Stellaris Difficulty Levels And Their Bonuses Walkthrough

With Stellaris, every day is a new discovery. The more you play, the more you learn about things you didn’t already know. There are many ways to mix and match the game components that suit you best. A few changes here and a few good decisions there, and you get some insane bonuses in the game and completely change the way you play. One of these aspects is the difficulty of Stellaris. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the difficulty levels in Stellaris.

What are the difficulty levels in Stellaris?

Each difficulty level now offers new challenges for your game. But that’s not the point. As the difficulty increases, the bonuses for AI kingdoms increase. The bonuses in this game may seem very insignificant, but once you start playing, you will find that these bonuses really add value to your game. But that’s not all: The higher the difficulty, the greater the endgame crisis.

The game also has a variable difficulty level. This allows players to start at difficulty level 0 and gradually work their way up to the set level. This seems ideal at first glance, but players sometimes feel like the game is too easy or too difficult.


Therefore, it is recommended that you make a manual selection. We’ve listed all the difficulty levels below, from the easiest to the hardest, as well as the bonuses that come with each difficulty level:

Difficulty AI bonuses Bonus space creature Player bonuses
Kadett +50% of workstation resources
+50% more marine skills
+10 stability
Signs  +30% weapon damage
+30% more packaging
+30% armor
+30% Shields
Captain +25% Funds for workplaces and railway stations +35% weapon damage
 +15% Ship’s power +35% Housing
-10% Ship services +35% armor
-10% Starbase shipyard costs +35% Shields
-25% discount on removal expenses
+5 Stability
Commodore  +50% of workstation resources +40% more weapon damage
+30% Marine capacities +40% more wrap
 -20% Maintenance of vessels +40% more armor
-20% of the cost of the starbase shipyard +40% Shields
 -50% discount on moving expenses
+10 stability
Admiral  +75% Workshop and station equipment +45% weapon damage
+45% Marine potential +45% more packaging
-30% Ship services +45% armor
 -30% of the cost of the starbase shipyard
-75% Relocation costs +45% Shields
+15 stability
Grand Admiral +100% of workstation resources +50% weapon damage
+60% Marine capacities +50% more wrap
-40% Ship services +50% armor
-40% of the cost of the starbase shipyard +50% more shields
-100% Moving expenses
+20 stability

That was it for our article on the difficulty of Stellaris. If you want to know how your vast empire fluctuates, check out our article on Stellaris: How to increase and decrease the spread of the realm.

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