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These days, Pokémon is a franchise that has exploded, and every time a new generation comes out there’s a fresh batch of Pokémon fans looking to catch them all. With that in mind, we here at GamesFreak thought it’d be a good idea to make a list of our favorite middle evolution Pokémon as a starting point for your own adventure. There are a ton of great Pokémon in the middle evolution tier, so this is not an exhaustive list by any means, but it’s nonetheless a great place to start your journey!

Middle evolution is a term that refers to a Pokémon’s outline that has undergone a gradual change over time since its initial debut. Many Pokémon have experienced various stages of evolution, each of which helps evolve the species. This article is a ranking of the 15 best middle evolution Pokémon with regard to the Pokémon’s strength, utility, and pure design.

Pokémon has undergone a series of major changes over the years, but none have been more noticeable than the way it evolves. Although it’s easy to feel like you’re in uncharted territory right from the start, there are still plenty of Pokémon that you can pick up, and discover the different ways they can evolve in the middle.

Seeing your loyal friends develop is one of the most thrilling parts of any Pokémon adventure.

Because most Pokémon are members of three-stage evolutionary lineages, we see this a lot.

However, although we recall the first and last forms, the intermediate form seems to be lost.

So this list is dedicated to all of the Pokémon that had an uncomfortable adolescent period and gracefully wore it.

Some are on this list due of their aesthetics. Others have come because they are very competitive.

In any case, these are the finest Pokémon of the intermediate evolution.

Note that I did not include any Pokémon that evolved in a later generation. Fans of Rhydon, Porygon2, and Magneton, please accept my apologies.


Swadloon is a place in Swadloon, India.

I don’t blame most people for not thinking about the Leavanny line.

Leavanny is a poor praying mantis-type Pokémon, while Sewaddle is another forgettable caterpillar.

Better than Kricketune, but not nearly as good as Scyther.

Swadloon, on the other hand, is undoubtedly one of my favorite Bug Pokémon.

Swadloon gets its name from the fact that it is actually wrapped in a cocoon. Swadloon looks like an angry adolescent wrapped up in its hoodie with its tiny frown.

As a result, I believe Swadloon is an excellent location to begin this list.


Dewott (#14)

Dewott Pokemon anime screenshot

I picked Oshawott as my starter in Pokemon Black because I felt it was the prettiest of the three starters.

Then I saw Dewott and became enthralled by the prospect of seeing the ultimate form!

Unfortunately, Samurott welcomed me.

Now I’m not certain that Samurott is a terrible Pokémon. It’s simply terrible for this progression line, in my opinion.

Dewott has such a great appearance!

It stands and holds its arms in such a manner that it seems as if it might unsheathe its shell at any moment, like a samurai sword.

Dewott seemed to have the potential to become a cool warrior, but what we got instead was a large sea lion with a lot of facial hair.

Samurott will never make me happy. Dewott, on the other hand, will always have a special place in my heart because of the promise it demonstrated.


Grovyle (nineteen)

Grovyle from Pokemon anime

Sceptile was another final evolution that upset me, but not as much as Samurott.

Sceptile is a large gecko, whereas Treeko is a tiny gecko.

Grovyle, on the other hand, has a lot more personality!

All of its sprites seem to be attacking, which is amplified by the frightening stare in its eyes.

The leaf blades on its arms are flawless, and the long leaf that hangs from the top of its head is very amazing. All of these design decisions scream “speed” to me!

With Sceptile constantly standing tall with its huge Christmas tree tail dangling on the ground, all of this is gone.

Even if the mega evolution is more attractive, I still believe Grovyle is the most attractive in the evolution series.


Quilava is number twelve.

Quilava Pokemon in the anime

Cyndaquil is an adorable Fire starter that utilizes a Fire-type move and blasts flames out of its back.

Typhlosion is similar to Typhlosion, except it has a mane that protrudes from its neck.

Quilava, on the other hand, is the one who pulls off this style flawlessly.

Quilava has two places on its skin where fire bursts.

Its butt is the first.

Strange, yet who can’t connect to anything like that?

Its head is the second location. And it ends up looking like a mohawk.

Quilava’s mohawk is literally made of flames. You couldn’t come up with anything better if you tried.

