Red Dead Online infamous bounties guide: Bethanie De La Mare

In the West, people can be desperate. They become thieves, murderers, or worse. But other people are looking for something to hold on to. At worst, these people become cultists. Players don’t encounter many cults in Red Dead Online, but the religious fanatics they do encounter are deadly. Take Bethany De La Mare, for example, a notorious prey who makes her living as a cult leader. Fortunately, the law has put a price on his head. Here’s how you can make a lot of money if you take the cultist.

Win a prestigious bounty hunter’s licence

To honor De La Mara, you must prove that you have the courage to stand up to him. In Red Dead Online, this simply means buying another license. Damn bureaucracy, but that’s the way it is. A prestigious bounty hunter license costs only 15 gold bars and can be purchased on any bulletin board by following the proper instructions. If you get it, you’ll have access to a fair amount of new content. In addition to unlocking all of Red Dead Online’s infamous bounties, you’ll also get access to several new legendary bounties and 10 new bounty hunter ranks.

De La Mare Spur

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Once you have your new driver’s license, you can start looking for Bethany De La Marais. On the Valentine’s Day bulletin board, you can pick up her poster. Once you’ve caught it, you’ll be transported to the outskirts of Ambarino to search for the cultist.

Follow the path to their last known location and you will end up in a small camp full of cultists. You will have to search the place for signs of De La Mara, but this will be quite difficult because there are enemies everywhere. Fortunately, they are all far apart, so you can quietly remove a few. If you can’t, don’t worry. There are six enemies in total, so taking them all out should be a breeze.

When the camp is cleared, use your eagle eye to find the book in the middle of the camp. Research this and you’ll get the general area of De La Mara.

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Go to the yellow area on your mini-map after studying the book. The side of the rock should show the glow of the flashlight. There appears to be a cave in the rocks and it is there that De La Mare initiates some of his new pupils. There are only four enemies inside, including De La Mara, but he’s claustrophobic. There’s no preview, so aim for the initials for De La Marais. Beware, the cultists will soon attack you with a knife.

An error in this reward would make De La Mare’s arrest much easier. Once the cultists attack you, slowly leave the cave. The La Marais will follow you while the others stay in the main hall. But once you leave the cave, De La Mar won’t follow you, he’ll stay there. This is the perfect opportunity for a lasso. Take them out of the cave and you have your target.

However you slaughter De La Mare, the rest of the price is easy. Load them onto the horse and go to the marked prison wagon. You’ll be chased by criminals, but it’s easy to evade them or escape.

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