Stamina Necromancer PvE One Hand and Shield DPS Build (Bashcro)

Stamina Necromancer PvE One Hand and Shield DPS Build (Bashcro) This is a stamina based necro build for ESO, intended for the most difficult end game content. It is a medium armor build and uses two handed weapons. This build is intended to be able to do all end game content, and excel in all areas. This is a build that currently works well for me and does everything i need from a stamina based necro. It takes advantage of the necro’s ability to heal itself and uses a lot of self healing and armor debuffing to stay alive.

The Stamina Necromancer is one of the most iconic classes in ESO. In PvE, the Stamina Necromancer has always been capable of clearing any content that includes both DPS and healing. The Stamina Necromancer offers excellent sustained damage, especially AoE. The stamina Necromancer is well rounded and balanced for survivability. With the addition of One-Hand and Shield as a viable weapon type in Update 18, the Stamina Necromancer is now capable of dealing damage with both One-Hand and Shield, or a Great Sword/Dagger, or a Bow. The updated build is capable of doing all of the content in the game, including Veteran Trials and the Maelstrom Arena. This is the Bashcro PvE One-Hand and Shield build

I wrote a post not too long ago about the viability of off-meta bash dps in CP 2.0. The recommendation was to try it and report back. I did, and I can honestly say it was better than I expected! It turned out to be one of the most fun and challenging off-meta builds I’ve ever done. So I came back to share it with others. Keep in mind that this build isn’t going to break any dps records, it’s designed for 4-person dungeons, and it’s hard to give an accurate breakdown based on the gear I’m using, so cut me some slack, lol.

PVE Bashcro DPS

  • The race: Khajiit
  • Good: Necromancer
  • Attributes : 64 Stamina
  • Gears (6 medium, 1 heavy) :
    • Drake’s Rush (front bar 1H/Shield + infused trinkets with bash dmg glyphs)
    • Evil Ophidian (all medium gods)
    • Maarselok (heavy head, middle shoulder, both gods)
    • Arc of the Maelstrom (glyph wpn dmg introduced).
  • Skills:
  • The main points of the champion
    • Red: Brutal cruelty, ferocious defense, bloody innovation
    • Blue: Precision, Pierce, Unshakable Discipline, Deadly Vision, Thaumaturge, Biting Aura, Indomitable Aggression.
  • Food and drinks: Soup of lava feet and saltres, Wpn Crit/Dmg pots.
  • Mundus: Lovers

Basically, the build is built on a high Major/Minor Heroism uptime, allowing you to use Colossus and Goliath Ultimates very often. The bash dmg is quite high and works best in conjunction with the LA > Skill > Bash Cancel Weave, which takes a lot of practice to master.

With Necrotic Power and Expurgation up front, the passives of all three skill lines can be used, especially Expurgation, as the cost of rake attacks is reduced by 3% (currently the stamina cost is 1705). It can have several negative effects, including mild maiming, mild debilitation, severe/less severe defilement, a toxic state effect, and severe vulnerability. This allows Maarselock’s punches to do quite a bit of extra damage.

6 Medium/1 Heavy provide 4% health/mage/stem with Undaunted Mettle, plus 3% dmg increase on a hit. On the front end, with the high archer pet, gets about 2200 tribe recovery, about 3600 wpn dmg (with buff), 40% wpn crit (higher at runtime), 7800 feathers, 35k tribe.

The VO set helps me maintain my stamina against frequent hits, and with heavy supplements I never get exhausted and can take out Goliath every 20 seconds or so. The 3 Grave Lords abilities on the frontline mean that the Death Knell passive increases my wpn crits by an extra 30% while running.

Anyway, I would appreciate constructive criticism/feedback, especially on how I can do better. He’s not quite gilded and shaved yet, so I can get him going more. But he does very well in 4-way dungeons with Drake, and my groups appreciate the increase in Ultimate generation thanks to Great Heroism. It’s not a test building at all, so I’m not really focused on test performance. Let me know what you think!

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Post Stamina Necromancer PvE One Hand and Shield DPS Build (Bashcro) for The Elder Scrolls game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best race for a stamina necromancer?

If you’re an eso stamina necromancer trying to decide what the best race for your class is, we have to admit that you’re in a bit of a catch-22, since you have to be a high-level, well-developed character to be able to decide which race is best for you. Since your character is already going to be quite powerful, the race you choose to play isn’t really going to make too much of a difference in your performance. The Stamina Necromancer is a class in Elder Scrolls Online. As a class, it’s primarily a melee DPS class with strong healing abilities and several tanking capabilities. It is a class that can work from great distances and can handle both small and large groups of mobs.  The Necromancer is the only class in game that has a class skill that can raise the dead. The second skill is the Skeleton fighter. The Necromancer tanking ability is strong, but it is very much a secondary ability and is used only when the situation is right.

Do necromancers make good tanks eso?

Necromancers in the Elder Scrolls Online are a pretty rare sight, and for a good reason: they suck. Necromancers can’t really do anything well, aside from slowly draining life from enemies and healing teammates, so they’re pretty terrible in a group setting. This is why a lot of people recommend running a healer as a tank, since they can heal themselves and their allies while they take damage. However, if you insist on going with a necromancer, know that it isn’t impossible to make a viable tank build. Necromancers have been a staple class in Elder Scrolls Online since before launch, and their utility as healers and damage dealers is well-documented. But have you tried playing one as a tank? It’s not for everyone, but when done right it can be incredibly efficient, and with the right group composition you can take on foes that would otherwise wipe your raid group. Here are some tips to help you tank like a necromancer.

How do you play stamina on necro?

Stamina Necromancer is one of the most controversial builds in ESO. Many people say that it is overpowered, and others say that it is a noob build. No matter what anyone says, it is still a viable build. The trick is to not let the enemy do more damage than you. If you can do that, you can win almost every battle. Necromancer is a class in Elder Scroll Online. It is the master of death magic. Necro can raise the dead and explode the bodies of the enemies who fall in battle. You can play stamina necro by…

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