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With Hearthstone on everybody’s lips at the moment, it’s no surprise that people are enjoying the game even more with some Mill Cards. To be fair, Mill Cards are rarely seen in competitive play, but that doesn’t mean they are any less effective. Without further ado, here are 15 Best Mill Cards To Deck Out Your Opponent.

Playing Magic: The Gathering can be an exhilarating experience, but has one ever left you shell-shocked at your inability to win even a single game? If so, perhaps it’s time you “mill” your opponent. Simply put, “milling” a player is to grind and deprive your opponent of resources until he or she is no longer able to play the game effectively, resulting in a loss for the player being “milled.” There is no shortage of cards and strategies for doing so, and many of them can be found in the following list.

Who said you had to attack to win?

Mill decks are one of the strangest rogue decks in Yu-Gi-Oh.

The goal in playing this strategy is to get rid of all the cards in your opponent’s deck, so they lose by leaving the game.

To do this, you have to make someone play a lot of cards, or send cards from their deck to the graveyard until they have nothing left. The beauty of this strategy is that it literally doesn’t matter what your opponent is playing:

As long as you can get them to sign, you win either way.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the best mill cards in all of Yu-Gi-Oh!

15. The gift of greed

This list starts with a card that can only be used in mill decks (if you don’t like losing).

This card does exactly what it says on the can (or jug):

It lets your opponent draw 2 cards.

So it’s a good way to get your opponent to play more cards and get closer to surrendering, but with the disadvantage of being a trap card. So you need to install it before you can play.

However, mill games can easily slow down the game when needed. So, all in all, I’d say Gift of Greed is a good option for Stan.

14. Iron Chain Dragon

Iron Chain is one of those archetypes that has 4 cards, and only 2 of them are useful (I’m looking at you, digital bugs…).

This is one of the best cards in the Iron Range archetype:

This is a level 6 Syncro that can make your opponent 3 cards lighter every time he deals combat damage. And with an attack of 2500, it would be easy to do.

The main reason this card is so good is that you can reuse it every turn. You can also combine this card with Double Attack to get, well, double the value!

The Iron Range Dragon would be much higher on the list if it wasn’t a synchronized monster. Making room for chord cards in your deck is a real headache.

Especially if you want to use as many of your cards as possible to crush your opponent.

13. Voltik Bicorn

Unfortunately, this is another case where the ability is absolutely insane, but the damn money limit makes the game nearly impossible.

If you destroy this card, you weaken your opponent by 7 cards.

The best way to use the Volatile Bicorn is to have the opponent take out their big boss monsters and deal with them with this guy. Of course, you’ll take damage in battle.

But you lose 7 cards.

Then you just need to rinse and repeat and use a resurrection trap like Ghost Appeal to reduce your opponent to 14 cards.

If you have room in your Mill deck for a few tuners to do a level 7 sync, this card is a must.

12. Morphing Glass #2

This Demon in a Bottle, the little brother of the Morphing Pot, can deliver a powerful blow to a game of Stan.

When attacked or flipped, it shakes all the monsters on the field.

Each player then rolls a wheel until the number of monsters equals the number he lost, and summons all monsters level 4 or lower.

If you’re playing against a deck with a lot of spells/tricks, like Spellcasters or Dark Mages, your opponent will likely lose a significant portion of their deck, if not the entire deck!

If you really want to grind your opponent into dust (and make him fear face-down cards for life), combine this ability with Infernal Storm, which removes all monsters from his deck.

Do it right and you will win the duel without hesitation.

11. Dragged to the grave

A true Yu-Gi-Oh graduation card if I’ve ever seen one.

Dragged Down into the Grave allows you and your opponent to see each other’s hand, choose a card you don’t like, and have it replaced.

This is great for two reasons:

This spell will not only speed you through your opponent’s deck, but also eliminate all potential threats.

This ensures that your milling strategy will not be interrupted so easily.

Good cards to get rid of them are big boss monsters or spell and trap destroying cards. Mill-decks usually have few monsters, with a few scattered here and there. So if you want to win, you have to keep your spells and traps.

Just make sure you don’t have anything too good in your hand, otherwise your opponent will probably nip it in the bud.

10. Insect chopper

Chainsaw Bug’s effect should make up for the fact that it is a monster with a 2400 attack that can be summoned for free.

But, it’s Yu-Gi-Oh!

With enough forethought and elaboration, any bad effects can (and will) be exploited.

In this case, the insect with chainsaw not only gives us a large monster to defend, but also helps us to exhaust the enemy.

With an attack power not unlike that of the Great Monarchs, any Stan deck would be incomplete without this useful creature.

9. LevelModulation

Originally created as a support card for the GX-era LV archetype, this spell card acts as a reverse greed pot.

You let your opponent draw 2 cards, and on your turn you can summon an LV monster from your graveyard.

Unfortunately, this LV monster cannot attack or use its effects. But it still provides excellent protection while you’re busy destroying your opponent’s deck!

At best, you can get an LV 10 Armed Dragon from the graveyard. Then you’re comfortably behind a wall of 3,000 attacks, for sure.

