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As you embark on your journey through the land of Lucis in Final Fantasy XV, you’ll be forced to take up arms. And they’ll be supplied by the friendly townsfolk, as well as some of the more ruthless foes in the game. Here are some of the best weapons in the game, and how you can get them.

Final Fantasy has always had a strong element of fantasy to it, and Final Fantasy XV is no exception. One of the most iconic items in Final Fantasy history is the Axe of Final Fantasy, and it’s back in a big way in Final Fantasy XV. If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy, you’re probably aware it only appears in the opening FMV, in the form of the Kingsglaive cinematic. If you’re not, it’s worth watching just to see the epic fight between Noctis and Ardyn. It’s not the most visually pleasing FMV ever, but it’s got a lot of epic fantasy goodness, so it’s definitely worth a watch. You might not get the full story of what happened, but at least

Final Fantasy XV is full of memorable weapons that can help you on your journey. Some really stand out from the rest though, and their unique features make them easy to pick out when you are wandering through the wilderness.

Daggers are the weakest of the seven basic weapon types in Final Fantasy XV in terms of attack strength, but they more than make up for it with their speed and elegance.

There are many different dagger weapons to choose from in the realm of Eos.

And everyone of them is beneficial in some manner. However, as is customary, some stand out as outstanding.


Delta Daggers (number 5)

The speed with which a dagger can attack is one of its greatest qualities.

When you press forward while striking, Noctis will strike in an endless chain without a finisher, giving you a huge number of opportunities to inflict the weapon’s status effect on the opponent.

The Delta Daggers have a 10% chance of giving an opponent the Compromised condition, which lowers their defense.

As a result, the whole group benefits and the battle is completed faster.

Because of the dagger’s quickness, you may also inflict the effect very quickly. Make your adversaries suffer!

How to get it: Look for it at the Ravatogh Rock or buy it in Altissia.


Mage Mashers (number 4)

Mage Mashers / Final Fantasy XV

These Final Fantasy IX daggers don’t have a lot of offensive power… However, their increase to magic more than makes up for it.

And, since you acquire them so early in the game, they’ll come in handy at that period when you’re just gaining your bearings.

The greatest thing about them, however, is that they may still be used as a defensive tool after they’ve outlived their effectiveness as weapons.

Because they provide a fantastic 30% damage mitigation against fire, ice, and lightning.

How to Get It: Originally a pre-order bonus, the Royal and PC versions of the game now come with it as standard.


3. Observers

Vigilantes Daggers / Final Fantasy XV

The Vigilantes, like the Delta Daggers, have a chance to inflict a status effect on a hit, this time Stop.

It’s just a 5% probability, but with the dagger’s inherent rapid rate of attack, it’s all but certain.

The Vigilantes’ decent offensive power is what makes them so much superior.

They have enough bite to be utilized to do real damage rather than simply swinging about in the hopes of triggering the effect so you may switch to a more powerful weapon.

How to get them: Look for them in Chapter 15’s Greyshire Glacial Grotto.


2. Crossblades of Zwill

Zwill Crossblades / Final Fantasy XV

With the Zwill Crossblades, the ancient saying “the greatest defense is a good attack” is never more true.

They have excellent attack power, as well as a little increase in magic and maximum MP.

Their real strength, on the other hand, comes from their natural ability:

When the user’s HP is at its maximum, the weapons increase damage by a staggering 80%.

This has far-reaching consequences in terms of combat.

If you find yourself in a combat that you know how to win versus an opponent with a lot of HP, the Zwill Crossblades will greatly reduce the amount of time you spend fighting.

They’re efficient against almost everything, particularly a particular giant turtle superboss.

Complete all of Randolph’s missions in Lestallum to get this item.


1. The Vortex Plumes

Plumes of the Vortex Dagger / Final Fantasy XV

The Plumes of the Vortex are a Final Fantasy XIV crossover weapon that are undoubtedly the strongest daggers in Final Fantasy XV.

They not only have a very high attack power (320, which is absurd for daggers), but they also enhance every other stat.

It’s like receiving a fantastic weapon and armor in one package!

Furthermore, the Plumes enhance the damage of mid-air strikes and drastically decrease MP costs while in the air.

These are the finest daggers in the game, and they’re definitely worth the effort of grinding them.

How to get it: Go to Y’jhimei’s trade station in Perpetouss and buy it. Continue to use the things you acquired throughout the Final Fantasy XIV crossover quest.

I don’t know about you, but I love me some Final Fantasy. Square Enix’s latest title, Final Fantasy XV , is the latest in the long-running RPG franchise and, as they usually are, it brought with it a wide variety of weapons to be found. In this guide, I’ll be showing you my favorite daggers in the game—the ones that I’ve spent the most time sampling—as well as where you can find them.. Read more about ffxv best weapons chapter 3 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best daggers in Final Fantasy 15?

The best daggers in Final Fantasy 15 are the Assassin Daggers, which can be found in the Lestallum area. Q: What are the best items in Counter-Strike Global Offensive? The best items in CSGO are the Mag-7, the Tec-9

What is the strongest weapon in Final Fantasy XV?

Every weapon in Final Fantasy XV has the same attack power. The only difference between them is the damage type they are effective against. The most powerful are the daggers, followed by the greatswords and then the lances. Q: Is there a way to get free games on the PlayStation

What is Noctis best weapon?

Noctiss best weapon is the Engine Blade. It has the highest Attack stat in the game. Q: What is the best game for a ps4? The best game for a PS4 is God of War. Q: Why is there no God of War 4

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