25 ACNH Restaurant Design Ideas (Indoor + Outdoor) –

When I play video games, I often get hungry and have to take a break for a snack.

The same goes for your villagers in Animal Crossing.

But building your own restaurant in the game is difficult. With so many options, it can be frustrating to get started. What kind of restaurant do you want? What’d it look like? Do you want an idea for the interior or the exterior?

Here are some ACNH restaurant design ideas to answer these questions and maybe inspire you!

25. Small cafe by the sea

image source by u/AmphriteL

Do you hate those giant rocks drying up your beach? Probably because you’re like me and don’t know what to do with it.

This little cafe could be a good solution.

To open this little cafe, you have to pave a special path on the boardwalk.

Then create a booth and put an espresso machine and mom’s homemade cake on the counter. Now it’s time to cook.

Next, build natural garden chairs and square tables from iron and wood and set them up in small groups of double seats.

Finally, decorate your cafe with plants that you can buy at Nook Shopping. Perhaps use some cypress trees, fan palms, cocoa plants and anthurium plants to brighten up your café!

24. Chinese Zen Restaurant

Photo source: u/nisidalaran

Every once in a while I can go eat at a Chinese restaurant, even if I’ll be hungry again in 30 minutes.

If you also love Chinese food, here’s an idea for an outdoor restaurant you can try building.

To do it yourself, lay a wooden path in front of the ground and then make zen fences (this requires stone, clay and iron).

Next, buy imperial tables and velvet chairs to furnish your dining room.

You’ll also want to make some booths and set up your serving area with all the delicious food you want to eat.

Several sets of steamer baskets, a rice cooker, a soup pan and a rotating spice rack are great equipment for serving. Now it’s time to dig!

23. Classical Italian Restaurant

Image source by US/Eylouri

Mamma Mia!

This is a spicy Italian restaurant building.

To furnish this space on your island, you’ll need a lot of custom furniture.

Start with fabric tables, and customize them with the classic red checkerboard pattern.

Then make a stand and customize it with a red, green and white design of the Italian flag.

And you’ll also need a custom board to advertise your specials.

Then spoil the stone oven and the clay oven to prepare spaghetti, chicken cacciatore or even delicious pizza.

22. Sushi Restaurant

image source from u/Talizar

I don’t eat sushi as often as I’d like. But at least I can do it because of the design of this outdoor restaurant.

As usual, you’ll need to build a couple of tripods to get started. But this time, you want to customize them to show sushi on the banners.

Then make tea tables and stools from hardwood and bamboo respectively. You know, to sit.

Complement the tables and counters with stands of small table decorations that you can make from bamboo.

Add bamboo lunchboxes and steamer baskets to make delicious Japanese meals.

21. Waterfall Cafe

Image source from u/dancingdevan

Let’s face it: The waterfalls are a beautiful natural spectacle, and they make a nice backdrop during the meal.

This dining room has iron garden furniture, such as tables and chairs, with some coffee cups on the table.

For DIY, a small kitchen can be set up with DIY items like a brick oven, a kiosk, and steam kits.

Okay, that’s enough. What you’re interested in is the waterfall behind that restaurant, right?

All it takes is a little patience in watering and landscaping to create these beautiful waterfalls. So get in line and enjoy the view!

20. Bistro

image source u/MarimoMori

Bea doesn’t have to be on your island. But if the name of this restaurant is to be alliterative, I highly recommend it.

(Barold, Beardo and Bettina can also work).

Whoever your star villager is, place wooden planks around your house to create a dining area.

For seating, you will need wooden tables and mini tables and iron garden chairs.

Also make a few stalls, a brick oven and a boiling water dispenser if you can get hold of all the fruit.

Finally, you’ll need a menu board and a custom wood board to showcase your rustic bistro pride.

19. Ramen Mini Bar

image source by @rslashAC

Returning to the subject of Japanese food: I also really like windows.

And we already have a lot of windows shop designs on our website.

But this is a personal favorite. And now your villagers can do the same!

As usual, do some stalls in the stands first. Although it’s not necessary, I like the orange and blue colors of the custom kiosks because they add a bit of brightness.

You will also need some wooden stools to sit on and a steam set.

Provide an imperial dining table, a paper lantern and a beverage dispenser.

To top it off, I like the fact that there are a variety of fish on display. It’s a little cruel because you’re probably going to eat that fish, but it’s a good detail.

18. Coconut Shake Bar

image source: u/zuriel

I’ve seen this idea before, but it’s worth mentioning because it’s really fun.

Speaking of beach rocks: You need to install this bar in one of the back corners of your island.

Make a stand, show me the coconut juice and the blender. You will need it if you want to serve drinks.

