Brutal 2D Slasher Demon Skin Gets an April Release Date

Buka Entertainment and LUDUS FUTURE have announced the release date for their upcoming 2D hacker title, Demon Skin. Demon Skin is scheduled for release on the 13th. April 2021 for PC, while it will release on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch later this year. Demon Skin is a brutal hack-and-slash game with 2D gameplay and a complex combat system. Set in the harsh and dark world of fantasy, the game tests your will and skills against deadly environments and overpowering enemies.

In the game, you take your place in the Order of the Wanderers and become a demon slayer, armed with an axe and a sword. The game sends you hordes of demons and evil masters, and your task will be to kill them all. You have a variety of combat maneuvers at your disposal, such as. B. Parry incoming attacks, dodge traps and destroy fingerprints in enemy worlds. The game also features an intuitive combat system that lets you loot demon corpses for new weapons and combos.

In the project, Denis Listov gave details about how he got the idea in 2014, but he had no development experience, but he started to learn how to develop and later made the game with several challenges that always got in his way, such as. B. the change from 2D to 3D models, the change of game engine, the change of brand, etc. He described it in an official press release:

Everyone told me that if I wanted to do something good, I had to learn it myself. To make a game, I need to know about programming, animation and other things. Not to mention the other developmental issues that need to be addressed. Sure, I could have started with something less complicated, but this game was all I could think of.

The main features of Demon Skin are as follows:

  • Advanced Combat System – Improve your skills by mastering different modes for fast parries and maximum damage with spectacular finishing moves! Keep track of your character’s stamina and other fitness stats, all of which have a direct impact on the outcome of the fight.
  • Expanded Skill Tree – Gain experience to learn new combos and increase your health, stamina, and attack power.
  • Dozens of types of enemies – from skeletons, zombies and spiders to werewolves, lizards and golems – require a different approach to fight them.
  • A huge arsenal to kill monsters – You have over 30 types of blunt and cold weapons at your disposal, and each type is only effective against a specific type of enemy. You can even destroy enemies with your bare hands – it’s not as effective, but still a lot of fun.
  • Secrets and Artifacts – some rare and ancient weapon artifacts are hidden in secret places in the game world. Find them to unlock awesome super abilities after reaching a certain level.
  • Demon Outside, Demon Inside – Collect crystal shards and become even stronger, build armor from bones and turn into a terrifying demon.
  • Bleak landscapes in the spirit of Dark Fantasy, from icy wastelands to deep dungeons to dark forests and dwellings of the undead. This cruel world has a life of its own, but the terrifying creatures that inhabit it are not always hostile. Along the way you will not only encounter enemies, but also powerful allies.

Demon Skin will be released next month. If you want to know more details or add the game to your Steam wishlist, you can visit the game’s Steam page.

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