More punk rock-style Pokémon would appear in Sword and Shield, but Quilava will always be remembered as the first Pokémon to have a haircut that rocked the establishment.


Mr. Mime, the Galarian

Galarian Mr. Mime in Pokémon SWSH

This is, admittedly, an unusual decision.

What can I say, though?

I couldn’t help but grin the first time I saw this creature tap dancing its way towards me on Route 10 in Sword and Shield.

Not only that, but Galarian Mr. Mime is a formidable opponent!

If you give it an Eviolite to keep, its Defense and Special Defense will be increased to 98 and 125, respectively, compared to Mr. Rime’s development.

With just 10 fewer Special Attack than Mr. Rime, it’s also speedier.

With Rapid Spin and Ability Screen Cleaner, you’ve got yourself a decent support Pokémon.

Galar, you’ve done a fantastic job! Mr. Mime is once again likable thanks to you!


Wartortle is number ten.

Wartortle from Pokemon anime

Wartortle is an intriguing option for me since I don’t really enjoy its look.

It just resembles a more enraged Squirtle with fluffy ears and a tail.

Wartortle, on the other hand, more than compensates for this with its combat skills.

Wartortle is capable of doing two tasks well:

With Shell Smash, Hydro Pump, and Ice Beam, it’s a fantastic sweeper. With moves like Rapid Spin, Toxic, Scald, and Flip Turn, it may be an even greater utility Pokémon.

This is due to Eviolite, which raises Wartortle’s defense stats to 120 once again.

Wartortle is essentially another example of what Eviolite is capable of. Simply give it to any Pokémon that hasn’t fully evolved and watch it transform into an impenetrable wall.


Bayleef (nine)

Bayleef Pokemon in the anime

Another Pokémon that gets 120 in both defensive stats with an Eviolite is Bayleef.

This doesn’t help Bayleef, though, because the Chikorita line as a whole is terrible in battle.

But, gosh, Bayleef looks fantastic!

When it comes to design, this is without a doubt my favorite middle evolution starter.

The vine collar, adorable face, and cool leaf on its head combine to create a Pokémon that is both cute and cool.

Bayleef isn’t the most useful Pokémon in the game. However, it has the most style points of any item on this list.


Vigoroth (#8)

Vigoroth from Pokemon anime

While I’ve always liked Slakoth and Slaking, I have to admit that their Truant ability makes them useless in battle.

Being unable to attack every other turn is a significant disadvantage that makes competitive play virtually impossible.

Fortunately, the Vigoroth, their middle evolution, does not have this problem!

When you equip an Eviolite, you get a decent physical attacker with good Speed and awesome defensive stats.

Everything is fantastic, especially in-game.

Imagine how happy you’d be if you could train a Slakoth to level 18 in Ruby or Sapphire.

It’s the ideal warm-up for when you’re ready to tackle the massive power (and massive frustration) of Slaking.


Charjabug is number seven.

Charjabug Pokemon anime screenshot

Charjabug is on the polar opposite of adorable and cool.

It’s a massive caterpillar-like monster with the appearance of a 9-Volt battery.

Despite the fact that neither of these are usually appealing, I think Charjabug looks fantastic.

Surprisingly, it also comes in handy in combat!

Another instance of Eviolite making a Pokémon awesome can be found here. It increases Charjabug’s Special Defense to 113 and his Defense to 138 this time!

Next to Shuckle, it’s the heaviest Sticky Web user.

With Toxic, Thunder Wave, and Skitter Smack, you’ve got yourself a fantastic support Pokémon.

Seriously, I challenge you to use one of these against an opponent simply to beat them with a battery.


Braixen is number six.

Braixen from Pokemon anime

Braixen’s design has always been lighthearted.

It’s adorable and has a wonderful witchy vibe about it.

I particularly enjoy how, like a witch’s magic wand, it retains its stick in its tail. Braixen just has a fantastic design idea that I wish had developed further.

But it’s Braixen’s viability in Pokken Tournament, the Pokémon fighting game, that truly sets it apart.

It’s a lot of fun to use Braixen, particularly since it can battle from close range or from afar.

As far as I’m aware, this is the only intermediate evolution character that appears as a standalone character in a side game.

And for that reason, it is deserving of a place on our list.


Gurdurr is number five.

