REVIEW: The Bad Batch – Season 1, Episode 13, “Infested”

In the finale of The Bad Batch’s first season, Pamilio has to make a decision that will do more than just effect him; will he use his power to help others at great risk to himself, or will he use his power to help himself at great risk to others. The answer to this question is the only one that matters since he has no choice but to use his power to save himself and the people he loves.

This week we’ve got the bad boys of the Bad Batch, the murderous gang of outlaws that plague the residents of a remote mining camp. This week’s episode is a bit of a different animal from the rest, with not as much emphasis on the gunplay and more on the subtlety of the characters.

The Bad Batch is a game created by the dudes at Telltale Games. It’s a post apocalyptic zombie survival game where you play a character based on the decisions you make throughout the game. Like many games on this list, the game has an end that is not clear cut. One minute you’re helping the bad guys take over the world, the next you’re the last person alive and you’re fighting for your fellow survivors. The game truly gives you a lot to think about and a lot to do.

Season 1, Episode 13, “Infested” REVIEW: The Bad Batch

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When the Batch returns to Ord Mantel in “Infested,” Cid has been replaced by a newcomer called Roland. The men want to break off and get supplies, but Omega is adamant on locating and assisting Cid. On their ship, they discover her waiting for them. Cid has devised a scheme to undermine Roland’s business connection with the Pyke Syndicate by stealing a cargo of spice. They penetrate the transit system and are confronted by enormous insectoid monsters. They spill the spice in the fight, but they make it out alive. Roland takes the Pykes to Cid, forcing the men to leave Omega with them while they retrieve the spice. The spice is exchanged for Omega, and the Pykes plan to execute Roland, but Omega, who has spent the whole episode imprisoned with him, begs for his life. Roland’s mother is a prominent criminal leader, and murdering him may start a war, according to Cid. Cid takes Cid’s place when they cut his horn and depart.

The Bad Batch, Infested

Cid’s performance in “Infested” continues to endear him to the Batch, particularly Omega. Cid had to watch Omega to keep her safe from the boys’ quest in “Common Ground,” and the two bonded there. Rhea Perlman is great in general, but Cid’s sarcastic, gruff demeanor does not appeal to me. I thought her irritating and uninteresting from the first episode, “Rampage,” until she began to care for Omega. Hunter may find her to be an intriguing foil, since he is most concerned with keeping Omega safe. While he isn’t quite ready to join the Rebellion, he is obviously aware of the Empire’s wrongdoings. Cid, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to mind, at least at initially. She is just interested in making a profit, no matter what it takes. She works for both Confederate and Republic worlds, with little regard for morals or sides. Cid is also correct in certain ways. It doesn’t matter whose side these planets were on before the Empire came into power. Regardless of their position during the conflict, “Common Ground” and “Devil’s Deal” made it brutally apparent how conquered planets would be handled. I’m also curious whether Cid’s sympathy for Omega and the others will grow as her feelings for them grow.

Roland Durand has a similar appearance to Cikatro Vizago, a criminal leader who appears in Rebels. Apart from the changes in animation technique, the likeness is striking after his horn is cut by the Pykes. However, he lacks Vizago’s dialect, and I’m not sure whether Dave Filoni and the narrative team would want to include such a small character. However, they’ve already gone to tremendous efforts to establish characters and plot aspects from Rebels, so it’s not impossible. Kanan went under a pseudonym for the most of his life, while Hera lost her accent by the time she was an adult. So, although it may be a coincidence, I’m not sure it is. Roland may even alter his name to avoid attracting the attention of the Pykes, who warned him not to cross paths with them again. Omega was kind to Roland because Ruby, a strange-looking bird Cid sold him, took a shine to him. Animals are said to have excellent intuition about whether or not humans are nice, and I certainly evaluate people if my dogs dislike them. This didn’t have a big effect, but it was a lovely touch.

The Bad Batch, Infested

Unfortunately, “Infested” represents a step back for The Bad Batch, at least in my opinion. “Devil’s Deal” and “Rescue on Ryloth” were particularly enjoyable to me because, while heavily including Clone Wars and Rebels characters to the point of retrospectively setting Hera up for Rebels, they felt powerful. I don’t see the importance of “Infested” to the broader narrative, even if Roland is Vizago or someone else who will be significant later. Omega persuaded the boys to assist Cid, which is commendable, but she tends to do it often. Hunter is hesitant but quickly persuaded by Omega’s pleadings. Omega cares about everyone and is always willing to assist. It’s becoming a little tedious at this point, and I’m not sure it’s good for either character to keep repeating the same situation. Hunter’s question about Omega speaking up for Roland was also strange; this is totally out of character for her. If anything, Cid standing up for him after what he did to her is strange (and unhelpful).

I didn’t dislike the side-quest episodes of The Mandalorian, so maybe the pattern is simply running thin or getting too apparent. Overall, I’m still loving The Bad Batch, although I believe it began off well and has since become a bit of a mixed bag. “Infested” seems insignificant in the great scheme of The Bad Batch or Star Wars as a whole, even with the introduction of new characters and development (if you can call it that) for someone like Cid. After the previous two episodes, which were linked and had such an open conclusion, it’s disappointing to receive such a random side tale. They set up a meeting with Crosshair, which I’m sure will happen, but it would have been great if it had anything to do with “Infested.” Kevin Kiner’s animation, voice acting, and soundtrack, on the other hand, are all excellent. I’d want to rewatch the episode simply to get a closer look at the massive bugs that the Batch had to deal with in the cave. In the midst of uncomfortable conversations and tedious character relationships, this is a fun action scene. The show’s creative elements and direction are always on spot. It’s simply a pity that in situations like these, they have to carry the shows.

The Bad Batch, Infested

I think “Infested” is my least favorite episode of The Bad Batch thus far. It’s a particularly poor follow-up to “Devil’s Deal” and “Rescue on Ryloth.” In the run-up to the season finale, I had hoped for more linked episodes. “Infested” isn’t without value, but I don’t think I’ll be returning it on repeat viewings.

Plot – 3
Acting (10 points)
3rd Progression
10 Production Design



“Infested” is perhaps my least favorite episode of The Bad Batch so far. Following “Devil’s Deal” and “Rescue on Ryloth,” it’s a particularly dismal attempt. In the run-up to the season finale, I had hoped for more linked episodes. “Infested” isn’t without value, but I don’t think I’ll be returning it on repeat viewings.

The Bad Batch is set in a post-apocalyptic future where an alien virus has devastated our planet. In this world, the law is that the infected are segregated and forced to live outside of cities and towns. As part of their quarantine, these residents are obligated to wear a special, gas-mask like device that is used to collect and analyze bodily fluids; their purpose is to identify and isolate the patients with the disease. While the device appears to be the law, the main character, Byrne, is finally released from their holding facility as he is deemed medically healthy. He returns to the city, but upon finding out that he is to be re-segregated, he disappears into the wilderness.. Read more about bad batch episode 13 cast and let us know what you think.

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