8. Bald head

As good as this card is, it gives me the creeps.

I mean, it’s literally a creepy doll’s head with tentacles!

When Ol’ Cthulhu’s head (Necroface) is exiled, each player exiles the first 5 cards of their deck.

The advantage of this effect is that exiled cards are much harder to get back than graveyard cards. This way, the cards you discard almost disappear forever.

A good way to get instant fire is to combine Necroface with Gold Sarcophagus. This will immediately banish Necroface from the game, meaning you don’t even have to wait for him to appear in your hand.

7. Gravedigger’s servant

This is what I call do-it-yourself milling.

You spent so much time eliminating your opponent’s game. Now it’s their turn to help.

This continuous enchantment card causes them to send the top card of their deck to the graveyard each time they declare an attack.

As your opponent’s deck gets smaller and smaller, Gravekeeper’s Servant forces them closer and closer to the edge every time they try to take life points from you.

And if you really want to play mind games with your opponent, combine this Spell Card with Phoenix Wing Gale, which puts a card lying on the field on top of the deck.

Do they attack now and lose the monster, or do they hold back and leave your hit points intact?

Solutions, solutions…

6. Needle screw

When you think of an ordinary deck, think of this guy.

Needle Worm is one of the classic cards of the Mill deck. In fact, there is an infinite loop with Needleworm and Morphing Jar #2 that can put your opponent out of the game immediately.

When turned over, it destroys the first 5 cards of your opponent’s deck.

This is one of the few cards in this list that can be used in both mill decks and regular decks!

If you take resources away from your opponent, you still have the advantage. Therefore Needle Worm is suitable for almost every game.

It’s also interesting to see how good cards like Needle Worm are against Pendulum decks.

Pendulum monsters usually end up open in an additional deck when they are destroyed, so very few Pendulum decks will use resurrection spells like Monsters Reborn.

Needle Worm can mean that their monsters are useless!

5. Kuraz Light Monarch

There’s a reason Monarchs always appear in these rankings:

Monarchs are incredibly powerful monsters with incredible effects, and Kuraz the Monarch of Light is no exception.

Kuraz not only destroys your opponent’s monsters, but also helps them decorate at the same time. This is a great way to clean up the big monsters you can’t outrun, so you’re safe for your next turn.

Kuraz can also be used as a last resort when you have a few useless cards in your hand. You can put cards on your side of the board and use their effect to replace your own bad cards in this way.

The only drawback is that Kuraz cannot attack on the turn he is summoned. But as a monster with an attack of 2400, it offers fantastic defense until the next turn.

4. A day of peace

It is an essential part of the mill, fire and Exodia games:

If there’s a rogue game you can think of, it’s playing A Day of Peace.

This card is good because it brings you closer to your most powerful Stan cards, and it handicaps your opponent for 1 card, while protecting you from damage for an entire turn.

If this card was worth more, it would be worth its weight in gold.

One Day of Peace is an absolute masterpiece and should definitely be edited in triplicate.

3. Destruction of card

Card destruction has been on the banned list for years, and rightly so.

However, it was discontinued in 2018 and is limited to one copy. And it has wreaked havoc on many battlefields since then.

Not only does this card deplete your opponent to a whole hand, but it also allows you to replenish your best cards and move on.

It is best to use card destruction after a series of spells/tricks that force your opponent to draw cards, such as B. The gift of greed.

The larger their hand, the more damage this card will do.

With enough draw power imposed on the opponent, this card can be a game changer.

Just make sure you have your best cards before you play. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve accidentally put down my performance pieces with this card.

2. Inferno Tempest

Infernal Storm is a difficult spell, but incredibly useful.

If your opponent can do 3000 damage with a single attack, he loses all monsters in his deck and graveyard.

I can’t think of a game that would work after such a crushing loss.

3000 damage seems like a lot, but a lot of decks can make it.

For starters, the Blue-Eyed White Dragon, the most iconic card of Yu-Gi-Oh!, has an attack of 3000. And grade 10 trains can easily have an attack of over 5000.

And for an almost unacceptable level of power, combine this card with D.D. Dynamite to deal 300 damage to your opponent for each card exiled!

Just know that you will also lose your samples here, so make sure you have done all your best.

1. Morphing pot

Can you add anything to the list of mill maps?

The Morphing Pot has been on the banned list for most of its existence, and it’s definitely the scariest pot/pot Yu-Gi-Oh! has to offer (and that’s a surprisingly long list).

Well, Morphing Jar is now back as a single copy, and it’s back with a vengeance.

The difficulty with Morphing Jar is that if you use it properly, you can reduce your opponent to 5 and play 5 cards for free!

All you have to do is discard that card if you have an empty hand, and it practically rains cards on you.

This means that you will probably use some of the other powerful Windmill cards in this list, and your opponent will only have a portion of the game left at the end of your turn.

For the cruelest hand control, you can supplement Morphing Jar with Card Crushing Virus or Epidemic Eradicator Virus to make sure your opponent has nothing left and you keep grinding.

This source has been very much helpful in doing our research. Read more about mill deck yugioh 2020 and let us know what you think.

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