Tek Sleeping Pod is a sleeping pod designed by Tek.
  • Tent
  • Ceiling made with thatch
  • Door made with thatch
  • Doorframe made of thatch
  • The Foundation of Thatch
  • Thatch Wall
  • Dummy for Training
  • War Map
  • Wardrums
  • a water source
  • Elevator Top Switch in Wood
  • Elevator Track Made of Wood
  • Ocean Platform Made of Wood
  • Bench made of wood
  • Billboard made of wood
  • Cage made of wood
  • Catwalk made of wood
  • Ceiling made of wood
  • Chair made of wood
  • Club made of wood
  • Door made of wood
  • Doorframe made of wood
  • Double Wooden Door
  • Double Doorframe Made of Wood
  • Foundation for a Wooden Fence
  • Support for Wooden Fence
  • Foundation made of wood
  • Hatchframe made of wood
  • Ladder made of wood
  • Pillar made of wood
  • Raft Made of Wood
  • Railing made of wood
  • Ramp made of wood
  • Shield of Wood
  • Sign made of wood
  • Spike Wall Made of Wood
  • Staircase made of wood
  • Stairs made of wood
  • Trapdoor made of wood
  • Platform for a Tree in Wood
  • Triangle Ceiling Made of Wood
  • Triangle of Wooden Foundation
  • Triangle Roof Made of Wood
  • Wall made of wood
  • Sign on the Wall Made of Wood
  • Window made of wood
  • Window Frame Made of Wood


  • Kibble in its most basic form
  • Kibble of the highest quality
  • Exceptional Kibble
  • Kibble as usual
  • Kibble with no frills
  • Exceptional Kibble
  • Cake with Sweet Vegetables


  • Canoe
  • Crate for Delivery
  • Basket of Fish 
  • Fish Net
  • Skin of a Glider Suit 
  • a Pitch Jar
  • Motorboat
  • Note
  • Parachute
  • Waterskin
  • Anchor for Zip-Line


Fiber is a widely available resource, however you may need more than you use at the moment to be stored for later use.

Early on, farming a large quantity of Fiber may take a long time, so you should have alternative ways to gather it ready.

To get greater quantities of fiber, it is preferable to utilize tools or animals, since this may also save time.

Fiber has a variety of applications, and depending on the blueprints that need it, you may require a significant quantity while manufacturing.

This was a pretty easy one, I’m not too sure if ARK has fiber, but I really want to know! ARK has a lot of different things that are supposed to be good for you. Things like having a lot of fiber, and fiber supplements. I’m gonna have to check to see if ARK has fiber.. Read more about how to get thatch in ark and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to get fiber in Ark?

The easiest way to get fiber in Ark is by using a modded client.

How do you harvest fiber in Ark?

To harvest fiber, you must first craft a harvester. You can then use the harvester to collect fibers from plants and trees.

How can I get fiber fast?

Fiber is a type of cable that is used to transmit data at high speeds. Its the fastest way to get internet, but it can be difficult to find in some areas.

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