The top 20 strongest Pokémon

Looking for the strongest Pokémon in the game? Then look no further, for this list has everything you could ever want to know about power in Pokémon.

After all of the hype regarding the upcoming release of the upcoming Pokémon X/Y video games, I’ve decided to compile a list of the top 20 strongest Pokémon of all time. Categories are pretty simple, so the criteria are as follows:

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Pokémon has proved to be one of the most popular franchises in history time and time again. This is owed in large part to the enthralling designs and powers of these amazing animals. We’ll look at those skills in this list to see who the most powerful Pokémon of all time is. Of course, there are a variety of measures we might use to assess Pokémon strength, so let us be explicit about the standards we establish for ourselves when determining how to assess strength.

Each Pokémon can only appear on the list once, and even if its stats and/or abilities change, it still counts as the same Pokémon. Strength refers to a Pokémon’s ability to fight in the main series game. Finally, this list will take into account Pokémon as they are today, not as they were at their peak meta, but Pokémon from all generations will be taken into account.

Deoxys 20. (Attack Form)

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Deoxys-Attack, even at number 20, is not to be dismissed. While the Pokémon has four distinct forms, each of which is all-powerful in its own way, Deoxys-Attack stands out owing to the fact that it is the fifth-fastest Pokémon in the whole series, despite having a form dedicated to speed. It features a strong move set, including the trademark Psycho Boost, as well as some insanely rapid wall-breaking potential.

Giratina (19.) (Origin Form)

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Giratina, too, has a form shift; its Origin form is among the greatest Defog users in the top echelon of competitive battling, where having excellent field set-up and status effects reigns supreme more often than not. Giratina and Giratina-Origin are both definite threats when paired with a STAB Hex and Will-O-Wisp.

Lunala is 18 years old.

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You may assume Dawn Wings Necrozma is better than Lunala, but it isn’t, much to our surprise. Not to add, despite the Pokémon franchise’s current preoccupation with blurring the line between Necrozma and Lunala, we would categorize that form as Necrozma rather than Lunala. Lunala easily defeats Dawn Wings Necrozma and, quite honestly, nearly any other offensive Pokémon, thanks to a higher speed stat and an arguably superior ability in Shadow Shield.

17. Lugia

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Lugia is one of the most extremely massive barriers in the game, while being the lesser counterpart of the Tower Duo. Despite other Pokémon receiving alternative forms and more thoughtful stat distribution throughout the years, Lugia remains a formidable opponent, owing to its enormous defensive numbers. Lugia is a very hefty danger with access to Roost and the ability Multiscale. It is usually more than willing to land Toxic and wait you out as you struggle to even dent its health.

Salamence, no. 16

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Mega Salamence, originally an online for a design that seemed to be influenced by French pastries, is the only non-legendary/mythical Pokémon to get up into our list – sorry, Gengar lovers. While this Pokémon is still very powerful before mega-evolving because to its ability Intimidate, it rises to a whole new level after it mega-evolves thanks to access to additional firepower and Aerilate, transforming the typically underwhelming Double-Edge into a Salamence-flavored Brave Bird.

15. Landorus

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The Trio Master of the Forces of Nature trio should be formidable, and Landorus shows himself to be more than competent. The fact that it possesses two distinct type immunities due to its typing, as well as having somewhat greater speed than most other wallbreakers in the Ubers metagame, contributes to its high ranking. These distinct advantages, coupled with a large enough movepool to use Sheer Force, show that Landorus has earned his place among the greats.

Mewtwo (#14)

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Mega Mewtwo-Y and Mega Mewtwo-X are tied for the greatest basic stat total of any Pokémon alongside Mega Rayquaza. Mega Mewtwo-Y also has the greatest basic Special Attack stat, whereas Mega Mewtwo-X has the greatest Attack stat. We’ll have to go with Mega Mewtwo-Y for the best form, mainly since Mewtwo’s movepool is usually better in the Special Attack department. Both would probably be higher on the list if it weren’t for a few small flaws like fairly worthless abilities and being somewhat outperformed as a wallbreaker by Pokémon higher on the list.

