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As seen in the image above, the Naraka Bladepoint is a bespoke soulja weapon that is only available in the Souljaverse (a collection of books) by Soulja Bladepoint. It is an extremely rare weapon, and not every individual has the means to obtain one. The Bladepoint is a weapon that has a special relationship with the Eye of Naraka.

The Souljades are a popular card game created by a single person on the internet. The game has been played for quite some time, with millions of players, and it has gained in popularity and recognition over the years. From the start, the game had a handful of cards that were the most popular, and of course, they are the most powerful cards in the game. These cards, called Souljades, have the ability to greatly boost other cards in the deck, and this is why they are the most valuable cards in the game.

Souljade is the new game by the Korean developer Soulisure, and the free-to-play newbie is about becoming a professional gamer in a modern universe filled with steampunk robots and fantasy monsters. The gameplay is fairly standard: you collect cards and upgrade your character to gain more power. However, the real joy of Souljade lies in the endless possibilities of it. Within each match, you can choose to play as a human, a robot, or a monster. The game is very easy to learn, but very hard to master.


24 Entertainment has created Naraka Bladepoint, an online multiplayer battle royale game. The game has a variety of combat and evasion techniques using numerous weapons and souljades. At the start of a match, you may gather up to 4 souljades, and you’ll need to collect souljade bags to unlock another 2 spots. There are 61 different kinds of souljades in the game that may alter the battle’s outcome. By beating enemies, you may also acquire souljades from their bags.

Best Souljade Naraka Bladepoint

The legendary souljade (Golden Color) is the finest souljade in Naraka Bladepoint and should not be overlooked. Check the description of a rare souljade (Purple Color) to see which weapon it is best suited for.

Each weapon has its own legendary souljade, and you must change your weapon based on the souljade you get. You may purchase them with Dark Tide money from a Rift trader.

If you’re performing alone, the gentle stride that makes you totally quiet is the finest souljade. Check out the list of all the souljades in the game and prepare your fight accordingly.

Note: You should always change your weaponry and playstyle to match the finest souljades you can find in the game.

Is Naraka Bladepoint equipped with bots?

List of Naraka Bladepoint Souljades

Melee Weapons in general

Atmos Barrier – Increase the area of blocking projectiles during the vertical slash (when crouching or sliding) and recover some health in the process.


Phoenix Blast (Legendary) – Charged strikes deal two slashes to opponents on the ground.

The third strike of the light attack combination, Blue Moon, releases a slash.

Whirlwind – When an opponent is struck with a crouching uppercut slash, the sword energy is also released.

Longsword Sap – After countering the opponent, strike them with a combination to heal them for 75% of the damage.


Soul Slash (Legendary) – Adds a two-stage combination to your charge attack.

Stamina Blow – The combo’s third strike restores 30% of the damage inflicted as health.

When you use your charge attack, Composure restores some health.

Katana Sap – Hitting an opponent with a combination after countering them recovers 75 percent of the damage as health.

The Mighty Sword

Earthshaker (Legendary) – Replaces your heavy charged strike with a lightning tornado and may be used several times for additional assaults.

With only one charge, Overload – Charge assault reaches the third level.

The second charge of horizontal assault, Infernal Slash, unleashes a fire tornado strike.

Shockwaves will be released by the second blow of the charged vertical attack.

Aerial Rend – Shockwaves are unleashed by a charged vertical blow.

Greatsword Sap – Hitting the opponent with a combination after countering them recovers 75 percent of the damage as health.


Alter charge light attack with Razor Swift (legendary). (Only activates when you release the assault button just before the second charge is about to begin).

Erudition – Changes the way you strike with your charge heavy assault.

When you strike the ground after launching a charged scale rush with a spear, you unlock a new move. (To fire a charge shot, perform a charge attack while clinging to a tree or a wall.)

Spear Storm — Changes a spear combo’s third vertical strike.

In a spear combination, Dual Ring alternates the third horizontal stroke.


Abyssal Aura — Adds a four-strike combination to your dagger-charged vertical attacks.

All Weapons with a Range

Burst Arrow (Legendary) – When you charge your bow for the second time, it explodes on contact but does less damage.

When an opponent is struck with an arrow, they will be unable to run or evade for 2 seconds.

Scattershot — Deals less damage, but each shot shoots three arrows.

Fire Arrows – The earth will be lit on fire with the second charge of the bow, inflicting damage to opponents standing on it.

Crossbow that repeats itself

Healing Bolts (Legendary) – Shoots arrows to teammates to heal them.

Volley – Fire may explode up to four bolts, although it does less damage.

Sharpshot – Lower the rate and dispersion of recoil.

Venom Tip: Does less damage, but inflicts poison stats that cause harm over time.


Meteor (Legendary) – Your shots will be more accurate and quicker.

Increase the radius of the explosion using the Rupture Gale Orb.

Twinshot — Fires two projectiles at the same time, but does less damage.

Bounce Shell – Shots bounce twice before exploding for further damage.

Flamebreath – When you strike an enemy, it burns them and causes them to suffer damage over time.


Detonating Rounds — Does less damage, but the bullets lodge in enemy flesh and detonate after 2 seconds. When you dodge while being struck, the bullets will be removed from your body.

Increase the range and lethality of your explosions with Thundercall.

Quick Charge – Reduces the damage of charged pistol rounds while allowing you to load up to two at once.

Cluster Shell — Charged rounds travel at a faster rate and have a broader range, but at a slower rate.


Armor Pierce (Legendary) – Ignores target armor and reduces opponent health directly when used.

Sunwing Shot – Bullet velocity rises dramatically.

Slowshot – Scoped shots do more damage and have a longer interval.

Soulajde’s Items

Repair Roll (Legendary) – Replace your repair animation with an energy-free dodge roll.

Use Vitalia and Armor Powder quicker with Swift Heal.

Craftmanship – Increase the weapon’s maximum durability and repair speed.

Advance Heal – Vitalia and Armor Powder provide additional health and armor for 5 seconds.

Vitalia and Armor Powder will heal neighboring teammates as well, although their impact on your buddy will be significantly diminished.

Weaponry Chest Bonus – There is a 50% chance that the weaponry chest will not deplete after usage.

Grappling Spool Bonus – There’s a 50% chance grappling spools won’t run out after being used.

50 percent probability of a calming boon After usage, Vitalia and Armor Powder will not deplete.

Miser – Dealing damage to opponents has a chance to earn Dark Tide coins.


Focus Slide – You may now use a slide to knock down opponents.

Wave Roll — Increases secondary dodge distance while using no energy.

Gecko Foot – When climbing walls or rocks, increase your speed and distance covered.

Soft Step — Silences your footsteps, making you a real assassin.

Phantom Step – For a brief moment, your stealth will be provided by the primary dodge.

Souljade Buff

When your health is below 50%, Desperation (Legendary) gives you an attack boost.

Skyforce (Legendary) – When you kill an opponent, your armor is completely restored.

Tu Na – Using the rest emote will restore your health, and completing the emote will restore your armor for 120 seconds.

The levels of souljades in Health, Attack, Melee Resist, and Range Resist each provide distinct stats to your character. The highest tier souljade is orange, which gives you greater stats and resistance.


Naraka Bladepoint is a great game, but I feel I can’t say that without the disclaimer that I didn’t help code it, so my opinion may not necessarily be objective. I feel like I can safely say that, since I think the game does a great job of telling a great story in a way that’s accessible to everyone. I also feel that the game really does deserve the title of “best souljade”, and I’m glad to see it’s doing so well.. Read more about naraka: bladepoint ultrawide and let us know what you think.

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