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There are many bosses in Final Fantasy XII. Some are pretty easy, others will make you run away with your tail between your legs (if you’re not prepared).

I’m going to discuss some of the more difficult boss fights in FF12, especially in the Zodiac Age version of the game.

The stats of the bosses in Zodiac Age are slightly different than in the original PS2 version. This list therefore takes account of all changes.

So, let’s go!

10. Demonic Wall

One might think: Why is this boss on the list? It’s very simple.

But you may have forgotten that he could drive a go-kart. Or a timer related to this boss fight? I know you can remove it pretty easily with a chain lock, but maybe you haven’t unlocked one yet.

The Demon Wall has 22,187 HP at level 18.

If you fail to defeat him before you reach the end of the corridor, you will be crushed between the weight of this demonic wall and the ornate door. If that doesn’t seem difficult enough, the torches on the sides of the arena can be activated to randomly exert one of two effects on the demon wall: speeding up or slowing down the boss.

Wall of Demons also has several skills in its arsenal, including a tank.

If a party member is hit by a tank, he is banished to the void and is no longer available for a boss fight. Nice, huh?

Another skill the Demon Wall is very fond of is called Nullification, which completely reduces the group’s MP to 0. So don’t forget to bring some air.

But as annoying as this boss fight is, you also have the option to walk away without it affecting gameplay.

9. Mateus

Here we have the ice cream asparagus known as Mathew.

In itself it is not so difficult. But Square-Enix couldn’t make the second Aspen fight too easy, right?

Mateus is surrounded by five companions of the Ice Azer, who will flood your group with sleep and blizzard spells.

If these guys aren’t eliminated soon, this fight could quickly turn against them.

Mathew also starts the fight thinking of himself. Therefore, do not consider using spells like Thundara or Thundaga, as this can only lead to your downfall.

With its 50 and 209.060 horsepower, the Esper Mateus is not to be taken lightly.

8. Anger

Fury is one of two secondary bosses you must defeat to unlock the fight against the Chaos Esper.

Of course, Fury doesn’t have much BP; only 69,710 at level 46.

But he has a lot of evasiveness, making him hard to hit with physical and distance attacks. So magic is your best friend here.

His attacks can drive members of your group to madness, causing them to attack mindlessly and miss their target.

Additionally, once he reaches a certain level of HP, he will use bacchic wine. This turns him into a berserker, who attacks you harder and faster than before.

It is highly recommended to start this fight with a scatter-gambit, which you can use on both your party members and Fury.

7. Mandrake

The Mandragores are a group of enemies that you must fight to get through the Palace of the Caves of Sochen.

They are accepted as hunters, but remain mandatory.

To name every enemy of the group, there is one: Mandrake Prince, Pumpkin Star, King of Alrauna, Onion Queen, Topstick.

Mandragores aren’t too difficult if you can concentrate your attacks and take them out one by one. But when they swarm you and attack together, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed by quick attacks and condition effects.

Blindness, sleep, delay, disability, silence, and juice are all status effects you’ll get to know well in this boss fight.

6. Phoenix

Phoenix has fought several times, but I’ll focus on his one fight in Penumbra.

I think going to Phoenix is a real challenge. But battles can also be very frustrating without the right skills.

The phoenix is a flying enemy, so you’ll need to use telekinesis techniques, remote weapons or magic to do damage.

If you decide to use magic, you should always keep an eye on it, as Phoenix changes elemental weaknesses from time to time. This allows it to absorb damage from all elements except one.

Make sure you have better gambits, because at the 59th level with 134,089HP, Phoenix is a gamble.

5. Hellwyrm

To be fair, the Hellwyrm has a lot of horses.

So much so that it is represented by several dots under its HP bar.

He also hits very hard. Your party members will have a hard time resisting attacks without the help of a bubble strip or bubble variant spell.

His special attack from the south will also likely cause a shutdown status, so make sure you have some Tears of Chronos with you or equip Ribbons.

If you get it to 30% HP, the Infernal Wyrm will also begin to emit its stone breath. This will gradually turn your group members to stone. Not nice.

You also have to watch out for his reversal ability, which swaps HP and MP of a party member. You have to act fast to get back lost HP afterwards.