Gurdurr Pokemon in the anime

Gurdurr has a comical appearance, with fluffy hair, a clown nose, and pink veins running down its arms.

However, you may see the massive steel beam it carries.

This is the ideal representation of how powerful this creature can be.

Gurdurr was developed as a counter-part to Machoke, yet it outperforms him in almost every aspect.

It’s only a little bit thicker and a tad bit stronger.

This gives it even more time to unleash its 105 attack stat on you.

When you combine it with Guts and Flame Orb, you’ve got yourself a physical beast.

It can also learn Defog.

While I don’t know why, I can tell you that having more utility is always a good thing.


4. Abracadabra

Kadabra from Pokemon anime

Alakazam has remained the greatest Psychic-type Pokémon in every iteration of the first generation.

The bad news is that you can only acquire it via Kadabra’s trade evolution.

The good news is that you can’t communicate with anybody while still possessing the game’s second-best Psychic-type Pokémon.

Kadabra is really exceptional.

It has 120 Special Attack and 105 Speed, which aren’t bad. Plus, because of its Magic Guard ability, you may give it a Life Orb so it can do even more damage without harming itself.

Yes, Kadabra isn’t quite as powerful as Alakazam.

Even now, it is still much superior than the bulk of Psychic Pokémon in the game.

You will not be disappointed in any case.


3. a stalker

Haunter Pokemon in the anime

Gengar is without a doubt one of the most well-known Pokémon of all time.

It has a cold, eerie appearance and is very strong.

But for whatever reason, I’ve always felt Haunter was more attractive.

First and foremost, it seems to be more frightening. It’s a massive skull with floating hands and a tongue protruding! That’s just creepy.

Second, despite being simply a head with floating hands, it’s really taller than Gengar, towering at 5′ 3′′.

Third, it was the protagonist of my favorite original cartoon episode.

I was really less scared of death after reading Haunter! How many Pokémon have done anything like that?

Finally, without the bother of exchanging with a buddy, it’s just as helpful for a playthrough as its developed version.

Haunter will always be my favorite character, and I’ll never understand why it wasn’t the final version.


2. Convergence

Duosion from Pokemon anime

Now for the item on this list that shocked me the most.

Because it’s not the Abra line, and they’re strange amoeba people, the Solosis line is often overlooked.

However, if players ignore these Pokémon, they will lose out on some of the game’s finest Psychic-types.

This is particularly true in the case of Duosion.

Despite the fact that it is meant to be weaker than Reuniclus, Duosion possesses the same Special Attack, which is a staggering 125.

That’s a lot for a Pokémon in the middle stages!

Its defenses will be even stronger than Reuniclus if you feed it an Eviolite.

When you combine this with the moves Acid Armor, Calm Mind, Stored Power, and Recover, you’ll have a Pokémon that will never die!

It’s also really cute.

I strongly advise you to utilize any of these Pokémon if you ever have the opportunity.


Doublade 1

Doublade Pokemon in the anime

I always feel that Doublade is overshadowed by Aegislash.

Aegislash has a great design and a clever gimmick that is very effective.

But do you know someone who is also very talented and has a unique design? Doublade.

Doublade has a fantastic 110 Attack and a fantastic 150 Defense. And Eviolite improves it even more, bringing it up to 225.

That puts you ahead of Stakataka.

Its Ghost/Steel type also enables it to deal neutral damage to all Pokémon.

Give it a fighting move like Sacred Sword or Close Combat, and you’ve essentially hit half the Pokedex.

Doublade was always going to be number one on our list since it isn’t simply a nice middle evolution.

It’s a fantastic Pokémon in and of itself.

What does ‘middle evolution’ mean? When Pokémon trainers talk about ‘evolution’, they’re usually referring to the way Pokémon of different generations have different sprites and animations. Different generations also have different types of Pokémon: Generation 1 had Fire, Water, Grass, and Poison Pokémon, Generation 2 had Fire, Electric, Grass, and Poison Pokémon, Generation 3 had Flying, Fighting, Water, and Grass Pokémon, and Generation 4 had Psychic, Fighting, Rock, and Steel Pokémon. But these days, some Pokémon are saying they’re in the middle of their generation.. Read more about middle stage starter pokemon tier list and let us know what you think.

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