The quality of Events seem to be going backward. (A brief look at the history of the best Events)

I’ve seen a few posts lately that GG is not doing as well as most players had hoped. We need to think about how this event relates to previous events. Here’s a short list of my favorite events and how it’s gotten worse lately:

  • D1Y2 – SRL SRL was a great event in my opinion. (I know not everyone agrees with this). It was a brand new game mode that offered different gameplay than anything we’ve seen in Destiny so far. It also had a high level of downs, which allowed many players (including myself) to finally reach their maximum power level. Almost any prize can be earned by playing, I think.
  • D2Y1 Christmas and Valentine’s Day events. What stuck with me most about these two events is that all the cosmetic rewards could be earned by playing, since we still had the old glowing Ingram system. I could play enough to get all the Christmas armor without using money, and I could get a sparrow dripping with rose petals by playing tons of crimson doubles.
  • D2Y1 Heroes’ Solstice Ce 1. The SoH year was pretty amazing. This forced us to play old campaign missions that were difficult to complete. It was cool because we don’t normally play old missions. It seems that 95% of the content is new.
  • D2Y1 Halloween It was a fun first year because the haunted forest was better than the endless forest.
  • D2Y2 Spring Green Forest was another good use of the infinite forest. I was trying to see how many branches I could remove before I ran out of time. I think I’ve reached 100. The final component of this event is the tonics, which allow players to recharge very quickly. It made the whole game different. I had fun with it when I could whisper in a solo mission, but other players hated it in PVP. I still think it was a good event because it changed the atmosphere of the game.
  • D2Y2 Solstice of Heros This year they introduced EAZ. It was a new neighborhood and it wasn’t too bad. It was fun to play something totally new. I was disappointed that we didn’t have better mechanics to improve the performance. Picking up a bunch of sunballs to make a solar flare glow for a few seconds wasn’t much fun.

Once we got to D2Y3, things didn’t go so well. The best cosmetics are the ones you buy, not the ones you earn. The events didn’t really change or add any new content.

The Guardians games are not a terrible event. I love handing out medals and racing with all my classmates. This twisted thing looks great, and I’m one of the lucky ones to have more light dust than I could ever spend. This is not what I expected. Wouldn’t it be cool if they added different options to the game? Here are some ideas I came up with:

  1. Class vs Class Pvp match. A 3v3v3 mode would be cool.
  2. Leadership Strike. Which courses give the best results. We already have the points, so I think it’s doable. They can be reset daily. Or even followed online and not in game.
  3. Bounty Hunter mode. Give us missions to find HVTs, keep us updated on what each class got for each day, and give points for that.
  4. Speed of allocations. See how quickly each class can perform tasks like printing.

I’m sure other DTG members can come up with better ideas than me.

GGs are a bit boring this year, and I’ll eventually play enough to get my Triumphs and that’s it. I don’t care who wins, and that’s sad.

TLDR: Fate seems to move in the opposite direction. Over the years, we’ve gotten new content with decent rewards. Lately events force us to play old content that hasn’t changed at all, and all the good rewards are behind the pay wall. GG is a disappointment, and I’m sure DTG members can come up with much better options for our guards.

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  • Upcoming DreamHack events in 2019 Leipzig 15-17.2. Dallas 5/31-6. Valencia 4-7.7. Montreal 6-8.9. The number of events currently announced is similar to last year. If we hold SC2 at another event, only Rio 4/19-21 would not fall in the same month as the other announced events and there would be time for a competitor before and after. Anyway, I don’t know…

  • More emergencies per team

So I don’t think the extraordinary delay is defective. Right now there is only one scripted death that will never happen again. I think every 2-3 times it is used (regardless of how hot or cold the building is), there should be a negative event. Here are some ideas: Heart attack: A worker dies;…

  • Events of limited duration of the order of

As such, time-limited events and rewards in this subsection have received some negative feedback, on the basis that they could be eliminated for not being able to do everything or not getting enough to get rewards. To fix this, some players apparently wished these events and rewards were longer…..

Post-quality events seem to go the other way. (Best Event Story Brief) for the game Destiny 2.

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