The Hellwyrm is level 74 and has a total of 1,326,600 HP. If you can do all this and withstand the fierce blows of the Infernal Wyrm, you will eventually destroy this monster.

4. Ultima

And this is the sacred Esper Ultima, found at the top of the Great Crystal.

The fight starts easily enough: They just yell at Ultima with attacks or dark element spells. If you have white masks or other holy items that absorb damage, they should be able to withstand their attacks.

Once you’ve reduced him to 70% of his HP, Ultima activates a magical barrier that switches between different effects.

Ultima’s barrier can slowly drain your group’s HP or MP through the gravitational effect, slow down your group’s actions, or block various attacks, magic, techniques, or the use of items.

There is nothing you can do to reverse these effects. Just use other relevant skills and wait for them to expire.

Try to use skills like bubble to keep your HP high while activating the drain barrier. And prepare the airwaves for this member. Also try to switch between attack, technique and magic at the same time.

This fight requires a lot of thought to combat the various effects Ultima can inflict. And at 63 and 258,001 horsepower, Ultima is one of the hardest to beat.

3. Zodiac

Light and dark, right?

Dark Esper Zodiark is the last and most powerful Esper available in the game.

He doesn’t have much defense, so there are opportunities to catch him with a good chain pass. Or if you can drive your whole team crazy.

But I hope you manage it soon! Because when the Zodiarc reaches a low HP level, it begins to show its power.

For starters, Zodiarc will play its strongest Darkja attack every 20 teams. This attack is a very powerful dark elemental move, with a chance to take out your entire group. And it’s inevitable.

At the end of the fight, when you’ve lowered his HP enough, Zodiark starts casting Darkja much more often. Out of 8 teams.

And his throwing speed has also accelerated.

The recovery period after Darkja can take a while, which becomes very frustrating at this stage of the fight. That’s why it’s so important to try to remove the Zodiac before it gets there.

At 66 years old and 336,847 horsepower, the Zodiarc is truly the heir apparent to death.

2. Omega Mark XII

This spider-like enemy is not easy to crush.

Omega Mark XII lives in the Great Crystal as Ultima. But it’s in a different area for which you need to plot a route.

Omega Mark XII hits incredibly hard and has a lot of HP to spend.

He can fire a super laser attack that can do over 7000 points of damage. He also changes elemental weakness occasionally, so non-elemental weapons are recommended in this fight.

Omega Mark XII can also heal parts of HP to replenish itself (that must be super frustrating!).

So if you can’t keep up with the attack, he can quickly decide the fight in his favor.

But here’s the good news: It has no special attack. So, if you can control his superlaser and keep attacking patiently, you will end up destroying this enemy like any other.

Omega Mark XII is level 99 and has a whopping 1,037,069 HP.

1. Yazmat

Final evaluation.

That’s right, you did. So take a break, because it’s going to take a while.

Here, between the Omega Mark XII and the Yiazmat, it was a bit of a struggle to make the first choice, due to the number of shots the Omega had.

But Yazmat is a real war of attrition.

This fight can last for several hours, and if you decide to exit the game or set it to auto mode, you can come back to see Yiazmat at full HP again.

Yiazmat has a large arsenal of attacks that he has no control over, and none of them are easy to deal with.

He can stiffen his usual attacks multiple times, and each hit has a 5% chance of stunning the one he hits. In addition, Yiazmat’s Cyclone special attack has a chance to cause a shutdown effect and a state juice.

So bring your chrono tears or don’t forget to equip the tires.

And technically, you can leave this fight to recharge or take a break. But if you do, Yazmat will impose a regeneration to regain the lost HP.

So don’t be late for your lunch break.

After an hour, if you’ve done enough damage, Yiazmat will drop Reflectga on your group. You must expel your party members quickly or Yiazmat will cast a healing spell and restore all HP, forcing you to start over!

Check out this guide from Eurogamer for more tips on how to take down this beast.

Yiazmat is only level 73, but he has (drum roll, please) 50, 112, 254 HP.

Yes, 50 million.

So I think it’s fair to say that Yiazmat is the hardest boss in the game.

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