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Imagine waking up one day and learning that your planet is about to be destroyed by an alien race, and you’re the only one left. Your planet is subsequently destroyed, and you find yourself cast out into an unknown sector of space that you once knew nothing about. As the only other survivor, you must decide how to act to ensure your survival.

As the name suggests, this blog post will be about the origins of the species in the game Stellaris. We all know that in science fiction stories like Mass Effect, the species in question are created in a lab, or maybe in the wild. But what if it was far more interesting to imagine that they were created in an entirely different manner?

The game of “The Exiles” is a work of fiction, but the idea of a colony ship taking a small group of people from Earth to a distant planet has been used before. It is one of the characters that inspired the creation of the game.

The had begun a war of galactic conquest hundreds of years ago, defeating all of its closest foes and seemed to be on the verge of a certain triumph until the emerged from its millennia-long seclusion to defend the galaxy. After defeating your troops, you destroyed your colonies and retreated to your home system, where you made your last stand. After they were vanquished, your home planet was blasted for many months, then pacified, thereby isolating you from the rest of the galaxy for the next 100 years…

The year 2500 will be the starting point when you begin. This, however, has little impact on the game. Until you remove the pacifying barrier, your own home system will seem to be a system that has not yet been surveyed, with the exception of your own homeworld. The early game goal is to develop your homeworld, keep your economy stable using only the resources on your homeworld, repair the many ruined buildings on your homeworld (caused by the bombardment), and eventually unlock a technology and building that I believe should be called “Planetary Shield Disruptor.” To dismantle your shield, you’d have to construct a structure on your homeworld with a planet construction limit of one, which would be very expensive and require many research projects. When you destroy the shield, you have access to everything in the system, including any starbases. If there isn’t already a starbase, you’ll be given a single construction ship.

Origin Requirements: Being xenophobe or passionate xenophobe. It’s impossible to have gestalt awareness.

Origin Bonuses in-game: For the first 15 years, there will be a 20% rise in research pace, and for the first 20 years, there will be a 50% increase in worker production. On homeworld, there are three planetary features that each provide two exotic resources of the three major kinds provided you have the necessary technology to mine them. Start with a wormhole in your home system that leads to another random system in the galaxy with a science nexus (that you can repair) and in-game events such as your scientist exploring and doing an archaeology project on the science nexus that contains ancient data on dark matter technology, which allows you to after completing the archaeology project and doing multiple research projects allow you to However, you won’t be able to utilize the technology until you’ve unlocked Zero Point Power, Hyper Shields, and Impulse Thrusters.

(Tell me what you think of this origin and how you’d tweak/change it if you could.)

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  • Idea for a Modified Origin: A Divided Homeworld

    I’m not a modder, therefore I’m not sure how to accomplish this. This is simply a notion that occurred to me and that I’d like to share and discuss. This mod, which increases the amount of origins in the game, includes one named A House Divided, which is similar to Common Ground…

  • A Shattered Brotherhood is the Stellaris origin concept.

    Lore: Your forefathers dismissed the idea of FTL travel as a pipe dream, but as your home planet became overcrowded, the push for FTL travel was seen as one of the only viable alternatives. After the massive disaster caused by the usage of unstable wormhole generators, which resulted in the deaths of millions of people…

  • Abandoned Observation Post was the inspiration for this story.

    Hey! I simply had a concept for an Origin and wanted to share it with you all to see what you think. It would be known as: Observation that has been abandoned Text for the Post Flair: We’ve always known there was something lurking just on the edge of our planet’s gravitational pull since the dawn of modern civilisation. Scientists were fond of claiming…

For the game Stellaris, post ““The Exiles” Origin Idea.”

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The Exiles is a nameless faction in Stellaris, a 4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate) strategy game by Paradox. They are a minor, but important (and mysterious) faction, and I wanted to make an origin story about them.. Read more about remnants origin stellaris and let us know what you think.

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