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With this week’s release of the new Civilization VI for PC, I thought it was time to make a collection of all the Civilizations that I’ve played (in both the original Civilization and the expansions). My hope is that it will be a useful resource to help with the new game as well as serve as a nostalgic look back.

A few months ago, we ran a contest on the blog asking people to send in photos of their favorite gaming console boxes. We got some amazing entries, and we’re going to feature them all over the blog. First up, we’ve got a stunning shot of a Sega Saturn box, which is a part of the multi-generational collection that our friend Justin from “games-freak” has. He’s been collecting boxes of old consoles for a long time, and he’s now got over 80 boxes!

The Final Fantasy series is well known for its expansive and deep world. Between several games, there are thousands of characters, locations, and items, and the number of things to do keeps growing as the series continues.. Read more about the ultimate collection windows and let us know what you think.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a very popular game.

Creativity comes with the territory in every sandbox game.

As a result, there are a plethora of interesting ideas available on the internet.

We’ve collected a number of ACNH inspiration galleries, ranging from gardens to interiors to entrances. But what if we compiled a massive list of the best-of-the-best?

That’s what we’re aiming for here: a comprehensive list of the best construction ideas in New Horizons.


Spring Picnic #50

@kikakcrossing provided the image.

All I want to do now that the weather is getting warmer is go on a nice picnic.

And here’s a wonderful place on your island for one!

This joyful bright area is made up of plenty of flowers, both growing and arranged.

All you’ll need for your villagers or friends to join you for a bite to eat is an open picnic basket, a selection of fruits, and a lunch bag.

And with the beauty of nature and the brilliant sun, it will undoubtedly be a pleasant experience.


Pirate Camp #49

Pirate-themed campsite idea in ACNH@katlantis.crossing provided the image.

Some individuals like camping, while others despise it.

You can’t get rid of it, however.

As a result, you may as well make the most of it…

And sometimes that means turning it into a pirate-themed party!

Grab your swashbucklers and a bottle of rum, for this is the ideal pirate hideout, complete with a canvas tent, swaying palm trees, and a large chest of treasure.

Is there no jolly roger? It’s no issue!

You can definitely get away with a Bowser goal pole flag instead, thanks to the Mario promotional update Nintendo provided us.


48. Jungle Path with a Twist

Jungle-themed pathway pattern in ACNHImage Source by @animalcrossing_alldesigns & u/Orangupang84

Here’s a bright and cheery option for that awkward walkway you’re not sure what to do with!

With its unique pathway and ALL of the flowers, this would create the greatest beach path, thank you very much.

Add some palm trees, bamboo, and anything else you want, and you’ve got yourself a tropical paradise!

The route is beautiful and bright, and it has been approved by butterflies.


Beach Bonfire No. 47

Beach bonfire area in ACNH@fleursacnh provided the image.

Here’s a suggestion for a great place to enjoy a campfire with your buddies.

By include a washed-up tire, weeds, and even a rowboat, this player accepted reality and the truth that beaches are seldom completely pristine.

Invite your online friends over for some s’mores and a cool beer. There’s plenty room for everyone!


Pastel Neighborhood, No. 46

Pastel houses in a suburban neighborhood / ACNH Ideaelle crosser is the creator of this image.

Listen, I’m a sucker for nice pastels.

And I’d nearly give everything to live in a pink home.

So I like this cityscape, not just because of the pink homes, but also because of the sweet combination of flowers, wood fence, white lampposts, and inviting seats.

This looks like it came right out of a Ghibli film, and I’m all for it!


Purple Mermaid’s Perch (number 45)

Purple mermaid beach area in ACNH@animo.crossing provided the image.

This kind of construction is a lot of fun.

Because when you get that little sequence on the seaplane with the island panorama, it makes people go… “Huh?”

Shell arches, flowers, and even a pool are among the many purple things that make up this bizarre structure.

It’s ideal if you like purple – or if you like having others ask you what’s going on.

Whatever the case may be, it’s suitable for a mermaid princess.


44. Adorable Miniature Garden

Green garden outside in ACNH@cc.lele acnh provided the image.

With its combination of pumpkins, shrubs, and flowers, this design has a Jane Austen feel to it.

The stone walkway and fountain are nice additions, but the duck is hands down the greatest part.

Regular trees, as well as potted plants like as monsteras, serve to give this structure intriguing levels and depth, while also preventing it from seeming too clean and uniform.

Ideal for an overgrown or hidden garden.


