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There have been many times that I have had problems buying games from Steam and have had to resort to purchasing them from other websites. Usually, this is because Steam has been offline and I didn’t have the money to spend on some of the games I wanted. One such game I have spent a lot of money on recently is Super Meat Boy, which I had to buy from Steam’s competitor, Impulse.

It’s Friday and you can’t find any games to play on Steam. No big deal, you say. It happens to the best of us. But what happens when it happens on a regular basis? What if the games you do find on Steam are priced so high that you can’t afford them? What if you can’t find any games at all? What if you can’t buy games at all?

When you’re on the hunt for some new games, you might want to check out a few different stores and see what you can find. Unfortunately, some of them have been hit by a recent uptick in customer service problems. The common scenario is that customers are browsing the store’s website and click on a link to add a new game to their cart. Clicking on that link may cause the website to act like it can’t connect to the store’s database, so the customer is forced to click the “get help” button that appears on the website’s home page. That in turn sends the customer to a web page where they’re asked to provide the store’s customer service number. Some customers that end up in this situation report that they’re

The Steam Pending Transaction Error may occur if there is an issue with the payment gateway you selected or if the payment method you used to add a game to your profile does not have enough balance. While the reliability of your network connection is seldom to fault for this error, it is almost always due to a problem with your payment partner.

There’s no better place to buy the newest PC games at affordable rates than Steam, but the service doesn’t always function as it should. Steam does an excellent job of removing the bother of utilizing physical Blu-Ray disks to install titles larger than 50GB. The mistakes you encounter on Steam may be as irritating as they are convenient.

We’ll take you through how to repair a pending transaction issue on Steam in this tutorial. If the money goes through to the merchant’s account, the pending transaction notice will usually go away on its own. If the problem notice persists and the game has yet to be added to your account, you may try completing the purchase with a different payment method, although this is not always possible. Here’s what you should do to resolve the pending transaction issue on Steam.

Don’t start using the troubleshooting procedures yet! Have you checked to see whether the Steam servers are up and functioning, as well as all other services? Here you may check the status of the Steam server. Before continuing with your purchase, it is strongly advised that you wait for everything (for the area you chose on your profile) to come back up.

To get rid of the Steam Error Message, first cancel the pending transaction.

Why does Steam show a pending transaction error? It’s almost certainly because your payment for a game didn’t go through, and the game didn’t appear in your profile when you attempted to make the purchase again. The best course of action now is to cancel the prior transaction and try again with a new payment method.

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Here’s how to cancel a pending Steam transaction:

  1. On your computer, open the Steam client.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Account information’ section of Steam’s window using the drop-down menu that shows when you click on your profile’s name in the upper right corner.
  3. When you click on the ‘View purchase history’ link, a list of all of your past purchases appears. This link may be found under the ‘Account information’ page, under the ‘Store and Purchase History’ section.
  4. Choose the pending transaction from the list that appears and cancel it.

Return to your cart and try again to complete your payment. The Steam Pending Transaction Error should no longer appear.

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That didn’t work, did it? You’re covered in Step 2!

Step 2: Try again with a different method of payment.

It’s time to alter the method you pay for your game if the last thing your payment wants to do is go through and give you the game.

Payments for Steam purchases that fail to complete for a variety of reasons. Perhaps your credit card has surpassed its monthly limit, or the debit card you’re using has insufficient funds. For example, if a game costs $29.99 but you only have $30 on your card, things may not go as planned. It may be because your card company charges a fee for such purchases. To be on the safe side when it comes to transaction costs, make sure you have at least a $5 excess over the game’s price.

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A failsafe method for purchasing games on Steam is to use the built-in Steam Wallet. All you got to do is add some funds to your Wallet and take the games you like with 1 click. Using Steam Wallet balance saves you the trouble of entering OTP for your transaction viz. no need to go through any of that card verification procedure that your provider has in place.

Can’t finish your purchase through the Steam app on PC, even having your Steam Wallet balance?

Step 3: Go to the Steam Web Store and buy your game.

Whether you’re experiencing difficulty making a purchase via the Steam app on Windows, you may always log in to your account through a web browser and check if the transaction goes through.

Still having problems with the Steam Pending Transaction Error? If you wish to solve this issue, you should contact Valve support.

Let us know if you were able to resolve the pending transaction issue on Steam using our troubleshooting instructions in the comments below!

I purchased a digital copy of “Bastion” from Steam and now I can’t play it. I’ve checked all my computers and I’m able to download and play games on all of them. My Steam account is enabled and everything is fine, but the game is not accessible from my library. I’ve tried contacting Steam support and everything worked fine, but I still can’t play it. I’ve also tried contacting the developer of the game (Supergiant Games) and they responded to me, but they told me that the problem isn’t on their end and it might be a Steam issue.. Read more about your transaction cannot be completed because you have another pending transaction on your account. and let us know what you think.

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