Next-Gen Tennis World Tour 2 Review: More Update Than Overhaul

Next-Gen Tennis World Tour 2, a sequel to the best-selling Next Gen Tennis game from last-generation, has been in development for over a year now, but is still far from completion. What’s the hold up? The development team at Next Gen Tennis have not only made it their goal to outdo the original, but they’re also striving to make the game feel more complete, and worthy of a sequel.

Next-Gen Tennis World Tour 2 Review: More Update Than Overhaul

Next-Gen Tennis World Tour 2 Review: More Update Than Overhaul It’s been a while since we’ve had a tennis game that’s been on the frontline of tennis gaming. Those that have been around for a while, such as EA Sports’ Tennis, are feeling the need to change things up a bit. Next-Gen Tennis World Tour 2 is a game that is feeling the need to change things up even more. For one, it’s looking a lot nicer, with a better color palette and animations than before. The tennis is also looking a bit more modern and realistic than in the past.

Although Tennis World Tour 2 is a big improvement over its predecessor in many ways, there is still a lot of room for improvement. You don’t have to wait for Tennis World Tour 3 for some of these improvements, as the game’s mandatory next-gen update is already out. All Ace Edition buyers or annual pass holders get free access to the new update Tennis World Tour 2 . However, if you only own the standard digital edition of the game, you’ll only get a 50% discount if you buy the next-gen version. This discount may not be enough for some to make a purchase. Tennis World Tour 2 for the new generation looks more like the previous generation’s version with some nice new elements and extra content than a makeover or a completely new game. While the game has taken a step forward with its presentation and connection to the real tennis world, it still seems stuck in the past due to some frustrating gameplay issues that can only hinder the action on the court. Let’s take a look at how Tennis World Tour 2 has improved since its move to next-gen consoles, and then examine the elements that are still preventing the game from winning a Grand Slam this time around.

Next-Gen Tennis World Tour 2 – which one is better?

Graphics and lay-out

The players’ models always look like living figures from a wax museum. However, all players look and move slightly more realistically than in the last generation TWT2version. There are more variations in the way different professionals hit the ball from the ground, play the ball or even pitch. This means that they are now even more visible. As the game progresses, there seem to be constant inserts and cutscenes where players react to the progress of a particular point. These elements add a new layer of realism and help you stay involved in the race. Of course you want players to be excited when they win a point in a long rally, or disappointed when they miss the mark. Tennis World Tour 2 causes such reactions quite often. Even simple things like asking your player to get the balls from the ball boy, or a quick cleanup with a towel, or checking the strings of the racket for tension between points are appreciated. It’s little things like that that make you feel like you’re watching a real TV show.

Career mode

word-image-6496 There are several ways to improve the career mode in Tennis World Tour 2 , but none more important than the ability to eliminate the uninteresting skill card bonus system that has always been a staple of the mode. These cards, which you can buy with your career earnings, allow you to improve your attributes or weaken your opponent’s skills for a certain amount of time during a match. They really don’t belong in a tennis simulator, so it’s a good thing you can just knock them out (you can do the same in practice matches). There are also new additions such as the ATP Cup, which further expands the career mode. The ATP Cup is another real tennis tournament (and a unique international competition similar to the Davis Cup) in addition to the existing ones. There are also some new players here. This is your chance to take on someone like Andy Murray. This of course gives you the opportunity to use Murray or a new legend like Maria Sharapova in other modes such as online play, which should give you more choice and variety. It is also hoped that matchmaking events will become a regular part of your career. It often happens that you are eliminated in the singles of a tournament, but in the same tournament you immediately advance to the doubles. Not only does it provide a realistic view of the life of a professional tennis player, but it also breaks the monotony of the game mode by allowing you to play what can sometimes seem like a completely different sport.

Next-Gen Tennis World Tour 2 – What’s not to like about



Anyone who has played Top Spin 4 or even Full Ace Tennis Simulator on the PC should be familiar with the ball striking techniques in TWT2 . In theory, it’s a simple mini game. You have to press the button at the right time for an accurate shot and hold it down longer to give your shot more power, at the risk of sacrificing some accuracy if your timing is off. In practice, this is a bit riskier than it should be, as the results are not consistent. This happens most often when you try to aim while firing a shot. Sometimes there is an open side where you try to hit a point, but your direction doesn’t register and you just shoot the ball straight down the middle. Another problem is the smoothness of the animation. The lack of moisture often causes players to crawl to the ball when they can’t actually reach it. The limitations of this department sometimes make the game feel like it’s on rails. The downside is that there are frustrating moments where you press the button to hit a ball that seems to be in range, but the game doesn’t give you the animation. In these situations, the ball flies away and your player does nothing. As for the storage, it can be said that it seemed better before I played a lot Full Ace Tennis Simulatorthe balance between power and accuracy so well. The mechanism of Tennis World Tour 2 looks like a simplified mini-game with too few nuances to be very realistic.


word-image-6498 I was hoping that the move to next-gen consoles would improve the enemy AI a bit, but that’s not the case. CPU performance can apparently vary, even within the same game. On the one hand, they have no problem knocking back all the quick throws you throw at them and hitting impossible cross-court winners. On the other hand, they let throws go by without moving, or deflect regular shots.

Creation Suite

word-image-6499 Similarly, it’s conceivable that an upgrade to the next generation will bring with it an improved toolbox for creating subtle gameplay details. But nothing serious has changed here. There’s still no way to shape and refine the characteristics of the player you create, like we’re used to in sports games. Instead, just combine different eyes and mouths, as if creating something like a potato head playing tennis.


word-image-6500 It’s not the kind of next-gen update that completely changes the experience of a game and makes you seriously reconsider what you thought of it on last-gen consoles. But it’s still an improvement over the imperfect game and makes Tennis World Tour 2 at least a little closer to being a fun and rewarding experience – and a faithful representation of tennis. Especially the career mode is more fun now. Creating players and taking them from inexperienced rookies to seasoned veterans, ready to take on some of the biggest names on the tour, works well here. The game’s ability to disable the flawed card bonus system removes the clunky arcade element, and the improved next-gen presentation brings you even closer to feeling like you’re on the field as you move through real matches like the new ATP Cup. But while the developers have made real progress since the disappointing release of the original Tennis World Tour, there’s still a lot of work to be done. In future patches for the game (and inevitably its sequel), developers should focus on making the gameplay smoother and the AI more consistent. It would be easier to ignore the shortcomings of tennis if some of the biggest problems didn’t occur when you actually play tennis.

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