How Trade Routes and Commodity Crates work in Sea of Thieves

A recent trend in Sea of Thieves updates has been the addition of various features and tasks related to the Merchant Alliance. The first season of Sea of Thieves involved the Lost Ship type of travel, and the second season involves trade routes. By buying and selling goods in outposts, you may be able to make a profit.

Where are the chests of goods in the sea of thieves?

Visit a Trade Alliance trader at the quay of an outpost. To buy or sell crates of goods, you must display the flag of your Trade Alliance envoy at the table. Contact your NPC supplier – here you can not only buy trips, actions and rewards as usual, but also find raw materials and resources. Drag the tab to the right in the last menu item to see the product reviews.

What goods scrape in a sea of thieves?

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In the Goods menu, you can buy different materials. Essentially, you have to buy crates of goods in an outpost and sell them to an Alliance merchant in another outpost. The goods and their usual prices are as follows:

  • Box of unsorted gems – $2,800
  • Box of unfiltered minerals – 2,400
  • Box of unrefined spices – 2 400
  • Unsorted silk box – 2,000
  • Box with ballast – 1.600
  • Tea box without label – $1,600
  • Box of raw sugar – 1,300

However, the amount of gold you receive from the various outposts depends on the demand for the goods in each outpost. Basically, you want to buy low and sell high.

Where to check the inventory ofalliance dealer posts

On the left side of the Merchant Alliance vendor you will find a book that lists the current shipments of all outposts. The book organizes these outposts by region, and each list indicates what materials are in demand or in surplus in that outpost. Here, each outpost is broken down by region, in case you don’t know it from end to end:

  • banks of plenty
    • sacred outpost
    • Golden Sands Buitenpost
  • Old Islands
    • Outpost Robbery
    • A former Steeplechase post….
  • Wilds
    • The Dagger’s Tooth Outpost
    • The Galeon outpost at the tomb
  • The Devil’s Roar

You should buy the surplus in one outpost, but ask for it in another outpost to maximize your profit. For example, raw sugar is cheap and surplus in the Sanctuary outpost, so buy these materials and sell them in the old outpost spire, where they are in demand and sold for more gold.

Trade lanes and frequency of updating of commodity quotations

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These trade routes can take you on long journeys, so it is up to you how you want to approach these trade routes. Be wary of reapers or other evil players who want to sink your ship and steal your goods. Keep in mind that the goods you buy in the outpost will be out of stock for a full game week, or about three hours in actual time. However, you are free to buy goods from other outposts.

Furthermore, these trade routes and the supply and demand for these goods take a full week to change.

frequently asked questions

What do you do with boxes in a sea of thieves?

Crates left on land or on the shore stay in play for a long time. The intact crates will disappear when the island is invaded. Each box can be caught with a boat harpoon. As with any other treasure, the main benefit of trading good Krats is selling them for gold and reputation.

What do you do with boxes of unusual minerals?

Unusual mineral boxes may be for sale: Merchant Alliance leaders stationed in outpost dock for reputation and envoy value in gold and Merchant Alliance (if you travel as a Merchant Alliance envoy).

How do you get boxes in a sea of thieves?

When you start or begin a Trade Alliance journey, you can pick up crates from a Trade Alliance officer at any outpost. You don’t have to swim to find the crates, just go to the nearest outpost to pick them up and load them.

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