Zekrom (13).

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As it turns out, fusing Zekrom with Kyurem to create Kyurem-Black actually makes this Pokémon weaker owing to its type shift. Zekrom has excellent typing to threaten other heavy hitters as an Electric and Dragon-type Pokémon, and it is one of the greatest Dragon Dance users ever released. It can also break through several of the more well-knownly strong abilities of other Pokémon, such as Multiscale and Wonder Guard, thanks to its ability Teravolt.

12. Ho-Oh

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Ho-Oh has now been allowed to shine with the advent of Heavy Duty Boots. Ho-Oh flexes the twin danger of being a strong Defog user with Regenerator or a quietly high damage attacker due to Sacred Fire, Brave Bird, and Earthquake gracing its move pool. Expect to see Ho-Oh a lot if you watch any Pokémon fights in tournaments where it is allowed, since it is both popular and powerful.

Kyogre (#11)

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With the second-highest basic Special Attack in the game, you’re certain to be a major danger, and Primal Kyogre is no exception. With the ability Primordial Sea, this colossal Pokémon can both cause rain and block Fire-type attacks. This Pokémon’s true fear is that it possesses a 150-power STAB move in Water Spout, which may be enhanced by Calm Mind. This Pokémon has a strong Special Defense stat and a good Health number, so you won’t be able to OHKO it with that frightening attack.

Calyrex-Shadow is number ten.

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Calyrex may be the newest Pokémon on the block, but it has been around for a while in terms of combat prowess. Calyrex-Shadow is our pick for the greatest Calyrex variant since it has tremendous offensive power without the huge speed penalty that Calyrex-Ice possesses. In terms of sweeping potential, As One (Spectrier) is a highly dangerous ability, and with STAB Astral Barrage, that potential may become a reality. Due to its availability to Aromatherapy, this Pokémon may be a major damage threat as well as a life saver for a squad that has been destroyed by status ailments.

Marshadow (nine)

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Marshadow is well-deserving of its Ghost type, since it is a terrifying foe. Whatever you’re doing, the Pokémon seems to be intended to counteract it. Do you have a pending item? Then it’ll be able to utilize Poltergeist. If you try to improve your stats, it can use Spectral Thief to take them. Do you want to go first? Marshadow has Shadow Sneak as well as the Technician ability, which makes Shadow Sneak hit 50% harder than normal. It won’t need to use a priority move to outrun you in most cases, since only five other Pokémon on this list can outrun it.

Xerneas (number 8)

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Xerneas is on this list for two very basic reasons. The first is that it is the only Pokémon capable of learning Geomancy, perhaps the game’s greatest stat-boosting move. The second is Fairy Aura, which effectively turns Moonblast into a death sentence for any Pokémon that isn’t bulky with Special Defense or immune to Fairy-type techniques. These two advantages don’t come at a cost, since Xerneas is a very resilient Pokemon, despite its reputation as an aggressive Pokemon.

Zygarde is number seven.

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Zygarde is a peculiar individual. Zygarde-Complete is the greatest version of Zygarde, however you must have Power Construct on Zygarde and be below 50% health to get it. You can almost always count on this transformation happening thanks to Substitute, but even if it doesn’t, this Pokémon is very dangerous. Gamefreak determined that Zygarde required four distinct trademark techniques, although Thousand Arrows is the most helpful of them all. This move removes Flying-type Pokémon’s tolerance to Ground-type attacks, making Zygarde the most dangerous Ground-type attack user.

Groudon is number six on the list.

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Groudon, like Kyogre, has the ability to transform into a Primal form. It gets the ability Desolate Land in this form, which eliminates a 4x vulnerability by preventing any harmful Water-type attacks from being used. Primal Groudon is a force to be reckoned with, having the fourth greatest attack in the game. Competitive battlers evaluate whole teams in part on their ability to consistently answer this monster. It can set up your Stealth Rocks, sweep with Swords Dance, stall out your enemies with Toxic and huge stats, and outspeed them with Rock Polish.

