NBA 2K22 First Features Announcement

2K Games has done an excellent job with NBA 2K games in the past. They have managed to make an NBA game that looks and plays like a real NBA game. But, with the announcement of the upcoming NBA 2K22, there is one part of the game that we want to know more about. Will there be a roster update? Will there be a new feature? Or will there be nothing new at all?

The NBA 2K franchise has been a mainstay in the gaming industry since its first edition in 1999. The series has grown into a major part of the basketball industry, with success in sales, online, and offline revenue. This is reflected in the series’ popularity, with over 37 million copies sold worldwide, and over 50 million registered players. This year, 2K will be launching a game that is truly the “next-gen” NBA experience.

NBA 2K 22 is on the way and it looks better than ever. My personal favorite is the new All-Star Weekend mode (I can’t believe how great that is), but it’s not the only thing that’s improved. The new “MyCareer” mode is different than ever and the other features are pretty cool. Now, I’m a bit biased since I’m a huge 2K fan, but I think it’s a great game that everyone will like.

NBA 2K22 First Features Announcement

While 2K Sports is likely to save many information for later in the timeline leading up to the release of NBA 2K22, the firm did offer some clues about what fans may anticipate in terms of improvements to the popular gaming franchise’s newest edition. We’ve gathered all we’ve learned about NBA 2K22’s initial features from 2K Sports’ major announcement below. 

The First Features of NBA 2K22 Have Been Announced

While much remains to be decided in terms of gameplay, it seems like NBA 2K22 has significantly enhanced its MyCareer feature, as well as ‘The City,’ ‘MyTeam,’ and in-game seasons. 

The City

With a brand-new layout that includes more NPCs and interactable structures, the City has undoubtedly got the most revival. Because the MyCareer on new-gen models will be situated inside ‘The City,’ you’ll note that there are much more players roaming about ‘The City’ than in earlier editions. This is all good news for gamers, since the extra interactivity with NPCs should make the game seem much more interesting and in-depth. 

The City will also feature matching options, allowing players to choose between 1v1 and 3v3 battles against other players (or the computer), allowing them to get into matches much quicker. Furthermore, the new “The Neighborhood” will be situated on the decks of a cruise ship, enabling players to go off the ship and explore the many places accessible (including Egypt and Iceland…). 


In terms of MyCareer, it seems to be shifting away from the traditional cinematic cut-scenes we’ve all become used to in favor of a more open-world approach with different missions strewn around The City. Fans will be more attracted to the process of converting your MyPlayer’s basic flat into a penthouse suite and developing their abilities via interactive missions in The City as a result of merging the two popular modes. 

The creators also claimed that the many improvements to MyCareer will enable players to expand their careers beyond of the court, such as via involvement in music and fashion. The ultimate aim is to offer players greater choice over how they want to spend the remainder of their professional basketball careers.  


2K Sports has promised a “evolved” experience with a new and improved Draft mode that would offer gamers more influence over squad construction. Players may choose their complete roster from a pool of players that will be refreshed on a regular basis during the season. 

Seasons in-game

NBA 2K22, like a number of other games, places a premium on continuing, seasonable content to keep players interested throughout the year. Seasons seem to be game-wide in 2021, encompassing various modes, ensuring that the game around you evolves as you advance through NBA 2K22. 


Even while there hasn’t been much in the way of gameplay updates from 2K Sports, there has been talk of a redesigned defense with more user-rewarded blocks, steals, and shot contests. The new gameplay concept is designed to reward player intelligence and stick abilities while also removing any uncertainty by providing players greater influence over any given result. 

NBA 2K22 is set to debut on September 10th, and we can’t wait to see what more is in store for the launch. 

The NBA 2K series of games have always been great and when 2K first announced their 2K franchise in 1999 it was the beginning of what has become one of the best sports game franchises ever. With 2K2 in 2000, they pushed the series to the next level by adding the ability to play in a custom league with teammates and friends. 2K5 in 2004 added a slew of new features, including the first real-life NBA player to appear in the game’s history. 2K10 added the MyPlayer mode to create and develop your own custom basketball player. 2K11 was the first time the 2K franchise had been on the cutting edge, with the ability to play the game as a coach, along with numerous. Read more about nba 2k22 courtside report and let us know what you think.

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