ARK King Titan Boss Guide (How to Summon, Fighting, Variants, Rewards)

The King Titan is the final boss of the ARK: Survival Evolved, it is a giant boss that is quite hard to kill as the boss has some special abilities. This guide will explain how to summon and fight the King Titan to earn your rewards.

Alright guys! Today we will be playing the ARK: King Titan Boss Guide!

Years ago when ARK launched, I was eager to get my hands on the game. The only problem was that the game was so new, I didn’t know how to get it. I looked at the Jagex website, and saw that they had a tutorial in the form of a wiki. That was great, but I didn’t like wiki’s. So I looked at the wiki and I found the guide that was written by a guy named “Tswim”. I scrolled through it to see if there was anything he missed. There wasn’t. So I went to the forums and asked a question. I received an answer from another user about how their boss, the Titan, would drop a pet, which would then

The King Titan is Extinction’s most powerful monster, and the only one on the map with Gamma, Beta, and Alpha variants.

This monster seems to be a huge reptile creature that has been corrupted, with an Alpha version that looks like Tek beings.

Extinction’s last act is to fight this monster, which concludes the narrative for those who beat the boss and access the final portal.

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What is the best way to summon King Titan?

To summon the King Titan, gather all of the required tributes and deliver them to the King Titan Terminal, located at 3.5 – 49.2 in the Forbidden Zone.

Tributes to King Titan

 Tooth of a Tyrannosaur Alpha

5 10 10
 Heart of Corrupted 150 300


Heart of a Giganotosaurus

Sail of the Spinosaur    


Venom of Titanoboa

10 20 20
Trophy of the Desert Titan 1 1


Trophy of the Forest Titan

1 1 1

Trophy of the Ice Titan

1 1 1
Trophy of the King Titan (Gamma)   1  

Trophy of the King Titan (Beta)


The King Titan can only be summoned if you have trophies from the other bosses, so you’ll have to battle them first before moving on to this one.

Titan King in Combat

The King Titan possesses a variety of attacks, ranging from fireballs and melee assaults to summoning meteors to inflict massive damage.

Unlike previous bosses, you’ll need to use more strategies than just sending your bred animals in for an all-out assault unless they have very high stats.

You’ll need to be on the lookout for the King Titan’s strikes and take advantage of the opportunity to inflict a lot of damage while it’s resting.

Keep an eye out for its melee attacks, which are equally as lethal as its ranged ones, making it essential to have tames with high health that can’t be slain quickly.

Make sure you remain in the arena’s center, or else the King Titan will be reset, returning it back to the center with full health.

With Titans against the King Titan may be beneficial, while Meks and even the Mega Mek (created by combining four Meks using M.O.M.I. equipment) can be effective.

Variants of King Titan

1) Titan Gamma King


King Titan’s Gamma version looks to be a huge dark-green reptile or dinosaur-like monster that stands on two hind legs like a humanoid entity.

Stats for King Titan Gamma








 Damage from Melee


 The Rate of Movement



2) Titan Beta King


The Beta version of King Titan seems to be identical to the Gamma King Titan, with the exception of greater stats.

Beta Stats for King Titan








 Damage from Melee


 The Rate of Movement



3) Titan Alpha King


King Titan’s Alpha version seems to be completely Tek or cybernetic in appearance, and overflowing with corruption.

Alpha Stats of King Titan








 Damage from Melee


 The Rate of Movement

 Torpidity 100000

Titan King Reward

  • Advanced Bullet Techniques
  • Bullet for Advanced Rifle
  • Sniper Bullet (Advanced)
  • Assault Rifle (AR-15)
  • Shell of a Cannon
  • Bow Compound
  • Element
  • Pistol Made-to-Order
  • Sniper Rifle Made-to-Order
  • Boots for Flak
  • Chestpiece made of flak
  • Gauntlets for Flak
  • Helmet for Flak
  • Leggings Flak
  • Boots with Fur
  • Fur Cap
  • Chestpiece made of fur
  • Gauntlets made of fur
  • Leggings with Fur
  • Ghillie Boots are a pair of boots designed by Ghillie.
  • Ghillie Chestpiece is a piece of jewelry made by Ghillie.
  • Gauntlets of Ghillie
  • Leggings Ghillie
  • Mask of Ghillie
  • Rifle with a Long Neck
  • D.S.M.
  • R.L.M.
  • S.C.M.
  • O.M.I.
  • Shotgun with a Pump Action
  • Boots for Riots
  • Chestpiece of Riot
  • Gauntlets for Riots
  • Helmet for Riots
  • Leggings with a Riot
  • Pod of Rockets
  • Grenade Launched by a Rocket
  • Pistol with a Simple Design
  • Ammunition for Shotguns (Simple)
  • Sword
  • Chestpiece TEK
  • Tek Boots are a pair of boots designed by Tek.
  • Gauntlets of Tek
  • Helmet of Tek
  • Leggings by Tek
  • Railgun Tek
  • Rifle Tek
  • Sword of Tek


  • If you need to close in on the King Titan for assaults, it’s better to maintain your distance or remain mobile, since its attacks may be avoided but can be deadly if they hit.
  • You can readily anticipate what the King Titan will do next since it travels slowly; nevertheless, you must not remain motionless and let it to strike you.

Using animals that can do damage and have a lot of health may be a smart approach, and including a Yutyrannus in the mix can help a lot.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you summon King Titan in Ark?

To summon King Titan, you must first be on the Ark map. Then, you can use the command /summonkingtitan to summon him.

What do you need to summon King Titan?

You need to summon King Titan by completing the game.

What do you get for killing King Titan?

You get a new weapon, the King Titan Axe.

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