43. A Great Place to Read Outside

Forest reading nook in Animal Crossing: New Horizons@acnhcelestia provided the image.

Greetings, bookworms!

Here’s a fantastic design concept for your island if you like being outdoors and reading.

If you feel hungry, there’s coffee and jelly-filled doughnuts, as well as comfortable couches to relax on.

Spend the day in this wonderful location, soaking up the sun.

It’s also simple to duplicate.

You’ll just need a rug, a cup, hay bales, and any other decorations you choose.


42. Outdoor Pool in a Tropical Setting

Tropical pool built into room in ACNH@ horriblegaming provided the image.

We can’t swim on New Horizons, which is terrible.

But don’t let it deter you from constructing your own pool.

With this concept, it’s all about the bespoke routes.

If physically creating the tiles isn’t your thing, there are plenty of codes available online.

Relax and tan by surrounding your improvised pool with lounge chairs, and don’t forget some floaties or pool toys!

Everyone will be safer with a lifeguard chair. Showers are also a great feature.


Fairytale Forest (n.d.) (n.d.) (n.

Fairycore winter-themed forest design in aCNH@hiltonfaiiry provided the image.

In the snow, this extremely pink, highly fanciful woodland looks fantastic.

The backbone of this entertaining construct with a lovely fairycore aesthetic is a lot of flowers, mushrooms, and trees.

What a fantastic location for fishing and catching butterflies and insects.

Star pieces, as well as the starry custom pathways, contribute to the mystical feel of this location.


Elegant Sitting Room No. 40

Fancy white-themed sitting room in contributed this image.

Of course, the outside sections of your island are significant…

However, we must not overlook the inside of our homes!

The white motif of this lovely sitting area gives it a light and airy feel.

It’s a lovely place to sit and relax, maybe catch up with friends over tea and cookies, with features like a phonograph, piano, and teddy bear pals.


39. Laundry Location

Cottagecore laundry area in ACNH@elmleif provided the image.

This is an excellent addition to a cottagecore island.

While there are washers and dryers in New Horizons, they aren’t quite as entertaining as this vintage set-up.

Use a nice old washboard to wash your clothing in the natural stream, and then find a place to hang them to dry!

If the river isn’t your thing, there’s also a water pump.

Chores aren’t the most interesting thing in the world. However, some fresh air, beautiful flowers, and warm sunlight may make them more bearable.


Gown Shop #38

Pink dress and gown shop in ACNH@princesscrosser provided the image.

This is a great idea for those of you who like gowns as much as I do.

Especially because designing and wearing our own clothing is one of the most enjoyable customisation possibilities in this game.

For their unique creations, one gamer set up an outdoor gown store. The color palette, accessories, and gowns all work well together — and stand out against the unique background.

A few candles would also create a beautiful light for shopping at night!

Pink flowers are also always a bonus.


Froggy Shrine (#37)

Japanese style frog shrine in ACNH@mochipuggu provided the image.

This fun & adorable build makes use of the Japanese items, but with a neat twist:

It’s all for the sake of a frog!

Pay your respects and leave a gift for this little creature.

If you wish to come after dark, don’t worry; there will be plenty of lighted torches to guide you.

Bring some bamboo and pots to help add some vegetation to a primarily stone-based structure. froggy, froggy, froggy, froggy, froggy


Scarlet Apiary (number 36)

Custom apiary for beekeepers / ACNH Idea@marron ac contributed this image.

When you think of bees, you probably think of yellow or orange, right?

With this apiary, no way!

This apiary is decorated with red bee homes and red flowers.

A fantastic addition to an uncomfortable part of your island that, honestly, you have no clue what to do with. And maybe you already have enough gardens (if such a thing exists!).


35. Breakfast Nook on the Patio

Outdoor breakfast nook area in ACNH@leafpiless provided the image.

At this large table, there is plenty of room for everyone.

Breakfast with friends and locals at this charming riverbank location that you could easily recreate.

With the pleasant aromas of fresh cooking, whether you’re making waffles, pancakes, or a full English breakfast, you’re sure to have folks lining up for a taste.

And while we’re on the subject of fresh, if you’re a morning fruit lover, pick a pear from a nearby tree. As simple as that!

The mismatched seating adds a cute touch to this design while also making it more accessible for novice players.

Recreate this using any chairs or DIYs you have on hand — whatever works.


Indigo Dreams Campsite is number 34.

Indigo and bright purple campsite idea for ACNH@animo.crossing provided the image.

This is another another lovely campground, this time in various shades of purple.

