EVE Echoes’ Exploration update launches tomorrow with new CONCORD pass after a slight COVID delay

CCP has just announced that the Emergency Zero-Delay Code (EVE Echoes) update has been delayed until tomorrow (thanks to the COVID bug).

EVE Online’s Exploration update is going live tomorrow, and CCP is just about ready to test it. One of the more substantial changes will be the New Command Complexes, which will weigh a lot more than the old CONCORD complexes and have new bonuses. The update will also have a new PLEX Pass, which will be made available on a cautious basis to pilots who have the update installed.

EVE Echoes has good news and bad news. The good news is that the exploration update is significant and ongoing. The bad news is that the patch was delayed from yesterday to Friday due to the pandemic that continues to plague the world. Because of the impact of the epidemic in the city where we work, the development team will be conducting nucleic acid testing and working from home, the team said. We know you (and we) were all very excited about the upcoming Exploration Update. Due to the increasing congestion in our area and its impact on development, we have unfortunately had to delay updating the exploration. We will keep you posted on any new information regarding containment and thank you for your patience and support! In particular, the Exploration Update introduces neutrino resonance wave technology for space exploration, the Nihilus space map, a new type of nanocore module, and two new tasks: Reverse engineering of the dead space module and reverse engineering of the nanocore. CCP and Netease have also released a season pass, which appears to be called the CONCORD pass. CONCORD provided Capsuleers with the CONCORD Passport, which allows for the exchange of research and testing data between the two parties. CONCORD will provide appropriate rewards and benefits. This pass is initially on a trial basis and may be cancelled by CONCORD at any time. In the event of premature termination of the pass, the capsuleer to whom the pass is assigned shall be compensated accordingly. The pass has an expiration date after which CONCORD will no longer provide reimbursement. As stated in the passport, CONCORD will give capsuleers a rare thermomagnetic storm nanocore, nanocore training materials and skill points as a reward for their participation. By sharing more data, CONCORD will provide capsulators with more mission opportunities. This pass is only available for a limited time. Such opportunities are rare. CONCORD thanks the capsulators for their active participation and the information provided in the feedback. Here’s more on our next reconnaissance update! https://t.co/vNDVuSl4xY pic.twitter.com/YALVj7oIAW – EVE Echoes (@EveEchoes) 3. June 2021 View

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