How would you include meaningful rewards for effort without it feeling like time-gating / skill-gating?

Games need good rewards for effort. I have seen players get frustrated because the game makes them feel like they are doing too much or not enough to level up quickly. Rewarding meaningful actions can make gaming more enjoyable while keeping things fair and balanced.

The “time-gated meaning” is a term that has been used to describe the act of rewarding players for their time playing a game. However, it can be difficult to implement this without it feeling like skill-gating.

As already said. I notice a lot of complaints about time gating in contemporary WoW content, such as “Oh, I have to perform daily or weeklies to grind out stuff and effectively time gate rewards.”

I understand that Blizzard has been lazy, repetitious, and malevolent with these systems, but I also understand that the game need content, and you should be rewarded for investing your time and attempting new things.

So, my question is, what strategies do you have in mind to accomplish this? I’m simply intrigued and believe this is an interesting topic! What sort of material should be available that isn’t evident time gating? Have there been any previous expansions that performed as well as this one? I loved how Legendaries worked in Classic > WOTLK since they were really legendary and very difficult to get.

The skill gating is in response to a Bellular video and a remark in which they said that the LFR tier sets are naturally inferior to the others, but that this is why casuals abandon the game. I agree that wearing shabby LFR gear is a bad idea, but how would you circumvent this? What might it be that people should be rewarded for accomplishing things on heroic instead on LFR?

Note that this is only a dialogue, not a passive aggressive interrogation or retort to people’s concerns!

To recap what has been said so far;

  • Behind time gates, there aren’t as many wild performance gains (e.g. log in for daily quests to get raid required things)

  • More enjoyable/meaningful rep grinds, such as Isle of Thunder, with timed large rep rewards but no lockout for lesser rewards, such as item hand-ins, rares hunting, and so on.

  • Cosmetic rewards that are more significant For example, don’t make LFR gear unattractive, but as part of the prize, make epic gear more diversified in design and color options.

  • Make LFR a little more difficult and less boring in general.

  • World quests could be improved.

  • Exalted rep prizes should mostly be decorative in nature, rather than raid-required power-ups.

  • Make your careers more meaningful!

  • Allow less efficient but still important items outside of the time-gated things in general.

  • More time-limited-friendly time gating, such as not being penalized if you have a large window of gaming time available once a week or twice a week.

  • More favorable to alts, since they won’t have to go through the same power grinds.

  • Community challenges / scheduled activities, such as collecting materials or attrition fights (like Legionfall resources) – may be a fun way to employ low-demand, high-supply items while also rewarding individuals with rep and other benefits according on how much they contributed?

  • Less bloated systems and currencies, limiting to a few relevant currencies with many means to get them, so players aren’t penalized for completing the stuff they like.

  • Finally, and perhaps most importantly, there’s a divide between not minding some things being time-gated and hating some things being time-gated; I believe the general consensus is “don’t waste my time” and “don’t time-gate just to boost player retention,” but I believe they need to better balance this because it currently irritates everyone.

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For the game World of Warcraft, post “How would you provide meaningful incentives for work without it seeming like time-gating / skill-gating?”

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The “reward is enough pdf” offers a solution to the problem of time-gating and skill-gating. The reward system should be meaningful for everyone, not just those who are skilled or have more time to put into their game.

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