Best Devastator Tank Build in Outriders

There are four unique classes in Outriders, and if you want to play the game with an awkward character, Devastator is the perfect choice. If you use the seismic transformation path in the skill tree, you can reduce a lot of damage while constantly improving yourself and others. It is an ideal class for team play, but also for solo play. Discover the best Devastator Tanks built in the Outriders.

There are plenty of patterns that can be used for any glass, and our guide is for beginners looking for an example to follow. Our Devastator tank is ideal for group and solo play, but should not be copied exactly. Part of the fun of action RPGs is making up builds. Use it as a starting point and customize it to make it more personal!

Best Tank Devastator Integrated Sockets

Let’s take a look at our version of the best Devastator tank built in Outriders, including skills, class tree, equipment and mods.

Better skills for Devastator tanks

Here are the three skills we will use to build the Devastator tank:

  • Golem: 65% damage reduction in 8 seconds
  • Deflecting bullets: Bounces all projectiles off the enemy.
  • Impalement: Hit enemies with big spikes from the ground, making them bleed. Lethal damage pierces the enemy and grants a bonus to armor and health regeneration to nearby allies for nine seconds.

The purpose of the tank is to absorb damage, and that’s what we’re going to do with the ability to reflect bullets. We also focus on damage control and armor to be tough and never die. Finally, we want to develop the Impulse skill to kill enemies and permanently improve our group.

Best wood classTank Devastator

This is the best Devastator tank class tree that focuses on the Seismic Shapeshifter path.

  • The power of the anomaly: Increase the power of the anomaly by 6%.
  • Endless tremors: Provides 15% of the SEISMIC cooling.
  • A reservoir of anomalies: Increase the power of the anomaly by 6%.
  • Paladin: Activating the Protection skill increases the force anomaly by 45% for five seconds.
  • Eternal motion: Provides 15% cooling of the kinetic capacity.
  • A reservoir of anomalies: Increase the power of the anomaly by 6%.
  • Stone circle : Increase the distance considered as short distance by 4 m.
  • Through the crowd: Increases armor by 7% for each enemy in melee.
  • Abnormal orbs: Increases your firepower by 15% of your abnormal power.
  • Endless tremors: Provides 15% of the SEISMIC cooling.
  • A reservoir of anomalies: Increase the power of the anomaly by 6%.
  • Enforcer: Increases damage by 20% against enemies with up to 30% health.
  • A reservoir of anomalies: Increase the power of the anomaly by 6%.
  • Massacre: Causes 30% bleeding damage.
  • Blood donation: They heal 35% of the damage caused by bleeding.
  • Rejuvenation: Increases your Leech skill by 6%.
  • Protected by the anomaly: Increases armor by 40% of your abnormal strength.
  • Qualified guard: At the end of a skill, armor and stamina are increased by 20% for ten seconds.
  • Massacre: Causes 30% bleeding damage.
  • Earth’s legacy: Increases the damage of the SEISMIC skill by 50%.

Best weapons, armor and mods for Devastator Panzer Corps

For the armor, you should try to find the helmet of the Seismic Commander. It’s legendary armor, so there’s not a lot of farming to do. It’s all about luck. But if you can get it, it’s a game changer.

For weapons, you can use something like the Golem members’ shotgun or the Absolute Zero assault rifle. It’s a matter of luck to find them, but for now aim for a light machine gun, assault rifle or shotgun with lots of melee damage and a survival belt. You’ll be close, so maximize the damage from close range if you can.

Reflect Bullets will be one of the most important skills in our Devastator build. Therefore, use mods like The Strongest First, Blood Primer, Auto Reflect, Bullet Acceleration, and Extra Time. Stepping up this skill to maximize damage and heal bleed can help you melt bosses quickly.

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