Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Fire Rescue HD Review (Switch)

The game: Ty Tasmanian Tiger 2 : Bush Fire Rescue HD
Genre : Action, adventure, platformSystem : Nintendo Switch (also on PC, PS4 and Xbox)
Developer/Publisher: The age rating of Crome Studio is : EU 3+ | USA All
Price : US $29.99 | UK £23.99 | EU €29.99 Release date
: 30. March 2021

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Back in seconds

Ty Tasmanian Tiger is back for his second broadcast with Bush Fire Rescue. A game that rewrites the formula of the original game while still keeping the Australian characters from the first game alive. I reviewed the first Ty Tasmanian Tiger, which you can find here. Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2 was released in 2004 on the Gamecube, PS2 and Xbox. In January 2021, the game was relaunched in a new HD edition thanks to a vibrant fan base that backed the game on Kickstarter. But is this project worth saving from the age of video games? Or should that be history?

Who are you calling Sonic?


Cass (the bird), the bad guy, has escaped from prison thanks to new bad guy Fluffy (the lizard), and Ty and his friends must get him back behind bars while completing a few side missions. The game opens with a unique action scene where Ty runs around defeating enemies with his boomerangs.

Then, before you know it, Ty jumps into the mecha and takes out the giant robots. It looks like what we’re used to seeing at the end of a video game, but that’s just the opening segment. After this adrenaline rush, things calm down quickly and the game transitions to a more open world.

needs a bigger Mech.

New approach

Gone is the collectible gameplay of the first game in the series. This time around, you’ll find yourself in a large open world where you’ll run around and complete missions to advance the story. These missions range from mini-games to helicopter rescues, taking out the many enemies in the environment, and of course lots of platformers. At first this new structure seemed a bit confusing after the first game, this time it is much more non-linear. There’s a handy mini-map in the bottom right corner of the screen that you can zoom into, giving you an idea of where the next mission is.

You can complete missions in any order, and there’s plenty of exploration, as well as an exciting go-kart mini-game. Sure, it’s no Mario Kart, but it takes us back to the wonderful days of games where developers introduced as many mechanics into the game as possible. You can also play a two-player split-screen card game from the main menu, which is great. The scarves you collected in the first game now act as currency in this title, constantly being dropped and scraped by enemies. You can then trade them in for new weapons and other unlockable items, such as new mechs. You can also collect silver pins, this time as currency to unlock new cosmetics.

It will take more than a boomerang to solve this problem.

Updating the graphic interface

Graphically, Ty 2 is an improvement over the first game. This time Ty 2 looks like he has two separate eyeballs, unlike the first game where he looked like Sonic the Hedgehog with one eyeball. The environment is warm, colorful and pretty standard for 3D platforms. The environments weren’t as varied as in the first game, but the variety of enemies has certainly increased, and there are NPCs hanging around in areas, bringing little bits of life to the open world.

Thanks to the HD Boost on the Switch, the game works perfectly in both manual and TV modes. The frame rate is a bit lower this time around, but that doesn’t hurt the gameplay, and there’s a lot more to see on the screen. The cutscenes are now in the engine, not the ugly, crooked look of the original, and the terrible voice acting is fully intact here. Yes, the terrible Australian puns are present and accounted for. I don’t know what happened between the first and second game, but Ty’s voice is even higher now and very irritating, bordering on migraine. Lucky for me, this game has subtitles.

Why did the turtle disrupt the go-kart race?

Good behaviour

The controls are essentially the same, but this time Ty can now grind along rails, which seems inspired by Sonic Adventure 2 on the Dreamcast. With its new open world approach, TY 2 really feels like a game that’s starting to take its own direction, rather than adopting bits and pieces from other 3D platformers like the first game did.

This awesome new feature lets you control a variety of vehicles, including cars, karts and mechas, all of which are highly controllable. The latter can be used to extinguish fires and even under water. My only concern is that the jumps are still often awkward. The moments when you navigate the high-altitude platforms and fall off mean a slow and boring climb back up to try again.

Helicopter Rescue

Content manager

Ty 2 will keep you busy for a while. The main campaign lasts over 10 hours, and there are many items to collect and unlock along the way. The overall difficulty is easy to medium, which means it’s a game that probably won’t stress you out too much.

The battles are still pretty simple, and even the boss fights have pretty simple patterns to overcome, just move and wait for your moment to strike. The simple controls allowed me to dip in and out of portable mode with relative ease.

Glad to see sheep in the game.


This is Ty Tasmanian Tiger 2: Is Bush Fire Rescue HD better than the original? It’s different now. Some will miss the collectible gameplay, but others will be happy with the new open world setup. Personally, I like games where you can try new things, and even though Ty’s voice gave me a headache, I had a lot of fun exploring the world and participating in the mini-games in the go-kart.

A true Ty 2 success story, a game that fans clearly love. The fact that the game came to the Switch thanks to fans on Kickstarter shows that the series clearly has fans that are alive and ready to tackle Ty on new systems. I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did. Hopefully we get to see Ty 3 in one day.

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How do you load…

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