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The GameCube is often considered the best console of its generation, but it has a few weaknesses. What are some of the best open world games for this system?

The open world gamecube games is a type of game that allows for an open and free-roaming experience. This type of game features a large, explorable world with many activities to do.

Most people think of Skyrim and GTA V when they think of open-world video games: massive game environments full of autonomous NPCs and random occurrences handled by sophisticated technology.

These vast open worlds are really amazing.

However, massive environments aren’t required to offer players a sense of freedom and exploration.

To immerse players in a fictitious world, clever design decisions and a well-crafted setting are sometimes all that’s required.

The GameCube was released decades before Horizon: Zero Dawn and No Man’s Sky, which featured huge virtual worlds.

Older games, on the other hand, still have lots of fascinating worlds to explore.

Let us go on a trip through the most awe-inspiring realms that Nintendo’s cube has to offer.


Chibi-Robo is number ten (2005)

When you’re just a few inches tall, the typical American house may seem to be the size of a metropolis.

Chibi-Robo puts you in the role of a bite-sized humanoid robot that the Sandersons have acquired to assist them around the home.

Cleaning, counseling, and even a little pest control will be your responsibility. But watch out!

Evil spider automatons are the “pests.”

The game’s gameplay is very diverse, and the game settings, although not technically open-world, are vast and inviting to exploration.


9. Spider-Man 2 is a sequel to Spider-Man (2004)

Spider-Man 2 GCN gameplay screenshot

Swinging about Manhattan in Marvel’s Spider-Man (2018) was one of the greatest open-world experiences of recent years, but it didn’t simply happen.

For a long time, Spider-Man games have attempted to replicate the free sensation of swinging between buildings, and Spider-Man 2 on the GameCube proved surprisingly successful.

Critics and users alike praised the immersive Manhattan atmosphere and Spidey’s web-swinging mechanics.

All of the action is top-notch, from huge boss battles to bashing up random hoodlums.


Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut (Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut) (Sonic Adventure DX (2003)

Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut screenshot

Sonic Adventure’s GCN version was widely panned due to the game’s departure from the Dreamcast original in terms of gameplay and character design.

But what about GameCube users who had never heard of the Dreamcast before? It was the atomic bomb.

Several “Adventure Fields” are centers that you may explore as one of six characters, searching for mysteries, level openings, new abilities, and useful advice from NPCs.

While the “actual” action takes place in the Action Stages, I spent the most of my time bouncing about these beautiful and intriguing landscapes.


7. Animal Crossing: New Leaf (2002)

Animal Crossing GameCube screenshot

Animal Crossing’s town isn’t as large as Hyrule or Manhattan.

However, watching it evolve and develop through time adds a lot of richness.

It’s incredible to think back on the original GCN Animal Crossing game and all it had to offer, especially in comparison to New Horizons.

While exploring the countryside is fun, the game really shines when you make friends with the other villagers.

These anthropomorphic animals are all endearing personalities with unexpected depth.

Animal Crossing is the way to go if you want to be a part of a world that grows with you.


6. The Adventures of Star Fox (2002)

Star Fox Adventures gameplay screenshot

Sailing the seas of stars in Star Fox 64 was one of the most formative gaming experiences of my life.

I was a bit dubious when Nintendo promised an action-adventure sequel.

I wasn’t accustomed to video game sequels switching genres, and there’s nothing in common between it and a space shooter, among other things.

Fortunately, the game went off without a hitch.

Despite the increased emphasis on exploration and close-quarters combat, your trip across Sauria still includes thrilling Arwing portions that keep the game fresh and true to the Star Fox brand.


GUN #5 (2005)

GUN GCN gameplay screenshot

Back in the GameCube era, GUN provided the finest open-world cowboy experience in the whole Wild West.

Colton White, an Apache gunman who is always ready to battle for his ideals, is the protagonist of this shooting-based action RPG.

His journey leads him through the American Old West, through crowded towns and badlands teeming with criminals, renegade soldiers, and angry native Americans.

This game is perfect for people who like adventure mixed with action and thrill.

What’s the point of carrying a revolver around if you’re never going to use it?


Need for Speed: Most Wanted (Need for Speed: Most Wanted) (Need for Speed: (2005)

Need for Speed: Most Wanted gameplay screenshot

Most of us aren’t aware of the link between racing and open-world games.

After all, most of us imagine experiencing a city on foot, even though racing about a metropolis without jeopardizing your health (or that of others) is frequently much more enjoyable.

GCN was home to a slew of Need for Speed games.

But there’s a reason why Most Wanted has the most devoted following.

This racer is spoken about by arcade racing aficionados in the same way that Final Fantasy VII is talked about by fans of 90s RPGs.


Metroid Prime 2: Echoes is the third game in the Metroid Prime series (2004)

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes GCN screenshot

From the outset, the Metroid series has been about exploration.

The Metroid Prime sub-series takes it a step further, with 3D landscapes that were equally as intricate and linked as Planet Zebes’ halls, tunnels, and caverns.

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes outperforms its predecessor in terms of size and intricacy.

Planet Aether is massive, teeming with life and old secrets that may be scanned or shot at.

There’s also Dark Aether, the planet’s darker, more aggressive counterpart, which you’ll have to investigate cautiously as the atmosphere wreaks havoc on your health.


2. The Wind Waker (The Legend of Zelda) (2003)

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker GCN screenshot

I never miss an opportunity to tell everyone how fantastic The Wind Waker was for its time.

It was difficult to surpass the open-world experience of Ocarina of Time, so instead of setting you free in the plains of Hyrule once again, Nintendo took The Wind Waker’s open world in a completely other direction — the Great Sea.

Sailing the flooded world’s seas offers us a sense of adventure and freedom beyond anything we’ve ever experienced before.

The wind on your face and the increasing humidity of impending storms are practically palpable.

You may sail to any of the world’s strange and magical places at any moment, so even if you don’t want to progress the narrative, there’s always something interesting to do on the Great Sea.


The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess) (The Legend of Zelda (2006)

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess screenshot

The Wind Waker’s exploration was enjoyable and engrossing. Twilight Princess, on the other hand, is a better choice if you want to immerse yourself in a really immersive environment.

Twilight Princess’ environment is intended to be explored on foot, by horse, or by dashing about as a wolf, unlike its predecessor’s map, which was full of large sections of empty ocean to sail over.

As a canine, walking on all fours brings you closer to the ground and allows you to see little things that a person might miss.

All of the game’s cities, villages, farms, temples, and natural landscapes are stunning, and they all perfectly complement the game’s dark and grim look.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular GameCube game?

The most popular GameCube game is Super Smash Bros. Melee, which has sold over 11 million copies worldwide.

What games should I play on GameCube?

I recommend Super Smash Bros. Melee, Mario Kart Double Dash, and The Legend of ZeldTwilight Princess.

What is the best open-world game ever?

The best open-world game ever is Assassins Creed Odyssey.

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