I really like the use of wooden benches for sitting. It’s probably not the most comfortable option, but it adds to the tropical look.

Once you’ve made the mini wooden tables, all you need to do is add some coconut juice for everyone to enjoy.

17. English Tearoom

Image source: @acnh.rach

I’ve never been a fan of hot tea. But if you do, try this classic tea house design.

To start, add fabric tables and natural garden chairs for the dining room.

Then make cabinets out of ironwood to display all the desserts you can sell in your tea room.

I also think the barrels add a nice touch to this design and give it a brewery feel. Gather wood and iron to make it.

And finish the table with tea and desserts. I’m talking about mom’s homemade cakes, traditional tea sets, teapots, teacups and wedding cakes for everyone!

16. Benihana at sea

Image Source: u/livision

Here’s a fun idea to combine a certain kitchen style with a certain ACNH furniture set.

You need shell tables for eating by the sea and iron garden chairs for sitting.

Then build a loft and kitchenette out of ironwood and put a kettle of soup on the counter, ready to serve your many guests.

Prepare a few sets of unglazed pottery and set them on the tables as utensils for your guests.

The finishing touch is the anchor statue, which gives meaning to the maritime experience. Hey!

15. Dinner at Rock Garden

Image source: @chepzkiedoo

Good outdoor design lets you take advantage of the natural environment, and that’s exactly what this idea does.

The stone garden walls, simple slabs with custom walls and windows, are key to this design.

I also love the way this guy has set up the restaurant on two different levels, with a ramp leading to the upper level.

In this way, you will create many natural garden chairs and square tables to fill the dining room.

Finally, provide a bar table, a menu board and a drink dispenser. Now you’re in!

14. Dessert Coffee

Image source by @jo.lemuria.acnh

Some restaurants are especially known for their desserts, such as. B. The Cheesecake Factory.

And you can do the same with this idea.

Start by making stands and arrange them so that they have a vibrant floral pattern.

You want to put a variety of delicious desserts on the counter. You want mom’s homemade cake, the Yule log and the first birthday cake.

Install a cappuccino machine next to the desserts. Because why not, right?

Finally, set the table with a tablecloth and a wooden chair so you can dine and enjoy your pastry creations!

13. Dinner on the docks

image source via @luthie_crossing

The number one rule in real estate is location, location, location. Sometimes it’s where you put your restaurant that makes the difference.

If you’re tired of your boring old doctor, turn him into a restaurant!

Start this idea with iron garden chairs and tables as seating, and even offer some desserts like a wedding cake to whet the appetite.

But the real charm of this restaurant lies in its individual decor.

Custom coasters are a great outdoor display, and the custom plant pattern that surrounds this area adds even more character.

12. Pizzeria on the beach

image source with bun breakdown u/Squishy-Bun

Speaking of location: How about a good pizzeria right on the beach? (I’m not going to lie, pizza on the beach sounds great).

Start this idea by building a brick oven and barn. Next, you want to design the booth to showcase this amazing pizza design.

I like furniture to match, so vintage mini tables and natural garden chairs together are not my thing.

However, you are free to mix and match as you please.

Finally, hang your personalized menu on the counter so your guests know what to order.

11. Nice dining room outside

image source @gemini_acnh

Who doesn’t like good food?

Or rather, how many of you can actually afford dinner? I do not.

But I’m sure you can afford the bells and whistles to set up this gourmet outdoor restaurant.

I really like this wood floor because they added details to the shadow boards and laid them in this neat pattern.

To do it yourself, you’ll need wedding tables in different colors and vintage chairs for chic seating.

I also love the detail of the simple custom panels behind all the brick ovens, countertops and kitchen cabinets. It really shows off all that beautiful porcelain.

10. Fruit coffee

image source: country u/wosnkes

No furniture set in Animal Crossing makes me hungrier than all the fruit-shaped furniture you can make.

I hope you all have fruit, because you’ll need it for this idea.

There are chairs for apples, pears and peaches that can be made from the respective fruits.

You need oranges for the orange tables. And this player even used a pear tree bed as a table.

I guess you can lie down and eat? Well, it’s a game, anyway.

Finally, make a few holders and match them with your favorite fruit motif. And don’t forget to put music on the speaker you bought!

9. Rainforest Cafe

image source by @AcnhLaulau

If you’ve ever eaten at the Rainforest Cafe, you know it’s a very hearty meal.

While not an ideal place to stay, this building is a beautiful dining room with a rainforest-like aesthetic.

For this building, you should start with a Sahara ivy wallpaper. Or, if you’re feeling particularly exotic, choose a jungle wallpaper.

Then take some fabric tables and rattan chairs to sit at and arrange the cutlery at each place setting.

You can even create a stone fountain to create an additional backdrop for dinner.