Eternatus is number five.

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We’ve been given the tried and tested response of Eternatus and its trademark attack Dynamax Cannon in a world where every Pokémon can Dynamax. Dynamax Cannon is a move with a base power of 100 that does double damage against Dynamaxed Pokémon. Due to the widespread use of Dynamaxing, this may be interpreted as Eternatus being granted a move that strikes a high priority target with a base power of 200. This does not include the benefits of being a Poison-type creature, such as not getting poisoned and possessing Black Sludge.

necrozma necrozma necroz

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What is the strength of Necrozma’s move “Light That Burns The Sky”? It has 200 basic power, ignores the abilities of its victim, and does damage based on your greatest offensive stat. Although it may be the greatest move in the game, Necrozma-Dawn Wings can also learn it, so what makes Necrozma-Dusk Mane superior? Prism Armor, on the other hand, mitigates some very powerful attack damage, making it an excellent Weakness Policy bearer. The only true flaw with Necrozma-Dusk Mane is its lack of speed, although that flaw is mitigated by Trick Room. It also possesses Stealth Rocks and Dragon Dance, allowing it to be used as a wall or sweeper, earning it the fourth position.

3. Arceus

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Arceus’ Multitype ability lets him to share a type with the Plate/Z Crystal he is holding. It also has the highest and most evenly distributed stats of any Pokémon, making it the most adaptable. However, not all Arceus types are made equal, thus various Arceus have varied strengths. In general, though, Arceus-Ground reigns supreme, owing to the fact that the majority of this list lacks a viable counter to Arceus-Ground. The god of Pokémon has additional benefits, including as the ability to learn almost every applicable utility move for setting up or removing almost any status condition or entrance danger.

Yveltal is number two.

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Yveltal excels at being both an every-mon and the greatest danger to the biggest threats, despite the fact that it lacks a clear and upfront powerful trait. This Pokémon is the solution to any battle-related problem, having the ability to be supporting with Defog, offensive with Dark Pulse and Oblivion Wing, disruptive with Taunt and Knock Off, and defensive with Roost and Toxic. To top it all off, it boasts great stat distribution, with just a poor Health stat that is adequately covered by its defenses.

Mega Rayquaza is number one.

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Mega Rayquaza has the greatest basic stat totals of any available Pokémon; it’s also the only mega-evolved Pokémon that doesn’t need a Mega Stone to unlock an unlimited item slot, and it possesses Delta Stream, one of the finest abilities in the whole Pokémon series. Mega Rayquaza is so powerful that it inspired the creation of a whole tier called “Anything Goes” since it dominated what was formerly considered the top tier of Pokémon. There just isn’t any other viable option for the top position. Even Dragon Ascent, the game’s trademark move, is ludicrous. Brave Bird’s damage, type, and accuracy are shared, however it returns 1/3 of the damage done to the user, while Dragon Ascent has no disadvantages. Mega Rayquaza has always been and will likely continue to be the most powerful Pokémon of all time.

So, what’s the best Pokémon in Pokémon Go? Well, that depends on what you’re looking for. There are some Pokémon that are just plain strong in the game, but that doesn’t compare to the sheer power of the top 20 strongest Pokémon. Some of these Pokémon are legendary, but you can catch them in the game. Some are rare, but you can’t get them unless you have a friend with a high-level Pokémon Go account. But No. 1 is not only the most powerful Pokémon in Pokémon Go, but also the most widely available. It’s also the best-known Pokémon of all time.. Read more about top 10 strongest pokemon and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the top 10 strongest Pokemon?

Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander, Charizard, Pikachu, Venusaur, Blastoise, Lapras, Gyarados

Which Pokemon is the most powerful?

The most powerful Pokemon is Mewtwo.

What are the 5 most powerful Pokemon?

Charmander, Charmeleon, Charizard, Squirtle, Wartortle.

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