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Pokémon has had its fair share of games, movies and TV shows. But what about the game that started it all? Pokémon Red/Blue is now available on ROMs for those who want to experience the original adventure again- or with a few tweaks.

The “pokemon nuzlocke rom hack download” is a ROM hack that allows players to choose which Pokémon they want in their game and how many. It also includes the ability to catch all of the Pokémon in one game.

The typical Pokémon game isn’t very difficult.

It may be difficult at first, but after completing what is basically the same game many times, most of us have a good idea of what to anticipate.

You’ve already surpassed Pokémon’s difficulty ceiling when you understand what a “quick spinner,” a “dual screener,” or a “bulky sweeper” is.

The Nuzlocke Challenge is a terrific method to make the game a bit more interesting for Pokémon veterans.

Two major regulations govern this high-stakes race:

On each map, you can only capture the first Pokémon you face, and once a Pokémon faints, it’s gone forever.

Of course, you may Nuzlocke almost any Pokémon game, but for variety’s sake, let’s look at several Pokémon ROM hacks that are best suited for a Nuzlocke run.


Polished Crystal is the tenth Pokémon.

Take a Look At This ROM Hack

Pokémon Polished Crystal won’t let you down if you’re seeking for a classic journey with a ton of additional material.

You can capture every Gen 1 and 2 Pokémon in a single game with this upgraded ROM hack of Pokémon Crystal.

It also includes current must-haves like the new Eeveelutions, Togekiss, Magnezone, and Magmortar, as well as updated typing and movesets for every Pokémon.

The built-in Nuzlocke mode, which mandates all of the regular regulations like perma-faint, only capturing the first Pokémon in every region, and the dupes/shiny clause, is what drew me to Polished Crystal from among the various Gen 2 enhancement hacks.

When your Pokémon hits 1 HP, it also cures Poison, which comes in handy on any Nuzlocke run.


Radical Red is the ninth Pokémon.

Pokémon Radical Red Game screenshot

Take a Look At This ROM Hack

Following that, we’ve got something for the masochists among you.

Pokémon Radical Red is noted for combining a refined experience with a very high level of difficulty.

This FireRed ROM hack improves trainer AI, rebalances your opponents’ teams, and gives each Elite IV member their own Legendary, upping the stakes in Pokémon fights.

That is only the tip of the iceberg…

At the same time, it brings a slew of upgrades and quality-of-life enhancements, allowing you to concentrate on building the ideal Pokémon squad.


8. The Rebirth of Pokémon

Pokémon Insurgence screenshot

Take a Look At This ROM Hack

Pokémon Insurgence is another fan-made Pokémon adventure known for its difficulty.

This fan game allows you to explore the Torren area, which is home to every Pokémon from Generations 1 to 6 — as well as some of the most punishing routes and trainer gauntlets ever imagined.

For two reasons, I prefer Insurgence over Radical Red.

First and foremost, it is far more difficult.

Second, it has a Nuzlocke mode built in.

You may also undertake a solo run, an Iron Man run, or a Randomized run. This game is only for the most dedicated Pokémon combatants.


Sacred Gold & Storm Silver (Pokémon)

Pokémon Sacred Gold & Storm Silver Gameplay

Take a Look At This ROM Hack

We’ll follow up with some all-around amazing hacks that are excellent Nuzlocke choices on their own merits.

Pokémon Sacred Gold & Storm Silver focuses on adjusting the games, introducing new’mons from more recent generations, and providing a slew of surprises and quality-of-life enhancements.

This Pokémon HGSS hack features all 493 Pokémon from Generations 1 to 4, with almost all of them being accessible someplace before you battle the Elite IV.

It’s also more linear than previous hacks, which means you’ll have to complete all of the game’s tasks rather than dancing around them to safeguard your prized perma-faint-able Pokémon.

If the downloads from the above URL aren’t functioning, try this thread instead.


6. Blaze Black & Volt White (Pokémon)

Pokémon Blaze Black & Volt White screenshot

Take a Look At This ROM Hack

Pokémon Blaze Black & Volt White, from the same designer, does much the same thing as our last entry – except for Pokémon B&W.

