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To Blizzard.

The 23rd. Feb. 20, around 6 p.m., the HOTS streamer on Twitch played ARAM.

And a player named Cat didn’t play, he just faked it with no skill.

According to the Twitch chat, it’s a macro, and Cat is known for it in the HOTS community.

When Streamer wanted to interview Kat, he agreed. This way he can become even better known in the HOTS community.

Ability to play 10 storm leagues on a single computer

This screenshot was taken by Cat herself.

He said I could break down any inhibitions Blizzard gives a player. IP locks, hardware locks, whatever you want. The method of circumventing the ban is the same as that of Fortnite. (He didn’t go into detail).

He has opened new accounts several times on an Argentine server where the currency for gems is cheap.

It runs 10 HOTS games on a single computer, allowing it to scale up quickly. As you can see from this picture, he did all 10 cats with one computer.

He’s so abused that the KR HOTS community knows Cat is a macro user.

That was only part of the problem. After creating many accounts, he shared them with his group.

These people used accounts to troll, smurf, spy on streamers and abuse them.

They were even able to report to GM without a loss.

41 games, 41 GM victories 305 points

Cat told people that HappyRogue is one of his accounts and that he wins 100% of the time at GM.

Yes, they can do anything in HOTS.

When someone pisses this group off, they spring into action to make sure that person loses their game by intentionally dying.

Not just once, but all the time.

No point in signing up as they have many accounts at all levels.

People who are not familiar with this group and are hurt in their game are frustrated with playing this game. So we conducted a survey to see what the KR HOTS community thought of the macro.

(I was actually going to translate this survey into English, but some people might say I might change the results, so I’ll leave it that way).

There were 219 unduplicated responses to this survey.

(April 1, 2021) (Only an authorized login from the Korean Naver website will be used).


  1. Have you ever played HOTS?

Yes: 219

No: 0


If you have played HOTS, what is your current level in HOTS? (including Smurfs)

1~100 : 8

100~300 : 18

300~600 : 37

600~1000 : 60

more than 1000 : 96


  1. Are you playing HOTS right now?

Yes: 156

No: 63


  1. If your answer is no, what is the reason you are not playing the game?

I’m not interested in this game anymore: 61

No time to play this game: 10

Computer problem: 7

No answer: 141


  1. If you’re not interested in this game, why are you picking it?

I can’t be satisfied with the fact that voting is often prohibited: 46

For trolls, macro, smurfs: 102

It’s not funny: 30

Can’t play well with friends: 22

Too much time to adjust: 63

No answer: 96

(This question can be answered by more than one person).


6. How many macro accounts do you think are in HOTS?

They’re gone: 4

That’s okay: 30

Not much: 45

A little: 79

Bound: 59

No answer: 2


  1. How often do you encounter trolls, smurfs, and intentional deaths of players while playing HOTS?

1 in 10 matches: 25

2~3 out of 10 games: 69

4~5 out of 10 games : 57

6~7 out of 10 games : 45

I don’t know: 23


  1. Do you play other modes (Quick Match, Aram, etc.) to avoid trolls, smurfs, or players who die on purpose?

No, I haven’t: 65

Sometimes: 49

Several times: 59

Anytime: 44

No answer: 2

https://preview.redd.it/gsbb4jjvrws61.jpg?width=799&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=33833ba41a0bd8ad8538d1e5d09819 cc6ef85

  1. How effective do you think the reporting system is when you report someone?

It never works: 122

It doesn’t work very well: 74

It works: 14

It’s working fine: 2

Works very well: 6

No answer: 1


  1. If your answer is that it never works and doesn’t work well, why do you think that?

There are no restrictions on account management: 54

It is not known whether this person was banned or not: 66

Too many bills, even if the reporting system works: 79

Too convenient to use other accounts even if there are restrictions: 133

Other reasons: 125

No answer: 28

(This question can be answered by more than one person).

https://preview.redd.it/txon9ztxrws61.jpg?width=822&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=5000aab 0caa240a489530e1f1559ec66d3148

  1. Do you think people need smurfs to play HOTS?

Yes: 91

No: 127

No answer: 1


  1. How many people do you think have Smurfs in HOT?

I don’t know: 18

There are several: 60

No answer: 1

A lot of people: 77

That’s okay: 2

Almost everything: 61


  1. If people want Smurfs, how many do they need?

1 : 137

2 : 34

3 : 13

About 4 : 16

No answer: 19


  1. Do you agree with the requirement of caller ID to prevent excessive smurfing ?

Yes: 195

No: 22

We understand that people don’t play the game anymore because it’s not fun.

This applies to all games.

But we need to stop bullying others.

Many KR streamers have left HOTS due to harassment. (The worst of the problems)

Players also leave HOTS for the same reason.

Their goal is to get people to stop using HOTS.

Now we have to stop him, and we need Blizzard’s help. Help us, Blizzard.

From the KR sever HOTS community.

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