However, start breeding those blooms. Because you’ll need a lot of them to fill up this outside area.

You’ll attract a lot of butterflies (and hopefully a lot of uncommon villagers), and you’ll have a great fishing location as well.

Overall, this is a fantastic place to hang out with friends and shoot the breeze.

Above a scene like this, the sky seems to be limitless and lovely.

I’m sure it’d be wonderful during meteor showers as well.

Celeste, I’m sure, would be enamored with all of the hues.


33. Bedroom in Gothic Style

Gothic themed bedroom in ACNHEvelynblue provided the image.

Here’s a great bedroom concept for those of you who enjoy dark hues and gloomy feelings.

The décor in this Gothic bedroom includes a witchy rug, crimson embossed wallpaper, and edgy hanging plants.

Despite the darkness, it has a warm and inviting appearance, with soft carpets, a nice bed, and a radio to listen to some soothing music (or screamo, I guess).

This would make a wonderful addition to any home with a witchy motif – and considering all the card reading things, I’m sure there are many.


Tiana’s Place (number 32)

Princess & The Frog Tiana’s Place in Animal Crossing: New Horizons@acnh disneyland provided the image.

This beach house pays homage to Disney’s Princess and the Frog.

Tiana, the titular princess, is a southern culinary hotspot, which you may now replicate on your own island!

This is a great example of attention to detail.

The green is perfect for anything about frogs, and the fact that it’s set above a ‘pond’ (actually just some handmade pathways) adds a charming touch.

Because jazz music is such an important part of event, have K.K. Slider play some songs as guests eat fresh Louisiana sweets and appetizers!


31. Camper Van along the Sea

Seaside camper van area in ACNH@na.acnh is the source of this image.

You have to enjoy it when people create things that don’t exist in the game.

This player desired a camper on their beach, so they carefully constructed one for themselves using bespoke panels, a bench, and a shelf.

What a brilliant idea!

If you need to get away from the pace and activity of your island, this is the ideal beach retreat.

Because, well, I understand. Those villagers that are always chasing you down to teach you emotes? Stressful. Hectic.

You have a point.

This would be an excellent spot for snorkeling, bug collecting, and fishing with company – or alone.

Sleeping beneath the stars, soothed by the sound of waves and a gentle, salty wind, is possible with an outdoor tent.

Actually, it’s the stuff of dreams.


30. Outdoor Learning Environment

Outdoor classroom area in ACNH@minit oma provided the image.

Listen, I adore them, but let’s face it: some of the locals are just ridiculous.

How did you manage to misplace so many things?!

In this beautiful outdoor school, teach these youngsters a thing or two.

Even if kids write their ABCs backwards, a blackboard is a forgiving method to teach children their ABCs.

There are books to read in this build, as well as what seems to be abandoned homework… oh no.

Then, at recess, the whole island transforms into a playground!

Just make sure you return for the second session on time.


Coconut Farm (No. 29)

Coconot farm build in ACNHNoDoughnut85 / @ylly.from.yllycore / @ylly.from.yllycore / @ylly.from.yllycore / @ylly.from

Because other fruit trees have a greater selling price, we often observe fruit production on New Horizons.

This coconut farm is very refreshing – and it only makes sense given that we are on a tropical island!

It’s a cute little set-up, complete with a board for cutting up the delicious fruits into a refreshing beach drink.

Coconuts grow rapidly, so you’ll have no trouble maintaining a steady supply.

If you want to recreate this, a few boards and pebbles on the ground will assist to tie everything together.

At the very least, you’ll have something to give Gulliver to eat the next time he washes up.


Farmer’s Market (#28)

Farmers market with stands in ACNHButIDigress79 provided the image.

Do you have a lot of odd things that you’d want to utilize to increase your star rating but can’t seem to find a home for?

It’s no issue! Consider constructing a farmer’s or flea market.

All you’ll need is a few tables or booths, which don’t have to match.

Set them up, then put whatever you want on them for your people to see.

Anything you can think of: fruits, candles, glasses, etc.

The greatest thing is that it can be made seasonal.

Stock up on pumpkins and baked goodies in the autumn. Flowers or cuttings in the spring.

You may also decorate with ice sculptures and other seasonal things throughout the winter.


27. Relaxing Living Room

Comfy green living room with framed butterfly theme / is the source of this image.

Plant prints are one of my favorite things, and this living room is full with them.

With all of the monsteras, cactus, and other plants, this is definitely a plant lover’s ideal living space.

