Thoughts on the Warframe Community and it’s relation to that of the hedonism paradox

Today I want to talk about the metaphor and fragment of hedonism that is the Warframe community. In Methods of Ethics, the utilitarian philosopher Henry Sidvig first noted that the paradox of hedonism is that pleasure cannot be obtained directly. Well, that’s my first point: The paradox of hedonism is the ideology that true pleasure cannot be achieved through the pursuit of pleasure. Happiness is often mistakenly equated with pleasure. If for some reason happiness is equated with pleasure, then the paradox of hedonism arises. If one is only looking for pleasure, the goal will be thwarted. Now that I have established the basic laws of hedonism and the purpose of Warframe, in my opinion and in this essay.
First of all I think Warframe is a great but flawed game, it’s extremely good but I want to start a discussion. That is the goal and the thought instead of your way HAHA INAROS BAD AND BOTTOM ANIMAL. WISP FUNNY WORD MANING THAT OF SPRITES BUT HIS BOTTOM DISAGREES Okay, I think the idea of playing Warframe is completely identical to that of Pleasure Paradox. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that Warframe grinding is monotonous and it’s a constant act of catharsis. Even a false difficulty for some users (their words.) While I don’t believe in these things, I think this totally describes the act of seeking pleasure, but even if you found what you wanted, it doesn’t seem like enough. In Warframe, it’s all about finding something, getting it, doing the work and being rewarded for it. Many players like Zer0 have gotten it and say they like it, it was literally the direction we needed to go for Warframe.
But the problem arises when Warframe is not taken with restraint and the pleasure seekers still take the easy way out or overdo it. The Greek thinker Epicurus was also a hedonist, which he associated with a system of virtue ethics based on moderation. He argued that in the long run, moderation leads to man’s greatest happiness. I think he is right to use Warframe as evidence for this theory. Players put too much pressure on themselves to get everything right in Warframe, or set their standards at unattainable benchmarks because they’re looking to have fun in Warframe and continue to experience momentary happiness, then they feel like it’s not enough and set their standards higher and higher until the updates aren’t good enough for their delusions of a good update and start ignoring facts and common sense to justify their delusions. I think this is the paradox of hedonism. I’m going to leave my company.

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The post Thoughts on the Warframe community and its relationship to the paradox of hedonism in Warframe games.

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