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Some people prefer big cities. Others prefer the cozy comfort of the suburbs.

If you’re one of those people who likes to live in the suburbs, this list will help you bring that feeling to your Animal Crossing island.

Relax without the hustle and bustle of big cities, while enjoying the modern conveniences (like wifi!) that are sometimes lacking in the countryside.

Best of both worlds, you know?

15. European zone

image source miss-acnh

Most of the houses in the village are very beautiful, mostly in muted pastel colors.

This is great because it makes it easy to match them!

This residential neighborhood uses muted colors and white, giving it a charming look reminiscent of an Eastern European neighborhood – maybe all those stone fences?

Many elements for outdoor use, such as. B. A rocking chair, doghouse, and coat rack give the space a cozy and welcoming feel. Even if it’s cold outside.

14. Japanese Style Neighbourhood

Image source: @marimomusch

This idea is based on a Japanese neighborhood and has an incredible theme.

While villagers’ houses are designed around their individual characters (and are fairly non-specific), this player has built an entire world around them.

Elements such as cherry blossoms and vending machines give this building the look of a typical Japanese suburb, without the houses.

Sheesa’s images help too!

Fun details like flower petals or leaves on the floor give this idea a sense of reality, not just play. Like walls infested with moss.

If it’s too clean, it’s too flashy, you know?

13. Near Dreamland

image source: @sesametchi

If you like bright colors, this may be the perfect option for your suburban island.

The houses of the village are all close together, a thin stream and small bridges connect the mini-islands.

If you don’t have much room, this is a great solution. And he sure is cheerful with those bright, cheerful colors!

The choice of elements is very important in this setup, since you don’t have much extra space.

Make sure they match perfectly (like the blue and yellow phone booth), this could be the key to achieving something similar.

12. Waldviertel

image source @theIovewitches

If bright colors don’t appeal to you, or if you prefer a forestcore or cottagecore island, take note.

This building rather makes use of the beauty of nature: Wooden fences, lots of flowers and beehives make it a beautiful place.

You will enjoy the butterflies flying around the flower garden and your helpful residents hopefully watering the hyacinths, daisies and roses!

Don’t forget to install street lights as well – nighttime safety is very important!

With the embossing tools, placing the houses at different heights creates an interesting environment.

Grab the shovel!

11. Sleeping suburb

image source @moohorizons

The houses must be comfortable. I’m sure it’s the law.

And creating comfort in this quiet, sleepy neighborhood is easy.

Amenities like a phone booth and gasoline for your neighbors’ (non-existent) cars make it a convenient location.

And the apple tree, the bus stop and the many open spaces certainly contribute to the warm atmosphere.

During the day, there are plenty of insects and butterflies to discover in the area – just like your villagers.

And at night you can enjoy the silence.

10. Tropical suburb

image source @lizfromgoose

I love the creativity that Animal Crossing players bring to the internet. That’s right.

But ultimately, New Horizons is based on life on an island. And it’s buildings like this, covering part of the island, that make my brain release happy chemicals.

The inhabitants of your village can organize a barbecue in the park in front of their house. The swaying bamboo and other Asian tropical plants create a cool and warm atmosphere, ideal for dreaming of summer.

The clothespin and birdhouse also give these homes some character and are definitely worth adding to your next suburban lot.

9. Springville

image source @holls.acnh

Isn’t privacy great?

Now you can have all the privacy you want with this beautiful natural home site.

Be one with nature: Forest, stream, waterfall and even the beach.

Some players (and Isabel) overlook the beauty of the weeds that grow everywhere.

But they serve as decoration, if your reputation is high enough – or you don’t care about these things, because they bloom into other flowers.

In such a neighborhood there can be as many or as few houses as you want. Then plant some flowers and don’t bring it up again!

An overhanging view is a good option.

The secret garden is so popular for a reason.

8. Residential Waterfront

image source @afterglow.horizons

This is another area that is quiet, peaceful and secluded.

Imagine waking up to the sound of running water and chirping birds. Therein lies the attraction of such a district design.

Cycling in the hills in the morning and gardening in the evening.

With careful terraforming, you can even build these levels on your own island!

With this design, you have plenty of room for privacy, but not so much that you feel alone in the woods.

What a great place to fish, isn’t it?

7. Mushrooms Fairy Mountain

image source @consolecaito

Fairycore is so awesome.

If you have an island with a theme or just want to add some nice elements to a part of your island, consider building something like this yourself.

Each house stands on its own island, surrounded by waterfalls and a river.

But keep your clocks on, because those climbs and bridges won’t be cheap!

Starbursts, flowers and large mushrooms make it the perfect home for fairies and their friends.

Fun building idea to catch butterflies or watch the meteor shower.

6. Waterfront Village

image source @pios.acnh

This is a very good idea that would fit well in a suburban village.

Instead of putting all the houses in rows, make each house a small island connected by bridges and wooden planks.

After all, you don’t have to worry about flooding at New Horizons!

Each home can have as big or as small a lawn as you want. You can even experiment by lifting one or two and making a waterfall next to it.

The fish scene would have been great. Can you imagine the sound of rain hitting the water around you?

Your residents will enjoy exploring the chain bridges every day.

This would be a great design to build and photograph!

5. Pink city centre

image source @ccherry.crossing

Do you like pink?

Do you like flowers?

Do you want it to look like a fairy tale?

And here is an urban landscape with a more suburban touch that is sure to please.

If the houses are not far apart, you can create a paved area with existing or specially constructed paths.

Custom panels are used for home additions to make them appear larger than a standard four-sided shed, which can also be used for storage or to hide items like turnips!

She’s so beautiful, I can’t take my eyes off her. Excuse me a moment.

4. Coastal area

image source @katlantis.crossing

Since we are on an island, all of these places are technically on the coast.

But the thought really hits him.

Whether your home is on or near the beach, you are only a short distance from the ocean.

Enjoy the cool ocean breeze and make the suburbs all yours.

The coastal details, such as the lighthouse, contribute to the unity of this theme.

Some of the added benches also allow villagers to sit down when their little animal legs get tired. And signs direct visitors to other parts of the island if they want to explore.

3. Quiet Suburb

source image u/Boo_is_dead

This sleepy suburb is a great place to settle down and spend your Animal Crossing years in peace.

The muted colors, beige and teal, go well with the stairs and brick walls. And the autumn colors of the trees and grass go very well together too.

These units save space if you have a lot of stuff on your island.

Because there is no need for large open spaces for every villager. A few personal items will do!

2. Adjacent lane

image source u/panda_32510

If you have a lot of space available, try giving each resident their own green space by building a multi-story suburban neighborhood like this one!

As you can see, the houses are at a considerable distance from each other. That means grass for everyone.

Stone paving, white lanterns, statues and flowers give the place an elegant and sophisticated, yet cozy look.

I would move here!

1. Elegant neighbourhood ACNH

image source @paradisecrossing._

This beautiful and elegant space seems to be designed for the 1%.

But if your island is rich enough, it can be you and your entire people!

Beautiful shades of pink and white combine to create a fabulous look in this suburb.

With lots of custom signage and neat arrangements, the houses look like small farms, and they are beautiful.

If only money grew on trees, like clocks apparently do!

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