On a wet day, it’s the ideal place for a cup of tea and catching up with a buddy, or curling up with a nice book if that’s your thing.

This looks wonderful with the green couch, but you could do it with any subdued color sofa you have, such as creams or browns.


Cozy Library (No. 26)

Big cozy library build in ACNH@olivescrossing contributed this image.

This beautiful lighted library is every bibliophile’s fantasy.

It’s brimming with not just books, but also curio objects like globes and sculptures.

One of the finest library construction concepts I’ve seen.

It’s also a fun method to mix and match things for a unique creation.

Do you have an extra teacup? Toss it in the stacks of the library.

Have you purchased a fake from Redd by accident? Toss it in there.

Is it a book stack? Toss it out.

Obviously, lighting candles near highly flammable books isn’t a good idea in real life. But, hey, it’s a video game, so it’s OK.

With the gentle light, this would be a lovely location at night – just don’t strain your eyes, okay?


25. Beach for Tourists

Tourist-area beach design in ACNH@tunaplay contributed this image.

This is a fantastic construct to add to your island, whether you have a lot of guests or simply enjoy the appearance of a commercial beach.

Add a couple umbrellas for shade and toss all the leftover rugs you purchased from Sahara that didn’t match your home feel on the sand as improvised beach blankets.

Beach things such as a ball and sandcastle, surfboards, and shower cubicles are all excellent additions.

A boardwalk is also created by laying wood planks on the ground.


Palm Reader’s Hideaway (number 24)

Palm reader and psychic spot on the beach in ACNH@r.crossing 08 provided the image.

Isn’t Mercury in Retrograde right now?

At this enchanting coastal location, you may check out your life and love lines and consult some tarot cards.

It’s not only a wonderful location to play seer, but it’s also an excellent place to view meteor showers.

The lunar mood is enhanced by a plethora of star pieces. It’s also a great location to visit after dark, thanks to the candles.

Invite your friends to get their palms read and their futures predicted.

If you’re reading tarot cards, just be cautious not to let an ominous Tower card destroy a perfectly wonderful relationship.


23. Traditional Treehouse

Outdoor treehouse-style build idea for ACNH@miouabaycrossing provided the image.

I can tell this is a very nice build just by looking at it.

To simulate the sense of a treehouse, this player utilizes a lot of bunk beds, some terraforming, and a flight of steps.

I don’t believe my mother would have ever let me inside if I had one of these when I was a child!

It’s a wonderful spot to hang out with your friends, with a really comfy sofa, a workstation for studying, and, of course, enough beds for everyone to have a massive overnight under the stars.

Just make sure you’re holding a net when you shake that tree. A wasp assault might be fatal up there.


Canyon Trail (#22)

Custom canyon trail in ACNH@acnh.mialand provided the image.

Here’s another path with a lot of creativity.

This one is based on a canyon with a LOT of strategically placed rocks.

A few flowers give a splash of color to the design without overpowering it.

Terraforming is a crucial component of this build’s success. Things would be too bland and uncomfortable without it. As a result, having such thresholds is critical.

If you have another construct behind some cliffs, like a hidden beach or something, this would be a fantastic idea to tackle…


Secret Beach (number 21)

Idea for secret beach spot in ACNH@dream.crossings is the source of this image.

See what I did there? Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe

Rock your canyon route to your hidden beach, which, depending on the shape of your island, may or may not be where Redd docks his super legal boat.

This is a basic yet effective construction.

All you’ll need are some pillows, some barrels with or without plants, and a few other odds and ends.

It may be whatever you want, but it should ideally be waterproof!

Also, if you have any extra art pieces, this design would be a wonderful place to store them.


20. Exquisite Stone Garden

Outdoor stone garden in the forest / ACNH Idea@yupyup.island provided the image.

This stone garden is breathtakingly lovely.

It’s also a wonderful location to store the rocks you have to hit every day, with a variety of rocks ranging from normal to Rapa Nui heads.

It has a lovely overgrown and natural appearance.

So, if you have a really natural island, this is a construction that you should think about.

I, for one, have trouble deciding where to place my rocks. And they never appear in a useful location.

All power to you if you have the patience to get them to sprout someplace purposeful like this.


19. Bedroom in the Stars

Star-themed bedroom design in ACNH@chris in acnh provided the image.

This beautiful, starry bedroom is very cute!

Personal belongings such as a football, books, and other objects are strewn around the floor in the nicest manner possible.

A teddy bear keeps an eye on the fortunate dreamer, who is undoubtedly looking up all kinds of interesting dream addresses.

