Minecraft 1.18 Release Date – When It Is Coming Out?

Minecraft 1.18 release date and Minecraft players are very excited to know the changes in this game. We have all the details about it and the release date.

Minecraft 1.18 release date

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Minecraft 1.18 release date

Minecraft 1.18 will be released on the 23rd. May 2022 published. It will add many new edible foods, 4 new berry bushes, 3 new crops including a new batch and a new turkey. This was originally done at 2. October 2021 announced at Minecraft Live 2021. Filming begins later this month on the 27th. October 2021. There is still some time in the release of Minecraft 1.18.

Due to some bugs in previous versions, this update is necessary. The agriculture and food update is published for the Bedrock edition. This update will be released on different platforms. It will be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and as part of the Bedrock Edition.

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Minecraft 1.18 Additions

After discussing the full release date of Minecraft 1.18, we will explain all the details about the add-ons.


Maple trunk

  • A new kind of wood will emerge.
  • You find it in maple trees, with maple leaves.
  • You can do it on panels, maple boards, boats, buttons, wood, pressure plates, doors, shutters, signs, fences, fence rails, stairs.

Orange log

  • A new kind of wood.
  • They can be found on orange trees and orange leaves. Orange leaves can drain oranges as a new food source.
  • You can easily apply it to boats, orange signs, signboards, printing plates, wood, doors, knobs, shutters, fences, gates, signboards and stairs.

Banana news

  • A new kind of wood.
  • They are found in banana trees with banana leaves. Banana leaves drop bananas as a new food source.
  • You can make banana boards, fences, panels, wood, pressure plates, doors, knobs, boats, fence doors, shelves, shutters, stairs.

Maple seedlings

  • It is cast by the maple leaves.
  • It is used for planting maples.

Orange seedling

  • It is poured from the orange leaves.
  • It is used for planting orange trees.

Banana plantation

  • It is used for planting banana-like perennials.
  • It falls off the banana leaves.


Copper Nugget

  • It is made from a single copper rod, which produces 9 copper nuggets.
  • It is put back into the copper rod.

Syrup bottle

  • It is made with a bottle of fruit juice and sugar.
  • It is used to make syrup blocks.


  • This is a new food source that will come from harvesting banana leaves.
  • Fills 5 points of hunger.

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  • This is a new food source, harvested from corn stalks.
  • This will fill 6 points of hunger.


  • This is a new food source that can be obtained by crafting.
  • The bowl will be returned as soon as it runs out.



  • He now has a 50% chance of going down 3 furlongs if he improves.
  • Sensitive situation: This counts as a downward shift of the stroop block.
  • A balanced diet: He now has 57 foods to eat.

We have announced the full details of the release date of Minecraft 1.18. For more information, please contact us. As soon as we receive information about this game, we will let you know first.

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This is a complete guide to the release date of Minecraft 1.18. We would now like to conclude this article with the hope that you have received complete information about this game. If you have any questions about the download process, please contact us in the comments section. We’re happy to answer your questions about Minecraft 1.18’s release date.

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