How to get the metal T handle in Tormented Souls

As of today, the only way to get the metal T handle that is used on the cover of Tormented Souls is by winning a contest on the Tormented Souls Facebook Page. I had the same concern as many others, “How can I get it? It seems so elusive.” Fortunately, I have some good news for you. As you probably already know, there are two ways of getting the inkling of a T, one being through Tarian’s way of getting the metal T handle, and the other being through the way of getting the inkling of a T by using the [Tormented Souls] Metal T, which you can get in the [Tormented Souls] shop.

You’re taller than the average player and need a taller weapon.  It’s not something we complain about, but we like it when we can be taller.  And we like it when we can match the weapon of our enemies.  And we like it even more when we can beat them with it.  Which is why we love Tormented Souls so much.  It’s our favorite new multiplayer game on the Play Market.  It’s a really cool game.  It’s got a lot of cool weapons and we like them all.  The one we like the best is the metal T-handle.  The T-handle is a really cool weapon and we love it.  We like it so much we’re going to tell

The metal T handle is the most challenging problem in Tormented Souls’ beginning. This is a gadget that you recognize as being necessary early on, but you won’t be able to obtain it until you’ve made considerable progress. This tutorial will show you how to get this item and unlock the main hall entrance.

Step 1: Look for a plastic heart.

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You’ll come across two halves of a plastic heart as you explore the game’s beginning. The first is found early in the game, in the first save room. This one is on the sofa in an organ donation box’s waiting area. Pick up the package once it has been opened.

You won’t be able to receive the second half of the plastic heart until you arrive at the dentist’s office. To go inside this chamber, you must first activate the generator. The electronic locks on the two doors in this opening portion will unlock after you’ve done this. It’s time to take on the maternity ward after you’ve finished the second part.

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The maternity ward is the second step.

A corpse on a bed in the maternity ward is connected to various cables. This is the body that is gripping the metal T handle, but rigor mortise has set in, making it difficult to pry it free. Do not attempt this at this time. Instead, take a look about the room. One of the lights in this room isn’t functioning properly, and the bulb is flashing, according to a nearby book. Locate and interact with this light.

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This light illuminates a hole in the ground, which is the last place you want to go. But, because this is a horror game, it’s time to sink further into the abyss. The scary mirror is the only thing in the little chamber at the bottom of the ladder. Approach the mirror and make eye contact with it. To light the two candles, you’ll need to use your lighter, which will start a scary sequence that you could probably skip. You’ll notice that the mirror’s reflection is from a different room from the one you’re in. Step through by interacting with the mirror.

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You’ll find yourself in a mirror replica of the mansion. You must return to the maternity ward and kill an adversary by climbing the ladder. You’ll also find a healing item and several nails in the chamber. Return to where the corpse was found in the real world to discover a doll. To make the doll’s eyes open, you must insert the plastic heart into its chest.

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Return down the ladder and through the mirror after you’ve completed this. For the time being, there is nothing else to do in this mirror world. Return to the body in the actual world and interact with it. The chest has been stitched up, as you can see. Now you may pull the lever and turn on the switch on the equipment connected to the body. This causes the body to spasm and the valuable metal T handle to be relinquished.

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Step 3: Install the bolt

You’ll need a bolt to put on the end of the metal T handle before you can use it. This can be found in a locker at the foot of the stairs on the way to the x-ray room, where the priest is. Before going through the door, turn around at the foot of the steps and look for a locker. The bolt is in the locker, and on the side is a book on the body you’ve just been electrifying.

Step 4: Mix everything together and put it to good use.

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Now that you have the bolt, you can join it with the metal T handle to make a working metal T handle with hex socket. All you have to do now is go over to the big gated door outside the first save area in the hallway. It has a tiny box next to it that seems to be the right size for the hex socket. You may open the gate by using the item on the gadget. The main hall lies beyond the doors, and there is a lot more terror for you to face.

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