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Blizzard has revealed the changes to the legendary items with the release of patch 2.4. The changes will be implemented when the patch goes live and will affect all legendary items in the game, including the items that are part of the Reaper of Souls expansion. In some cases, the changes will be minor, but some of the changes will be quite substantial, especially for those of you who have been farming low level Greater Rifts for the completion of the Low level Guardian set.

One of the most common concerns we hear from new players is, “How do I level up my character in Diablo 3?” It might seem overwhelming at first, but with the right characters, skills and items, it is easy to level up a new character in Diablo 3. In this blog, we’ll go over how to complete the low level guardian, including the ways to find the best items and skills for your character.

So we decided to do something different this season. Instead of looking for levels, I tried to determine what the smallest paragon needed to complete a seasonal trip is. Therefore, there are requirements for passing rifts, killing bosses, and higher requirements for passing rifts.

All of this requires a partner to do most of the work. They equip you and carry you through crevices and more crevices.

  1. You get zero xp after 70 if you are dead or in town. (Up to level 70, you seem to get XP, and I’m not sure why this differs at this point). In Hardcore mode, you gain XP by killing bosses, whether you’re in town or not. In softcore, everything’s fine as long as you’re dead. Get out of the game before the cracks and big gaps close, because they give you XP and it doesn’t matter if you’re dead or not. Make sure you stay on the same level as the level player. (Kill yourself before they attack the next levels). Collect the treasures after you kill everyone (you always get the legends, goblins, etc). This will give you the recipes you need in the next step).
  2. Complete the bonus requirements as you level up. You can’t skip it, but you can get XP before it switches to Paragon.
  3. In the case of safes, another suicide. This will take away the money worries and hopefully some material. The usual boxes. Older safes don’t work so well.
  4. Cleaning the Great Crack is done after you kill the boss, not when he approaches. The normal clearing of the gap is done when you close it, not after killing a boss. You only need to hit a regular T13 breach of less than 4 minutes and a solo breach of more than 70 to meet all other requirements. That’s why this is the only XP you’ll ever get. End the operation without closing the large room.
  5. Try a normal Rift for 2 minutes of Torment X+. If you need to get close to T13, you can also take out this conquest in one shot.
  6. Stay in the city in boss mode while other players deal with the boss. Make sure you die before they kill the boss, and you shouldn’t get any XP for completing this conquest.
  7. For the third conquest, greed with 10 challenge caches. Unfortunately, it’s still 10 weeks away and I’m still waiting for it.
  8. Make sure you level up your gems before the other player and collect your loot before the other player. If the other player has collected everything before I’ve had time to revive and teleport to him, there have been a few times when I didn’t get the loot or couldn’t upgrade the gem.
  9. To kill the other bosses (Ubers, T13, etc), just make sure you’re dead before your partner takes out the boss. In Hardcore, it’s the inevitable XP.
  10. For the fourth conquest, you can collect equipment and pass through the established dungeons, but be sure to apply a leveling ease gem so they can be passed by a player under 70. Dungeon play is the inevitable XP, and even joining a first level game to complete it gets you a few thousand xp. Nothing to spoil the race, but it’s a terrible environmental win, so it’s not worth doing anyway.
  11. Use gems to replenish stats you may be missing due to your low level.

In general, it is possible to end the Guardian season with less than 70 paragons on SC. The biggest XP problem I have is GR70 solo, and I’m trying to find a way to reduce it. Are you looking for specific floors or are you just killing the elite? Unfortunately, I can’t control it this season since my characters are used on all three servers.

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Post Conclusion of low level keeper for Diablo 3 game.

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