8. White Wedding Reception

image source @jeskaroo.acnh

Who’s ready to catch up?

Well, even if that’s not the case, you can still set up that fabulous wedding reception space at ACNH.

Start by laying a custom stone walkway. The prettier, the better!

Continue this idea by placing several wedding tables and chairs in neat rows, and place a wedding cake at the end of the dining aisle.

Also make turkey tag pedestals and hyacinth lights for an elegant wedding day decoration.

For romantic music on your wedding day, set up a piano bench and piano by the waterfall to complement your reception.

7. Pirate boots

image source by @Skiplo2

Aah, buddy! If you are in a nautical mood, you can try this pirate restaurant.

This design requires elevation at various levels directly at the shoreline. So keep that in mind.

Install several individual cabins on the ground floor to resemble the windows of a pirate ship. You can also make natural iron garden furniture for window sills.

If you’ve ever woken up Gullivarre, you’ve probably gotten things like a pirate gun, a pirate helmet, a treasure chest, and a cannon for a pirate ship.

You’ll want to use it for pirate decorations around the restaurant.

On the upper floor of this building is the kitchen, with a brick oven and clay stove for cooking, and a wedding table and antique chairs for the dining room.

Don’t forget to put on your pirate captain coat and get ready to feed the whale.

6. Sweet Vineyard Diner

Image source: @acnhharga

Here’s another great outdoor location for your restaurant: a beautiful vineyard.

Start by customizing a few simple panels for a vineyard trellis pattern with leaves growing outward. You can also create a custom design that looks like a wine rack – after all, you’re in a winery!

Next, install custom wood walkways for the floor and set up tables and chairs for the seating area.

At the front there is a reception area with a desk, a fax machine and a podium.

Cherry blossoms are definitely not a must, but they do make dinner even more colorful.

5. Outer Village Tavern

Source of image with @dimension intersection

Don’t be the village idiot.

Try this unique outdoor dining option!

Start by setting up simple panels, like the one here, to mimic medieval village buildings.

I would also like to mention the custom made wooden plank footbridge, which also looks like something you would find in the village. Very well done.

Then set up the wedding tables for dinner and the hay for seating. Because apparently hay bales were all they could afford in this tavern.

Finally, set the table with a bride’s head and a homemade cake for dessert. Now your villagers can dine in a real village!

4. Jazz Lounge and Bar

Image source @LittleKameleon

A dinner with music is always a pleasant experience. And here you can listen to classic jazz while you eat.

Start by wallpapering the room with black wallpaper and a brown ironwood floor.

Then create a bar area with velvet stools and tables with cutlery. Also, create simple, customizable panels that look like a menu board and bar.

For the sitting area, you’ll need double sofas, imperial coffee tables and even a fireplace to add some warmth.

But the star of this design is the music.

This player has made a purple record player that goes very well with the rest of the furniture.

Or, if you prefer live music, create a small stage with a drum set and an alto saxophone.

3. Restaurant with city view

image source from u/thirtytwoounces

If you are afraid of heights, this design may not be for you.

But look at this view!

Although it’s not exactly high up in the skyscraper, this restaurant gives the illusion of a dining room on the top floor.

To do this, take a cityscape background to see the city from below.

As for the dining room, buy tables with fabric and rattan chairs. When the table is set, cover everyone’s chair with a tablecloth.

Then create a small counter with a few tables in the office and snacks with low stools.

I also think all the different plants represented here, like the bonsai and the monster tree, are great decorations in this beautiful skyscraper restaurant.

2. Jollibee

image source u/MichaelPolicarpio

I’ve never eaten at Jollyby’s.

The nearest one is two hours away and in the same state. I checked.

But that’s not to say I don’t appreciate the creativity of this idea.

If you want to recreate this effect, start with a kitchen with a two-door refrigerator and ironwood cooking area.

Then design a counter around the kitchen, consisting of several counters decorated in classic Jollibee red and yellow.

You will also need some natural square garden tables and chairs to set up a dining area.

And it wouldn’t be Jollibee without the custom design of Jollibee himself. Or, if Jollibee isn’t your thing, play with the colors to make it any fast food restaurant you want!

1. Breakfast on the beach

Image source by intersections @mokulua.paras.

If you love breakfast, lunch and the beach, look no further than this delicious beach brunch.

To do it yourself, first pick your favorite spot on the beach. They can be as big or as small as you want, because you can always adapt this idea to your style.

But this model consists of two elaborately detailed consoles, with a brick pattern to match the adjacent fireplace.

You will also need to build some wooden benches, which in this case will serve as tables, and buy some cushions to sit comfortably on the beach.

All you need to do is purchase a few things, such as a microwave, a kettle and a serving trolley, to ensure a perfect mid-morning meal.

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