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I’ve been a hardcore gamer my whole life, but over the last few years I’ve noticed a shift in the way I play games. Gone are the days of a single game I fall in love with, and I can’t wait to play, and I can barely survive the few hours it takes to play through the main story. Instead, my gaming experience has become more about the following:  A desire to play with a small group of friends.  A desire to have fun, rather than to win.  A desire to play through different games, rather than play my favorite ones over and over again.  A desire to explore, rather than to complete.  A desire to play games with games I enjoy,

You better take that joystick and look at the sky, because Squadrons are here !!! Squadrons is a casual multiplayer dogfighting game. Take to the skies on a mission to take down alien invaders, or each other in the most realistic air combat game ever made. We have an abundance of weapons to choose from, and even customize your squadron to make sure you’re in the best shape to out-fly the competition.

Squadrons is a new game from designer Michael Perry that puts forward a new concept for board games: an objective-driven game in which you play with dozens of opponents and can join up with other players in a squadron to score points. The game is designed to be both fast and easy to play and to introduce new players to the world of board games.

Final Fantasy XIV’s Adventurer Squadrons were introduced in Patch 3.4. This feature enables users to enroll a group of NPC adventurers in their Grand Company and send them on missions to earn prizes.

If you’ve ever fantasized of leading your own squad of cat guys and little potato people, XIV has the feature for you.

Squadrons, on the other hand, aren’t readily apparent. You’ll get access to them via your Grand Company, which is easy to overlook as a rookie player.

You’ll be able to send your NPCs on their own missions, rewarding you with goods and experience, if you put together a team.

Once you get started, it’s a pretty low-effort activity to keep up with, so we’ll go through how to get the most out of your squadron.

But first, let’s go through the fundamentals.


What Is the Process for Unlocking Squadrons?

To unlock your Squadron, you must have achieved the rank of Second Lieutenant in your Grand Company of choice and be level 47.

You’ll also need to unlock the Challenge Log, which is simple to accomplish given that the quest needed unlocks at level 15.

Simply visit Limsa Lominsa and talk with I’tolwann at the Drowning Wench.

It doesn’t matter if you choose Immortal Flames, Twin Adder, or Maelstrom; after you’ve met the requirements, go to their headquarters and search for the task “Squadron and Commander.”

The trip to level 47 is the most time-consuming aspect of unlocking Squadrons, although ranking up with your Grand Company may still take some time.

Consider ranking up with your Grand Company in addition to your regular levels if you want to access this function as soon as feasible.

After you’ve finished “Squadron and Commander,” a new location in your Grand Company HQ will become available: The Barracks.

You can manage your personnel, recruiting, and tasks at the Barracks.

There’s also an armoire and a fancy dresser to help your recruits look their best (or yourself).


How can I get access to new recruits?

As you accomplish entries in the Challenge Log, more recruits will become available.


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You’ll have a chance to unlock a new recruit every time you finish an entry. These, along with any other pertinent Squadron information, may be found at the Barracks.

You may recruit up to eight people at the same time.

Despite the fact that tasks only need a four-person crew.

This allows you some leeway in assembling your squad to meet the mission’s requirements.

Because you’ll only have three members at first, it’s probably not a good idea to be overly fussy. Fill up your roster, then get rid of any players you don’t like as your choices expand.

If you’re having trouble recruiting new recruits and want to improve your chances, your Grand Company may sell you a Squadron Enlistment Manual.

This costs 2000 seals and increases your chances of obtaining a new recruit — for as long as no one applies.


Who Should I Approach for Recruiting?

The same basic classes apply to your recruits as they do to player characters:

Arcanist, Marauder, Archer, Lancer, Gladiator, Thaumaturge, Pugilist, Rogue

You won’t be able to “promote” them to more specialized professions like Paladin, Warrior, or Bard since their maximum level is 60.


Squadron members at level 50 / FFXIV screenshotAll Rights Reserved. Image source: u/angelichowl / SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.


Statistics are provided per class.

Some classes will be evenly balanced, while others will have a single strong stat while being poor in all others.

You want to make your team as varied as possible so that you can fulfill the missions’ stat requirements.

Your recruits will join your team as a certain class, but they are not obligated to stay in that class. A Contemporary Warfare book may be used to alter a recruit’s class; they can be bought for 3000 Company Seals from the Grand Company merchants.

These may also be earned as bonuses for completing tasks under specific circumstances.

With that in mind, there are just two constant variables to consider with your new hires.

Although you can’t alter their gender, it does have an impact on their look and beauty choices.

You also have no control on their race, which has an effect on your squadron’s prospective performance.

Chemistry bonuses are influenced by race. Chemistry is basically a bonus that allows you to earn extra prizes based on who the recruit is paired with.

You may gain extra goods, currencies, or free Contemporary Warfare books if you can fulfill that requirement.

For example, if a recruit is paired with someone of the same race, they may have a ten percent chance of acquiring Materia.

This enables you to personalize your squadron depending on the prizes you want to earn during your time in charge.

Chemistry may also be altered.

When you return from a mission, other ones may emerge, prompting you to select between them. You may see the new Chemistry bonus before accepting it, but you won’t be able to alter your mind if you don’t like it.


How Do I Raise My Squadron’s Level?

You may send your squad on missions by chatting with the Squadron Sergeant.

You should consider using the Training Regiments initially, depending on your play style.


Serpent Squadron Sergeant Enlistment Papers / FFXIV screenshotAll Rights Reserved. Image source: unknown / SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.


You may utilize them to temporarily enhance your Squadron’s numbers in certain areas, thereby maximizing their abilities for a single operation.

It takes an hour to finish one of these, and you may do up to three each day.

If you have the time, you should complete these before sending them on a Squadron Mission, but if you don’t, you should concentrate on Squadron Missions for the most EXP gain.

Squadron Missions take 18 hours to complete in real time.

So you’ll have to return the next day to send them out again!

Priority Missions will be issued to you in addition to your Squadron Missions. Only one of them may be accomplished each week, so choose the one that provides the best rewards for your objectives.

Finally, you may participate in Command Missions.

You’ll be joined in combat by three recruits, akin to the Shadowbringers’ Trust system.

Because the AI isn’t excellent, they may be a little tricky, and you’ll have to try a lot until you discover a method that works consistently for you.

Furthermore, the reward-to-time-invested ratio isn’t very favorable.

Focus on Squadron and Priority missions if you want to play as effectively as possible.

Managing a Squadron is also required for reaching the greatest level in your Grand Company.

If that’s something you want to accomplish, you should start using this feature right now.

There are plenty of online games out there that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to play. There are also other games that are free, but may have a cost associated with them. These cost range from a few dollars to something as large as $1,000. So what are these cost? Are they worth it to play?. Read more about squadron size and let us know what you think.

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