Metroid Dread (Nintendo Switch)

When I think of the Metroid series, my mind drifts to a time when Samus was still clad in her signature armor and visor. She looked fierce and determined as she ran through the levels, blasting enemies with plasma beams or using her morph ball bombs to destroy obstacles. Nowadays, you can see a lot more skin on this bounty hunter from space. The latest installment of the franchise is called “Metroid: Dread,” set for release later this year exclusively on Nintendo Switch–and it’s got some big changes that retro gamers might miss if they’re not paying attention.,

Metroid Dread is a game that was released on Nintendo Switch. The release date for this game is unknown.

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I played Metroid on the NES for the first time when I was around 5 or 6 years old. As you could expect, I got lost quite quickly. It was easy to get perplexed as to where you needed to go next without having the gaming sense that comes from years of playing Metroid knock-offs. Thankfully, I persevered and ultimately overcame it, allowing me to play Super Metroid, one of the best video games of all time. After 34 years and several Metroid games, it was now time to find out what had led Samus Aran to Zebes.

Metroid Dread ultimately puts an end to all we’ve learned about the Metroids and the many mysteries surrounding the X parasite, which we saw a lot of in Metroid Fusion. It’s reasonable to argue that this 2D side-scrolling adventure may serve as the series’ bookend. Of course, we all know it will never happen. Dread has already established itself as one of the franchise’s best-selling titles!

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The game picks up immediately after Metroid Fusion, and we soon learn that Samus will be fighting for her survival. She’s lured to the planet ZDR because she’s on the lookout for a lone X Parasite. Everything goes to bad once Samus arrives; she is now stuck deep on the planet with no talents and just one mission: to return to her ship! The only issue is that seven EMMI (Extraplanetary Multiform Mobile Identifiers) robots stand between her and her spacecraft, ostensibly intended to eliminate the X Parasite but now reprogrammed to murder Samus on sight!

Dread is an apt term for the game since, until far later in the game, every open door makes you uneasy about what may be lurking beyond it. You will die if the EMMI Robots get close to you. Countering their strikes is possible, but it is very tough and only gives you around 5 seconds of time. There are many boss battles in the game that I found myself dying to over and over again. However, like with previous Metroid games, it all boils down to mastering each boss’s move sets and how to counter/evade them. Thankfully, the game saves before each boss encounter, so if you die (which you will), you may restart the game outside of their quarters.

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Metroid Dread, in my opinion, holds players’ hands a little bit tighter than previous installments. You are granted an ability that serves as a sonar for whatever room you are in around halfway through the game. It will show you any breakable locations on the walls after you’ve used it. I’m going to show you where any hidden powerups or health canisters are. Of course, we all remember the previous games not having anything like that. Also, in Dread, the Screw Attack seems to be incredibly powerful. Many adversaries would take numerous charged shots before dying before I obtained that ability, but after I had it, I just had to leap into them once! Metroid Dread (Nintendo Switch) 5

Metroid Dread seemed like a nicely paced game, clocking in at about 10 hours and 75 percent completion for discovering every item throughout the game. At 8 p.m., I found myself at the finish boss. While the boss was difficult to kill, after you learned their moveset, they were quite easy to defeat. I enjoyed the narrative and the suspense of not knowing what to expect. This is without a doubt one of my all-time favorite Metroid games.

Nintendo is the creator of this game. Nintendo is the publisher of this game. The film will be released on October 8, 2021. Nintendo Switch is the platform on which this review was conducted.

Metroid Dread is a Metroidvania-style action game developed by MercurySteam and published by Nintendo. The game was released on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows in May 2018. Reference: metroid dread gamestop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Metroid Dread for the switch?

A: No, Metroid Dread is an exclusive for the PS4.

Can you play Metroid games on switch?


Is Metroid Dread worth $60?

A: If youre looking for a game that will test your skills and is difficult without being frustrating, then absolutely yes! There are no cheap deaths in this Metroidvania-style action platformer. Youll die many times before completing it, but the satisfying moments when you overcome each challenge outweigh the frustration of dying so much.

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