If you like gazing at the stars, this is the bedroom for you, since you have a well-placed telescope ready to peer into the vastness of space.

Is it just me, or does it seem like the most comfortable bed ever?

Maybe I’m just weary again…


18. The Kimono Store

Custom kimono shop in ACNH@r.crossing 08 provided the image.

Another excellent concept for a Japanese-themed island may be found here.

This lovely small store offers a wide variety of kimonos and yukatas for various occasions.

Stalls with cherry blossoms and antique artwork frame lovely displays of gowns. It’s a bright, elegant space that would work nicely in a business setting – assuming you had one.


Pompompurin Tiki Bar is number seventeen.

Tiki bar on the beach / ACNH Idea@emiclareplays provided the image.

Take a look at this cute take on the Pompompurin ACNH collection of goods.

With the products from this range, as well as a custom-designed stall, some plants, and some stones and pavers, you can create a lovely tiki bar.

If you have a cutesy type island but don’t want to completely commit to a more conventional tropical motif, this concept seems appropriate.


16. Pond in the Woods

Woodland forest pond area in ACNH@herbcrossing contributed this image.

Simply because of the amount of detail, I love this tiny pond creation.

Ducks, turtles, fish, and a plethora of flowers and plants abound.

Because of the many customization options, it performs very effectively.

You could add any creatures they wanted in the pond by making bespoke tiles, which looks more detailed than simply using the water terraforming tool.

Not to add that this would be a fantastic place to go bug hunting.


New Horizons Preschool is number 15 on the list.

Preschool kidcore room design in Animal Crossing: New Horizons@theblessedjess provided the image.

Ok, so maybe there aren’t real children in New Horizons… but they gave us so many cute & childlike items that we’re just going to have to pretend.

Villager pictures are used to identify cubbies, while chairs from the Pompompurin set are used for the little seats.

Those cubbies are lined with a variety of satchels and backpacks, as well as lockers and art materials.

So cute!

Now I’m looking for infant villagers… Isabelle, you’re such a sweetheart.


14. Swimming Pool on the Roof

Rooftop pool and lounge area in ACNH@acnh disneyland provided the image.

What a wonderful concept for city residents.

The use of a rug, wallpaper, and lots of lounge chairs gives this space the appearance of a rooftop pool area.

Adding some pool floaties and a ball, as well as practical items like towels, may really assist to bring the space to life.

This would be a fantastic spot to unwind in the evenings above your opulent tower suite (well, fake skyscraper, but still).


Sophie Hatter’s Millinery is number thirteen.

Howls Moving Castle Millinery Design in ACNH@geekycleary provided the image.

If you like Ghibli films, you will enjoy this one.

Sophie Hatter’s work station from Howl’s Moving Castle was replicated by this gamer.

Millinery is difficult labor, but kudos to those who can pull it off!

This may be replicated by simply stacking as many hats as possible on a wooden table in front of the window, making it a fantastic concept for both novice and experienced players.


12. The Castle of the Player

Outside entrance to castle home in is the source of this image.

This ingenious gamer utilized bespoke panels to transform their modest house into a castle.

That’s one of the advantages of panels: you can do almost anything with them.

A fountain and fancy landscaping, such as reindeer carrying a carriage, add to the royal sense of this castle design.

With this fantastic construction concept, you may live as the prince or princess you were born to be.


11. Pond with a View

Forest pond area with custom patterns in ACNHDetchini / anxious4evz / Detchini / anxious4evz / Detchini / anxious4e

Another pond design, this one with a beautiful woodland path leading to a bridge over a lovely small pond.

On a bright day, take a walk or jump over puddles on a wet day to see the fish, flowers, and, of course, the pagoda.

It’s all fun here, whether you’re insect collecting or taking pictures with your pals.

In this construction, a gushing waterfall provides some lovely scenery, and handmade stone pathways are a fantastic way to add some uniqueness.


Totoro is sleeping in number ten.

Sleeping Totoro pattern in the woods / ACNH Ghibli IdeaCallmeRouge provided the image.

This list now has another another Ghibli-themed inclusion!

For animation aficionados, this build seems more like a buried Easter egg…

If you go deep enough into the woods on this island, you’ll find a sleeping Totoro in the midst of this player’s forest.

Custom tiles, of course, are used to do this.

It helps to plant a lot of trees and flowers in the area, but allowing weeds to grow a bit is also a good idea. It’s critical to keep the design hidden until you actually come across it.