There are 649 Pokémon in this game, all of which may be collected in one gameplay.

Trainers now have stronger teams and AI, and almost everything has been rebalanced for a steeper but more rewarding difficulty curve.

This is ideal for a strong player’s Nuzlocke run because of the extra Pokémon diversity and tough-as-nails bouts.

All of the download links in the above thread are no longer active, however if you go down to the final page of the topic, you should find this post with a functioning link.


Clover (Pokémon)

Pokémon Clover Game screenshot

Take a Look At This ROM Hack

Pokémon Clover is a comedy FireRed ROM hack created by 4chan’s /vp/ board that will tickle your funny bone with a crazy setting, strange language, and 386 hilarious Fakemon.

All of these factors ensure that every Pokémon you encounter in the wild will be a complete surprise – one that you’ll almost certainly have to stay with if you want to capture any Pokémon throughout your Nuzlocke adventure.

You may also be wiped out by a foolish character, adding insult to injury, or get so enraged by the rare obscene joke that you must stop playing.

Pokémon Clover is the way to go if you want to work your abs (by laughing) and challenge something other than your Pokémon trainer abilities.


4. Crystal Clear Pokémon

Pokémon Crystal Clear Gameplay

Take a Look At This ROM Hack

Pokémon Crystal Clear aspires to be an open-world version of the Gen 2 classic.

It allows the user to personalize their character, select from one of 24 starters, and begin their journey in any town or city in Johto or Kanto.

Trainers and gym leaders scale with your Pokémon, ensuring that you may explore the world and face its difficulties in any order – and you won’t need any HMs to reach any of the 16 gyms.

This non-linear growth will make Nuzlocke a really unique experience.


3. Saffron, a Pokémon

Pokémon Saffron Game screenshot

Take a Look At This ROM Hack

The spice of life is variety.

When it comes to a Nuzlocke run, greater bio-diversity increases the game’s unpredictability.

Pokémon Saffron is set in Azira, a South American continent known for its immense bio-diversity.

It is bolstered by an occurrence known as the “Great Migration,” which involves every Pokémon from Generation 1 to Generation 8. Along with the Alolan and Galarian variations, you’ll discover brand-new Aziran regional variants.

This FireRed ROM hack also enables Mega Evolutions, Dynamax, and Gigantamax, as if that wasn’t enough.


2. Pokémon Red: Tears and Blood

Pokémon Red: Blood & Tears screenshot

Take a Look At This ROM Hack

A very basic Gen 1 hack takes second place in our Nuzlocke list.

Pokémon Red: Blood & Tears is a Nuzlocke hack, which means it only enforces the Nuzlocke rules and does not change anything else in the game.

It’s like the original Pokémon Red, only your Pokémon perish when they faint, and you have to capture the first Pokémon you see on each route — and you have to give them all nicknames!

It’s hardly the most inventive or sophisticated hack.

But I know it’s exactly what a lot of you want.

It’s also one-of-a-kind.


1. Trashlocke Edition of Pokémon Emerald

Pokémon Emerald Trashlocke Edition Gameplay

Take a Look At This ROM Hack

It’s not difficult to enforce the regulations for a Nuzlocke…

What do you think of a Trashlocke?

For those unfamiliar, a Trashlocke is a kind of Nuzlocke in which you are forced to utilize only inferior Pokémon.

Pokémon Emerald Trashlocke Edition is a brilliant ROM hack that modifies the game such that only “bad” Pokémon appear.

Goldeen, Slugma, and Sunkern, for example, replace your starters, which can generally get you through any Pokémon game.

Sunkern, you’re right.

Take on the Elite IV with Sunflora and have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Pokemon ROM hack is the best?

A: There is no such thing as a best Pokemon ROM Hack. It is subjective and depends on the individuals preference, but some of the more well-known hacks include Pokemon Quartz (Pokemon Red), Project Aura (Pokemon Gold) or Hax!

What is the easiest Pokémon game to Nuzlocke?

A: The easiest pokemon game to Nuzlocke is Pokemon Emerald.

Which is the hardest Pokemon ROM hack?

A: Pokemon Advance.

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