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After the online backlash against the original rankings article, I decided to make this another experiment. I’ve selected one of my favorite weapons and really break down the different aspects of it’s appeal.

Im sure everyone has seen the new sword by now, but I bet you didnt know that you can actually acquire a third curved sword! Top three is the only way to go if you want to take down the Seath The Scaleless boss, so no need for the frame! Maybe I should have taken a more prominent spot in the game.

Because of their speed and consistent damage, curved swords have been a mainstay in the Dark Souls series from the outset.

Due to their unique and fascinating movesets, they are frequently referred to as the strange relatives of the straight swords.

Today, we’ll delve into the details to see which choices are ideal for twirling your way to success.


Manikin Sabre is number ten.

We’ve got the Manikin Sabre to start things off with a whimper rather than a boom.

The Manikin sabre is an uninspiring weapon that doesn’t do much to distinguish itself in a sea of better curved swords.

This blade is the poorest of its type due to its poor damage, scaling, and range.

Making a low-leveled character and invading with a bleed-infused Manikin Sabre is the only application you’ll find for this if you want to terrify new players.

How to acquire it: Manikins drop Earthen Peak.


Eleum Loyce (nine)

Eleum Loyce from Dark Souls 2

When cool weapons don’t have the stats to match their awesomeness, it makes me unhappy. And so it is with Eleum Loyce (the sword, not the location…)

The Ivory King gave this curved blade to his lover Alsanna as a present, and its strength is purely emotional.

To put it another way, the scaling is excellent, but the total damage is poor.

It does, however, have one trick under its sleeve. Its special strike may be utilized to heal friends or drain life from foes while avoiding their shields!

How to acquire it: Give Weaponsmith Ornifex the Soul of Alsanna, Silent Oracle.


8. Shotel

Shotel Dark Souls 2 screenshot

The crescent blade is a famous weapon that is mainly used in PvP due to its shield penetrating strikes.

Aside from that, the Shotel has left me generally unimpressed, since it is average in all other areas.

If you find yourself in PvP scenarios often, this is a good sidearm to carry.

Rabid Kobolds, Parasite Spiders, and Rhoy the Explorer all drop it. Also discovered near the Black Gulch Mouth campfire in a chest.


Scimitar, number seven

Scimitar Dark Souls 2

The Scimitar is one of the first choices offered, and it’s a fantastic pick for any beginner explorer looking to dip their toes into the ocean.

A beginning weapon with good base damage and speed is a great combination. It can even get you through the majority of the game.

In PvP circumstances, you may choose to use the running attack, but be aware that it is readily parried.

How to get there: The Lost Bastille-No Man’s Wharf elevator is located on top of the Lost Bastille-No Man’s Wharf elevator. Varangian Sailors have dropped you. The Swordsman’s Starting Equipment


Melu Scimitar, No. 6

Melu Scimitar in DS2

Next, we have the nicest and most stylish curved sword of them all, in my view.

Though, particularly in the world of Dark Souls, appearances aren’t everything.

To put it bluntly, the Melu Scimitar has horrible scaling.

However, (and there’s always a but), the poor scale works in its advantage.

The Melu makes an excellent infusion candidate of any sort, thanks to its large AR of 250 (well, basically, don’t make this creature magical or mundane).

How to acquire it: Ask Laddersmith Gilligan for it when you purchase the 12.000 souls Long Ladder, or simply murder him, you monster.


5. Scimitar Monastery

Monastery Scimitar from Dark Souls 2

This man was undoubtedly the greatest curved sword in the game once upon a time, but not in the conventional sense.

Due to its parrying speed, frames, and animation, the Monastery Scimitar was the best parrying instrument in the realm.

It was nerfed a long time ago, for better or worse.

But it doesn’t imply it’s no longer useful.

In PvE situations, when the lengthy recovery time isn’t penalized by a backstab, it’s nevertheless frequently utilized.

It’s also not a terrible weapon.

The staggering spinning strikes, when performed correctly, may be very lethal.

Painting Guardian Phantom drops it as a rare drop.


4. Fang of the Spider

Spider Fang Dark Souls 2 screenshot

Moving on, we have an item in our rankings that is rather intriguing.

The Spider Fang is a curved sword with above-average Dex scaling that is fast and agile.

Its unique strike, on the other hand, sets it apart.

The Spider Fang’s heavy attack will fire a webbed missile that will slow down its victim, much like a real spider.

This may come in handy in both PvE and PvP scenarios when you need to pursue or flee from someone or something.

Wearing a Bracing Knuckle Ring +2 reduces the special attack’s durability to 5, which may be lowered to 5 by using it.

Just make sure you don’t damage it by mistake.

How to acquire it: Trade the Duke’s Dear Freja’s Soul to Weaponsmith Ornifex.


Falchion, No. 3

Falchion from Dark Souls 2

Another curved sword that can be obtained early in the game has made its way into the top three.

The Falchion is the superior of the two bleed options in this category, whether it’s regular with a Dex focus or infused with very little prerequisites.

Despite what some may claim, it is a trustworthy friend who will see you through your whole run.

How to acquire it: Blacksmith Lenigrast sells it, and Skeletons drop it.


2. Scimitar of Red Rust

Red Rust Scimitar in DS2

Our semifinalist is the only curved sword with a Str scaling higher than D, making it the default choice for individuals who choose brute strength over dexterity.

In addition, the Red Rust has the greatest base AR of any curved blade, leading in excellent infusion effects.

If you’re still not convinced, remember that “anything is better as a Str construct.”

How to acquire it: Head of Vengarl sells it after he kills his body.


Warped Sword is number one.

Warped Sword from Dark Souls 2

It spins, slashes, counters, and does all you could possibly desire and more!

The Warped Sword is a fantastic weapon with the second highest AR and excellent scaling and counter damage.

When you’re in power posture (with a dagger/thrusting sword in the right hand, or a straight sword/katana/curved sword in the left), you may unleash a spinning strike that rips your opponents to shreds.

Another way to boost your power is to dual-wield two of them, laced with either bleed or poison, since the spin rapidly builds up statuses.

Before utilizing it, I suggest waiting till you’ve improved it to +5, since it’s quite bad before that.

Trade the Flexile Sentry Soul to the Straid of Olaphis to obtain it.

Welcome to the Dark Souls 2 Best Curved Swords Article. Are you looking for a good curved sword? Are you looking for an amazing curved sword? Are you looking for a good curved sword in Dark Souls 2? Look no further! In this article, I will rank all the curved swords in Dark Souls 2. The ratings will be based on: Slight Difference in Damage, Best Quality, and the Overall Design. Finally, I will give the recommended curved sword for each character.. Read more about dark souls 2 curved swords and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best curved sword in Dark Souls?

The best curved sword in Dark Souls is the Murakumo.

What is the best sword in Dark Souls 2?

The best sword in Dark Souls 2 is the Estoc.

Is the warped sword good?

The warped sword is not good.

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