But, regardless of how you construct yours, this is a fantastic concept.

Mushrooms and stumps also contribute to the appearance of a natural forest.


9. Flower Shop on the Side of the Road

Roadside flower market stand in ACNHp1nkwh1te is the creator of this image.

This charming small flower store on the side of the road is a wonderful complement to any city or rural street.

You may have something similar on your own island with only a few booths, some tiny potted plants, and a wheelbarrow or two of flowers.

Little structures like these are excellent for giving your city a more realistic and natural appearance.

It’s also usually entertaining to watch the locals go by and examine the items.


8. Ingenious Bathroom

Easy & clean bathroom interior / ACNH Idea@wendy crossing provided the image.

If you have the time, here’s a great bathroom design to try.

After a long day of single-handedly sustaining your island’s economy, sink into this beautiful tub and unwind a bit. Maybe light some candles?

What more could you want from a bathroom than tiny plants, lots of storage space, and good amenities?

When you finally decide to get out of that lovely bath, a fluffy white mat will keep your floor dry and your feet pleased.


7. Alchemist’s Laboratory

Witch & Alchemist Lab Interior for ACNH@CaptDangerous64 provided the image.

With an alchemy lab like this, you can make your little witch or wizard happy.

It’s filled with creepy things including weird liquid beakers, a crystal ball, and a skull. All of these things serve to establish the tone for some potion-making and spell-casting.

Do you have a tarot deck on hand? Feel free to include it or anything else you’d like!

There’s plenty of room above the mantle and on the bookshelves for more witch hats, so be creative.


6. Bedroom of the Mermaid Princess

Mermaid Princess Bedroom Idea for ACNHcandybear012 is the creator of this image.

This is a fantastic construction concept to try out if you like pastel colors or mermaids.

Divers may discover mermaid goods by locating a scallop, which can be exchanged to Pascal for pearls (which are required to create the items) and DIYs.

And we’ve previously published a slew of mermaid-themed ideas that would be great for this project.

This lovely room has almost the whole mermaid collection!

It’s a very cute location that’s ideal for mermaid photoshoots.


Winter Wonderland, No. 5

Nighttime winter wonderland area in ACNHwisteriiias is the source of this image.

This lovely snowy setting is a true winter paradise.

The cold winter night is brightened by softly lit reindeer, star pieces, and even a crescent moon seat.

On clear evenings, see the Northern or Southern lights, or even make wishes on falling stars.

Even though your island’s winter is over, you may start thinking about next year!


Bamboo Park is number four.

Green bamboo park with pagoda in ACNHOffochka is the creator of this image.

Do you want to go for a walk in the woods?

A shishi odoshi, as well as bamboo things like as a seat and lamps, are used in this lovely small place.

If you like bamboo, this is a fantastic park design.

Come to see the pagoda or just enjoy the fresh air, lovely bug buzz, and rushing waterfall.

Pick a couple flowers or just stroll around and take it all in.


3. Pizzeria and Diner in a Vintage Style

Retro 50s-style Diner Design in is the source of this image.

A restaurant serves up staples like coffee, cupcakes, and wood-fired pizzas in this very cute construction.

It also has that classic 1950s style, which never fails to wow.

The color combination of yellow, blue, and pink is a fantastic option for a colorful construction.

It’s also on an island.

So having it outdoors is fine since the weather is generally pleasant.


Forestcore Cafe is number two.

Outdoor Forestcore Cafe & Seating Area / ACNH IdeaResidentZelda provided the image.

You’re not finished constructing just because you have a natural-looking forestcore-themed island.

Consider including your own personalized café, as seen in this imaginative design.

With things like the iron garden dining set, several modified stalls, and lots of plants, this player successfully blended both ideas.

I don’t know about you, but in this game, I always seem to have too many cups. It doesn’t matter whether they’re teacups or coffee mugs.

Place them at tables in a setup like this to make the most of them!

Finish it off with an espresso machine, and you’re good to go.


1. A Shipyard That Has Been Abandoned

Junkcore & Trashcore Shipping Yard / ACNH IdeaJessica Pilsb is the author of this image.

This is a very interesting concept, and it’s definitely unusual to end such a long list.

Trashcore exists, whether you believe it or not.

And this design is spot on.

Make an abandoned shipping yard out of all the cardboard boxes that pile up in Resident’s Services’ lost and found, as well as any extra fish in tanks.

When was the last time this location was checked in?

Who knows, but tourists will enjoy coming across this brilliant concept.

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